Monday, January 26, 2009

He just makes us laugh

So...3 quick stories about Seth that just make our day!

1. We're at the dinner table...talking about birthdays and when the baby will be born...stuff like that...and Seth says:

"I think I know why they don't have birthday cakes when you turn 0...There just isn't enough time for them (the baby) to pick out what kind of cake they want"

Andy and I just cracked up!

2. Seth's new obsession....scotch tape! The boy loves it...he can go through a whole roll in no time flat. In fact...we've been without it for a while...just because he would use decorate the house! Martha Stewart...move over...there's a new style of decoration in town! It's crazy now that Seth is completely able to get anything...out of any cabinet in the house.
Yep...Seth will hang "anything" and I mean anything from the walls if given a chance...and a roll of tape. Here is his prize decor that he did in the playroom. As you can see there are toys, kleenix, wrapping paper, ribbon, letters, etc. And he is so proud of his work and throws a fit if we take it down before someone sees it...Crazy kid!

3. And this last story...not so funny to Seth...but to me and Andy...hilarious.

So Friday at the school...they decorated the boxes of books with balloons...and Seth brought them home (3 regular mouth-blown up balloons) They are his prize possession...he's been so careful with them...playing with them...shooting baskets...etc. (Let me add...these are not the 1st balloons the kid has had...he gets them all the time) Last night...he and daddy are playing and Andy hits it up in the air...and it randomly pops! Seth goes CRAZY...he immediately runs out of the room crying hysterically. He cries for a few minutes...runs back into the room...only to see daddy and the popped balloon and runs away again...crying hysterically. This crying goes on for 10 minutes while Andy and I are laughing....cause it's a balloon!'s bedtime so we go upstairs, brush teeth and I lay down with him! Daddy is the "bad guy" at this point and Seth doesn't even want to be near him. Now...Seth has genuine tears and I can tell is genuinely sad about this. I talk to him and he tells me that it is his most favorite balloon ever. He asks where the popped parts are...cause he wants them to be saved in his "treasure box" (an old cigar box a neighbor guy gave him to save his treasures in). Luckily we could salvage them out of the trash and keep them!

Now...Seth has gone through some loss in his life...his Pampa, sister and even his 1st fish...but never have we seen the sadness he felt over this balloon. I know, in his 4 year old world, this was traumatic...but to us...just hilarious.

We love you little guy...thanks for making us laugh. And next for your from the days when Seth dresses himself! Besides home decor...the kid is setting fashion statements too!


Melissa said...

That is funny. I'm sure he keeps you entertained. Love the Monopoly board on the wall, sure that took lots of tape!!

mina said...

That is too funny!

Kathy said...

oh my...
I'm making him a box now...
balloons and tape...

what a sweetie pie!
I'm glad he's your much needed comic relief...

can't wait to see the new pics!!

Tina:0) said...

Oh, the sheer entertainment that a 4 year old brings!

Hopefully you're feeling more energetic soon... Or you could just take advantage & sit in front of the TV with a box of bon-bon's!

Yep, That's Really Our Name! said...

Hilarious stories. Maybe he should use tape to put the popped pieces of balloon together on the wall???
Reminds me of my own four-year old. We now tell him he shouldn't say he's too little to do things we ask of him, so instead he complains, "I'm too medium to do this by myself."

The Portas said...

Is that a Monopoly board on the wall? That is too hilarious! I think Martha Stewart will love this new design idea.

So much love for a lost balloon. :) I'd love to know what is going on in his little head and why it was such a special balloon. Thanks for providing us all with some laughter, Seth!

Can't wait for more pics and stories!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a flashback! My son Aaron still has his treasure box. And the scotch tape, I still stock up when it when it's on sale at Walgreens, I don't know how this boys uses so much tape. I even put it in his stocking at Christmas. I'd like to tell you it's a phase, but Aaron's phase is going on 9 years. Good luck!
Judi Orr