Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meet the newest members...

One of the gifts we got Seth was a fishtank for his room. He was pretty excited about it...and it was hard for him to wait until after Chicago to actually go to the store and pick out his fish. He had so much fun putting all the rocks in the bottom.

We got the tank set up and he got his new fish last Wednesday. He was quick to name them:
3, Tree, Coke and Scott!
I'm not sure where the 3, Tree and Coke came from...maybe he just happened to see those things when we were driving home. As far as Scott...he was named after our Michigan buddy who took Seth to the recycling center. Aren't you honored, Scott?

Well...he soon decided those weren't good enough names and they changed to: Stripey, Blackey, Goldey and Scott! I thought it was pretty good...cause now we could actually determine which fish was which based on their names.

Well..we had our 1st loss (surprise, surprise, they were 12cents from Walmart) We talked a bunch about how fish just don't live as long and sometimes moving them makes them sick. He was on the verge of tears...but held it together as we had our little memorial service next to the toilet. We said goodbye to Stripey and told Seth we'll get a new one...maybe at a pet store this time! But for now..Goldey, Blackey and Scott... swim on!!

It's been fun to see him interact with his new buddies...he looks forward to feeding them each night. Let's see how excited he is when it's time to clean the tank!


Tina:0) said...

How fun is that?! You've given me inspiration for Gabby's birthday in a couple of weeks!

Hope you're all doing well, & that you're feeling well:0)

Amber said...

You crack me up! :0)
Can I tell you how many fish we have "laid to rest"? We always went with a Beta...you can only have one...as they will kill eachother. They are...pretty...and they are supposed to be difficult to kill. We did have one live for almost 2 years and then lost 3 in one year...after which I told the kids that I think God was telling us to take a break from fish. :0)

Fish are fun...how are you??? Felling good?

mina said...

What a cool gift idea! We have betta fish, they live longer, but you can only put in a container. Hopefully Seth will have a good time picking out another one, and hopefully he'll help out with cleaning the tank too!

Kathy said...

oh...a fish tank. That's Eli's favorite thing. Do you know that we have a beta fish that has lived for over a year. I don't know who feeds that fish...I have no idea how it's alive.

I hope the remaining three live long lives!

Kelly said...

Seth must be glued to that tank in amazement! Marissa has actually been laying on her bed watching her fish and fell asleep! The sound of the water coming out of the filter puts her right to sleep! It took a long time to finally get our tank stabilized, though. I ended up going to the pet store to get healthy fish (for sure) because my daughter was beginning to think I was a fish killer! Good luck with it!

The Portas said...

Seth, I LOVE the names! That is just sooo cute that he loves the fish so much. What a great idea for a gift for him.

Hang on the rest of you little fishes! xoxox

Vanessa said...

We have a turtle that eats fish. Arianna watches the turtle eat when we buy fish and thinks its funny. I don't know how I would handle a "service" for her one day. I'm glad he has a new pet.