Thursday, January 1, 2009


The 9 of us had a great time in Chicago...with many thanks to Nana and Oompa for getting the rooms. We stayed right on Michigan Avenue in the was very very nice.

We got there around noon on Sunday. We checked out our rooms and then walked down to the Rainforest Cafe. It's quite the place and the boys sure did enjoy seeing all the animals. Lunch was mighty tasty as well. We then took the trolley to Navy Pier and walked around a bit. We watched a magic show and Oompa was even chosen to be in the show!

We then walked down to check out the Winterfest that we would be going to the next was so crowded...but the boys were very excited about going back. Of course we had to stop for icecream on the way back through Navy Pier.

Back to the hotel to go swimming...the boys were so excited because the pool was on the 9th floor. After a good hour in the pool...we walked to Subway for a bite to eat and then back to the hotel.

Monday morning took us back to Navy Pier for the was a huge room filled with inflatables, rides, games, gorgeous decorations. It wasn't too crowded in the morning and the boys got to go down several slides and ride the train. Then...the boys and Uncle Doug tacked the ice rink. It was SEth's 1st time and I was sure that he would give up....but he kept at it. He was pretty much attached to the wall, unless Uncle Doug was helping. But by the end of the hour he could go w/ holding onto one hand. to fight the crowds for lunch. I guess at lunchtime....EVERYONE in Chicago and the neighboring states goes to Navy Pier. I think I waited in line 30 minutes for Seth's $5 happy meal. It was so packed it wasn't even fun. We went back to Winterfest...but by that time it had gotten too crowded and the lines were too long! We spent a little time there and then back to the hotel for rest time!

Seth, Andy, Nana and I then walked down to see the Windows at Marshal Macys. Seth was really enamored with all the lights and the big city. He LOVED riding the 8 floors of escalators at Macy's and even found his name on Santa's list in one of the windows. to try some real Chicago pizza. The line at Giordano's was an hour long...but we stuck it out...played lots of games with the menu and then did have some pretty good pizza. Back to the hotel for some more swimming and a very late bedtime.

Tuesday morning took us to The Museum of Science and Industry...a long with EVERYONE who was at Navy Pier the day before. I saw no signs of a failing economy...the people were OUT! Seth absolutely loved the museum and was so intrigued by the way everything worked. His favorite by far was the giant model train...he could have watched that for days!

It was 11:00 last night before we got home...and Seth was awake the entire ride home! Amazing. He just kept saying what an awesome trip it was. Thanks Nana and Oompa for building some pretty wonderful memories in one little guy. Even after having to fight lots and lots of was a pretty fun 3 days.


The Portas said...

What fun!! I just love reading about your fun outings. What a fun couple of days. I'm sure Seth was in heaven, loving every minute. The ice skating looks like so much fun.

Glad you made it home safely! Thanks for sharing the pics and trip details...