Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cam & Seth

A couple weeks ago I thought I would try reading a Chapter Book to Seth at bedtime. The book I chose was Cam Jansen...written at about a 2nd grade reading level...about a girl in the 5th grade who solves mysteries
Seth did amazingly well listening..especially since there are only 8-10 black/white pictures in a 50 page book. He would get so excited about the mystery and ask (beg) me to continue reading. I am so surprised at his attention span and how he would listen and get the details. It usually only takes us 2 nights to read an entire book.

Well...we are now on a mission to read all 25 (or more) Cam Jansen books. We scour the library each time we, he looks for them whenever we get a Kate's Kart load of books. It's so fact he begged to finish the latest book today, he just couldn't wait until bedtime.
He's starting to figure out the whole mystery thing and is now predicting what he thinks will happen. I'm so proud of my little guy...I'm so glad reading and listening to books has become one of his favorite past times. He loves to go to the library....YEAH!
Speaking of which...we went to the downtown library yesterday...who knew that they had that huge free playroom....I think we'll be frequenting that more often. If you're local...have kids and haven't checked it's WELL worth the drive downtown...or as Seth calls it: "THE BIG CITY"


Melissa said...

Isn't it great to have a child who loves to read or be read to? Zachary is that way. Joshua loves to read now, but would never sit still for a book when he was Zachary's age. Right now, e's in the middle of the 5th Harry Potter book, 38 chapters in that baby. Reading is a hobby that I hope both my boys adopt.

The Portas said...

What a smart little boy. It's great that he's so interested in books, and it looks like you chose the right ones to start with! Elijah has always loved books and I'm so happy about that. I hope it continues..

Mel said...

Maybe you could read to Seth while he folds your laundry :) His love for books is such a tribute to his little sister. I hope we raise lots of money at the June Fundraiser for Kate's Kart. Afterwards, can I come shopping for books with you for the Kart?

I always will think of Kate when I look at kids books :)

Kathy said... should be so excited about his love of books...must be genetic!

Has he read the Junie B Jones books yet...those were my absolute favorites to read to Chris when he was little...and I love hearing Eli read them to me now.

Hope you're feeling good!

Karmen said...

That is great that Seth likes to read/be read to! How fun! And my daughter loved those Cam Jansen books too!!! Have fun looking for them everywhere! :) What a fun, new adventure!

Deanna said...

I've been to that library twice with a friend and LOVED it! Amazing!!! :)

Chapter books at bedtime are SO MUCH FUN! Aaron has been CRAZY about The Boxcar Children books as well as Magic Schoolbus books! You might try those out as well!

Miss you friend!

Anonymous said...

Glad you and Seth found some good mystery stories to enjoy together. What a great start for him with school. And he does laundry.
Give him a big hug from us. We are in Orlando area and can hear the fireworks from Disney at our campground. Hope to see a shuttle launch on March 11th.
Love and hugs,
Art & Reen