Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Half Way There!

So, I guess according to my little timer...I'm officially 1/2 way today!
But...according to my history with Seth and Kate (both who were induced late...14 days for Seth and 3 days for Kate...I haven't made that mark yet.)

But...according to my new doctor...he'll take any opportunity to get this "fish out of the water and in the boat" ...which I guess means, I could be more than 1/2 way.'s been a long 1st half. I guess with all the nausea and worry it's made the time drag. But...I'm hoping that with the good news of the ultrasounds, the little bit of regained energy and the hope that spring is around the corner...the next 1/2 will fly by....that's my prayer anyway! I am just so excited to meet this little one.

Had to tell you all...I made a trip to Meijer today (yeah, I'm avoiding Kroger) and all went well. I kept my keys and didn't drop anything...and I only forgot 1 thing I wanted to get....not bad...not bad!


And...I have to give props to America for picking the right 1st 3 contestants on American Idol...I am so for Danny (if you didn't know his wife died of a heart defect a few months ago). He's a great guy...from what they've shown and I think he's got a Christian background. Seriously, if Tatiana would have won...I was done for the year!!

Check back's time for another contest!! Get your thinking caps ready!


mina said...

Maybe it's not you, maybe it's Kroger.......

Half way sounds good to me. This little guy HAS to cooperate! It's all downhill now!

Yep, That's Really Our Name! said...

I don't have any idea what Meejir is. BUT, I totally agree with you about Idol's Danny. However, I'm watching last night's performances on TiVo, and haven't even gotten to him yet!!!!

Laura said...

I am SO with you on American Idol! I told Dalen that if Tatiana got picked over Danny that I would never watch the show again.

I knew Danny's wife had died, but I didn't know what of. That's interesting! Maybe he would like to come give a performance at our ice cream social??? I'm sure he's not too busy!

The Portas said...

Yay for no grocery store pregnancy brain! And yay for being half way there! The last half will breeze by. :)

Anonymous said...

American Idol must be on FOX since I have not seen an episode since getting the digital converter. I wonder how long it will be until they realize they are loosing viewership. I can honestly say I do not miss watching though.
Uncle Doug

Melanie said...

I am definetely rooting for Danny too!! Once I heard his story I have become a big fan-and he's a good singer too!!

larry said...

don't know anything about Idol this year, but wanted to belatedly add my congrats to you and Andy - being halfway is a great benchmark!

-Larry Saunders