Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Hearts

I have so much to be thankful for loving ever curious 4 year incredible family...our home...our health...our loving Savior, Jesus Christ...but today...I am also very thankful for....

Yep...that's our ultrasound yesterday for our 8 week old little peanut. Yes...we are expecting...this little one due in early July.

So...the truth comes out about my blogging slump! Yeah, I did have a cold...but this little one is knocking me for a loop. As with Seth and Kate...I tend to have more evening than morning sickness...but this time around...I have felt absolutely terrible most of the day...very tired and very nauseous. In fact...I think I have gone to bed at 8:30 everynight when Seth goes down for bed.

But...we are thrilled...scared to death...but thrilled. It's amazing how once you have a child w/ a birth disorder...those "odds" become a little more real. My old OB has since retired from the baby part of the job...and so they transferred me to the High Risk doctor of the group. I found a lot of comfort yesterday being able to have an ultrasound and see the heartbeat. I guess he will do an ultrasound every visit. He was very assuring...told us he would keep an close eye on everything w/ all his gadgets and tools...but the next few months will be scary as we wait to see how everything is developing.

We are completely putting our trust and faith in God...we know him to be faithful. We told Seth when we found out (Halloween...yeah, this little one has already even been to Disneyworld) and he is pretty excited. His words: "I hope she is just like Kate but doesn't have to have her heart fixed." How incredibly sweet is that? I think the excitement has died down now...that's a long wait for a little one. that's it's "out"'re sure to hear more stories of my "I think I'm too old for this" pregnancy...what a ride we're on! I still owe a ton of pics from Seth's Thanksgiving Feast...the lighting of Santa and a special one about Kate...I haven't forgotten...really I haven't.

Well...I"m off to watch the parade w/ Seth and then we're headed to my parent's for the feast...Seth counted last night and there will be 20 people and 2 dogs...should be a fun day!

Happy Thanksgiving...I'm also so thankful for all my devoted're so sweet.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving...Part 1

This past weekend...we went to Portland and celebrated Thanksgiving with Andy's mom. We got there around noon and Cathy had the complete Thanksgiving spread ready and waiting for us. It was all very very yummy.

After lunch...we headed into town and took a carriage ride around a couple blocks of town. It was cold...we snuggled under if there was just some snow. Then...we went into the courthouse and looked at all the decorated trees (different community groups decorate trees). Seth loved the Colts tree...that was his vote for his favorite.

Then...back to the house for some naps and playtime. That night...we went to the Light Parade. Small towns sure do have fun parades...and Seth loves all the candy they we need more candy...we haven't finished the Halloween stash yet.

We spent the night and Andy and Cathy went to a memorial service in the afternoon (more on that in the next post). Then...home to find that something STUNK in the fridge. I had been smelling something before we left...but after our short was bad! Guess it was a good time to clean out the fridge...and we found the culprit...pinto beans...YUCK!

It was a nice start to the Holiday season...the radio is playing Christmas music 24/7 now and that's all Seth wants to listen to...guess we're in the full swing of things...just a little early this year!

Oh yeah...Seth slept on the way home from Grandma's on Sunday you know what that meant...Yep...he was up until the wee hours...listening to his Christmas music and begging for books or someone to lay with him! And...Andy was up watching the it was a late night for everyone (luckily, Andy got a delay on Monday morning cause of ice).

So...I have lots more to say and share...maybe I'll finally get out of my blogging slump!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A quick summary

So...what's been going on the past week...besides me laying on the couch, feeling awful from this terrible cold?

1. All day scrap-a-thon...I did buck up for our monthly scrap. This was planned for a whole day and I was able to get almost ALL of our Disney trip done. I was very excited about that. It was a good day...and I hustled my ways through the pics...they aren't nearly to the quality of my scrap mates or Kelly's beautiful pages...but they are done and Seth loves looking at the that's good.

2. Kate's Kart...Andy and I did the first running of the Kart at a local NICU tonight. I missed interacting with the kids...but it was still very rewarding. We were able to catch a couple parent's in their rooms...and went downstairs to the rooms of those who had just had their babies. The other babies...we left a book and bookmark in the room. I hope the parents return to the room to be encouraged.
3. Decorating...okay...maybe not yet for Christmas...but Seth is into a new craft! He loves cutting apart paper (or ribbon) and then attaching them to tape and placing them ALL over the house. He calls it his decorating....very cute....very messy...but very cute!

4. Cousins...We got together with my brother, sister-in-law and nephews yesterday for lunch at my parents. I hadn't seen them in months...and not since they announced they are unexpectedly expecting in April. She is finally feeling better and has officially stepped into maternity clothes. We're so excited for them. Of course...Seth LOVED seeing his cousins and they spent HOURS playing.

5. Subbing...I did promise you I'd fill you in on my subbing. It went very well...but 11 boys...can be....well...11 boys. It was a good quick morning...and Seth loved every minute of it. It must have gone okay...cause she asked me to sub again in December.

6. Goodness still out there....So I have to share this story about a new "Bargain Book" store that opened up in town. I went there about a week ago and bought like $400 in books. Well...once we got them home and labeled them, we found 4 that were dirty and torn. I took them back hoping they would let me replace them. They said..."No Problem" I was looking at the books to replace...I of course found like 20 other books we needed (Cars, pop-ups). So I take them up...and the guy tells me that I can just have them all! I thought that was very nice...and every unexpected in today's economic market! But...he did a good thing...cause of course, now I will be back!

