Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Andy

Happy Birthday Andy!

40 reasons for 40 years

Why I love and adore my husband!

1. Tall
2. Dark
3. Handsome
4. Gave me flowers on the 1st date (that had me hooked right away)
5. Amazing father
6. Plays football, store, trains...whatever Seth wants to play...Andy plays it with him
7. Loves my cooking
8. Vacuums the carpet every night
9. Takes great care of the yard
10. Works extra hours to provide for our family
11. Works extra hours w/ bratty kids so that I can stay home
12. Is a Manly Man
13. Lets me sleep in on the weekends
14. Makes beautiful babies
15. Makes me laugh
16. Knows when to say: "Let's eat out tonight"
17. Is amazinly smart (he's gonna win us $$ on a game show someday)
18. Encourages me to be a clean(er) housekeeper
19. Loves me uncondintionally
20. Prays daily for our family
21. Encourages me to have my time and go scrapbooking
22. Is financially responsible...and smart
23. Encourages me to be my best
24. Is a great support system
25. Always let me hold Kate 1st after waiting after surgery
26. Wants the best for me and our family
27. Well-respected teacher
28. Puts others first
29. Teaches me about world issues
30. Seth adores him
31. Lets me be me
32. Is a spiritual leader
33. Helps around the house whenever I need it
34. Knows how to clean a toilet
35. Always wants to help others
36. Builds fires to keep us warm on cold chilly nights
37. Has a good heart
38. Has a generous spirit
39. Works his bum off
40. I just do!!
Keeping in the theme of 40...let's shoot for 40 comments wishing him a very Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

To My Wonderful Son,
Happy 40th Birthday!
Love You,

Laura said...

Happy 40th Andy! Krista, your tribute was beautiful. #25 is my favorite!

LeeAnne said...

Happy Birthday Andy!

The Saunders Family said...

Have a happy day!
I am amazed that you vacuum every night, maybe you could hint at Larry that the once a week he might do it could be more! ;)

mina said...

Happy Birthday Andy!

Anonymous said...

Ditto the 40 reasons why Andy is a great son-in-law. Well maybe all 40 don't exactly fit but most importantly he is a great husband for our daughter and a great father for our grandchildren.
Love, Nana and Oompa

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband and father! What a great gift Krista, to let everyone know just how much you love Andy and why.

Anne said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL husband!! Happy Birthday, Andy!

LeAnne said...

Happy Birthday Andy!!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday from Minnesota!

Mel & Todd said...

Happy Birthday, Andy! May 2009 bring many blessings your way!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from the Masseys!

Melissa said...

I'm #13! Happy 40th Birthday Andy. You're obviously very loved. It's an honor to know you!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wonderful example of what God wants us to be. We wish you many years of happiness. Happy 40th, Andy. From the Alexanders

Amber said...

Happy birthday!!! A few of those brought tears to my eyes!!! :0)

The Portas said...

Happy birthday, Andy! You certainly are a wonderful person and you have a wonderful family.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Andy! You have a wonderful family!

Tina:0) said...

Happy Birthday, Andy!!

Hope you had a great day!

Pat said...

Happy B'Day Andy! I don't even know you and I like you already for being go good and kind to your wife and my friend, and to a little boy, your son and my friend at scrapbooking. I wish you many more birthdays.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Andy!
40 - a man in his prime - and so loving to his family. Lucky Krista and Seth and the little guy to come. Linda & Jim

Kathy said...

Happy birthday Andy..
Good job with those 40 sweeties Krista...(I'd have to think for DAYS to come up with 40)

I hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine's weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Andy! I always love the little contests Krista has on her blog and this one is especially fun!! Hope you had a great day and that this year will bring all the best!

Amy G.