Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day Skating

We had a surprise snow day yesterday....we got like 6 inches so both Andy and Seth got days off of school. It was a pretty lazy day at home...except for the fact that we walked down to the local pond and took Seth skating.

He'd been wanting to go again ever since our trip to thanks to some skates from Uncle Doug and Aunt Amy...we were able to make his day.

Andy shoveled and shoveled (those 6 inches we got) and got the ice clear enough for Seth to try out his skates. He did so well...NEVER giving up and getting up over and over again. He would just giggle every time he fell. I really think the hardest part was getting up once he was dressed in all those winter clothes.

It was a fun afternoon...a great way to spend time as a family!


The Portas said...

Look at his happy little face! What a fun thing to do on a cold, wintry day. I'm glad you all had fun! I haven't been ice skating in years. Now I want to go!!

Anonymous said...

Good job Seth!! Keep on practicing. Uncle Doug

Anne said...

That looks like SO much fun!! Snow is so much fun!!

Melissa said...

Looks like fun! Snow days are always a good time to do something out of the ordinary! By the way, we got 12" of snow.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Seth! Nana

Kelly said...

How fun! Ice skating is quite a work out! That was nice of Andy to clear the snow for him.

(Whispering... I won't tell you that it was 75 degrees here today =)

Kathy said...


I've only been ice skating at an ice skating rink...I can't even imagine just walking out to a pond! Mind blowing!

What a fun way to spend the way..but, those pics are making me COLD!

Tina:0) said...

Is that a hockey player in training?! Looks like he had a great time! I haven't been skating in so long, I'm not sure I remember how:0)

Aren't snow days the best?! We had one here too, thanks in part to the 9.5" of snow we got!

Hope you're all staying healthy & warm!