So...add in just livin' life and the days just fly by. It has been snowing on and off all day long...this morning they were the most beautiful huge snowflakes. It's really hard to believe that Christmas is's a good thing we made our lists yesterday at my parent's!

Blessings to all

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I know...I know!

I know, I know...I'm totally slacking....AGAIN! I came down w/ a bad cold and am finally starting to feel better...but it knocked it out of me. But...we're here, we're doing fine and I will fill you all in tomorrow...I PROMISE! I don't promise much exciting...but I'll fill you in.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I love mornings like this!

So today... I didn't have any of the 3 girls I usually didn't set my alarm and woke up to my little guy crawling in bed with me...only for us to lay in bed and watch cartoons for an hour! I just love those kind of mornings...especially now that it's so cold & yucky outside. In fact...we had a lazy morning and we both ate lunch in our PJ's! Aren't those days fun!

We did get going though and went to the Y and went swimming. We also ran some errands and bought supplies for my November baskets.

Otherwise..just staying normally busy. We did head down to Portland on Fri/Sat. Andy worked his bum off in the freezing cold while Cathy and I went to a craft show! Wasn't that so nice of him? I love craft shows...and can usually find tons of stuff I want...this year...NADA. It all looked like it was made in China (as per the stickers still on some of the items). It was fun to walk around though...and there was some cute stuff...just nothing I HAD to have.

We've trained 9 new volunteers for Parkview North on Monday...and have been working hard getting the Kart stocked. I think Andy and I plan on doing the 1st running this Thursday. Amazing...still amazing.

I got called again to sub tomorrow for preschool...this time in Seth's class. He is so excited and bound and determined that he is going to tell me what to do and where to go! I'm so glad he's actually excited about it...cause I'm sure in a few years he would be mortified if I was his teacher! I'll be sure to fill you in on the details.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

All Work...No Play

Yep...I drive a tight ship. It was just another amazing fall day...totally unbelievable. The kids were outside for almost the entire day. I did decide to rake up some leaves...thank goodness we only really have 1 tree...I put down the rake to tend to the littlest one and this is what I find when I turn around. I tell you...he is such a hard worker...he LOVES doing jobs. Okay by me...but I'll probably be wishing for this in a few years and then we'll have to pull teeth.

But...he does always have time for some fun...that is when is isn't being JEALOUS of the attention the other girls are getting :}

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

News and Stuff

We're here...just staying super busy, as usual. I feel so bad...I don't think I've left a comment on anyone else's blog in over a week! It seems like I just grab a few minutes here and there and catch up through google/reader (love it!) all my dear blogging friends...I am in the loop...and will be back to commenting soon...cause I love my comments!

So...getting Kate's Kart going at a new hospital is taking some time. We have at least 7 new volunteers getting trained for that, so that is super cool. Plus I 've been doing a lot of computer/inventory work and have a ton of thank yous to write. Everyday I am amazed. Little Miss Kate is still keeping her mommy busy!

I started babysitting 2 more little girls on Tues and Thursdays. So it's Seth and a 2 year old, 18 month and 7 month's been so much fun...I really enjoy those days when I just get to play...but goodness...that's a lot of diapers, especially when I've been out of the diapering thing for 10 months.

We've been doing all the fall clean-up stuff...storing away stuff in the attic. We're now officially set for winter...seems strange since it's been like 70ish for the past 4 days. Crazy...but I think reality sets in this weekend.

Last night...I made some yummy chicken enchiladas for dinner. After they were all made and in the oven, I was cleaning the cans and noticed the evaporated milk expired in January 08! I had just bought it at Kroger last week. YUCK! I called Nestle and they highly recommended not eating my beautiful pan of enchiladas hit the garbage and we hit Bob Evans. But...I do have to give props to Kroger...I called them and they told me if I came back in today...they would replace all the ingredients of the ruined dinner. I thought that was very cool of them...I know all of like $12 but still...very cool, even without a receipt.

So that's our scoop the past few days...I know SO SO exciting.
Have a blessed week!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kate's Kart grows again we grow again. Yep...we are adding another hospital. We will be serving the newborn babies and families at Parkview North in their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I'm really looking forward to this...especially being able to encourage the new mom's to read to their babies. The Kart is painted...and Samantha, our apron maker in Texas, sent 2 more aprons today in the mail! THANKS!

So...maybe you're a local blog reader and would like to join in on all the fun! We are having a special training session on Monday, Nov. 10 at 3:30. It will pertain just to Kate's Kart...and will be a great way to get trained for either Parkview and/or Parkview North. Please email me at if you are interested...and we will get you plugged in! We are in need of more volunteers...come's so much fun...and rewarding!

And...also, incase any of my loyal readers are not able to volunteer in the hospitals, but really want to get involved...we have a place for you. One of our board members is putting together a committee to plan a major fundraiser for next June ...a community wide ice cream social in honor of Kate's birthday. She needs some willing hands to make some calls or contacts or serve on a sub-committee. If you are willing to give a little of your time...please let me know and I will forward your info to Jenny. We promise it won't be overwhelming...but it's a great way to get involved with this amazing little project...that keeps growing and growing!'s amazing...we even got a $500 donation from REMC (our electrical company)! How awesome is that.

We need a few more hands...and a few more books geared for babies and newborns. Now's your chance to dive won't regret it...I promise. And as always....THANK YOU...everyday I am amazed at how far we've come in 5 short months. AMAZING! Let me know how we can get you plugged in!