Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ups and Downs of the Week

Where oh where did the week go? I can't believe it's gone again...already. Can we really be 1/2 way through March. As usual, it's been a crazy's a few details.

Thursday I got bit HARD by a nasty flu bug. Wow...did it knock me out for the day. Fortunately, Seth's friend's mom came to pick him up and took him to their house...and I was in bed ALL day. It was a rough rough day...but Friday I was feeling better...just very weak!

We got a new computer....Andy and I are both totally amazed at how fast it is...and realized how much we were barely getting by with our old computers. Our old desktop wouldn't even assess the internet and our laptop would just spontaneously shut down on us. So...while Seth was at a musical w/ Nana and Oompa...we went to Best Buy. Now....the arduous feat of transferring everything, learning VISTA and getting software. I just sat down to do some work...only to word processor. I'll have to get on that one tomorrow.

We did go to an elementary school carnival which chose Kate's Kart as their fundraiser. Wow...did they knock it out of the park...with books and $$ donations. I will get you the totals as soon as I know them ...but wow...are HUGE things still happening with this whole thing...AMAZING!

This week will be nothing it's crazy insane this week with babysitting, baskets, Kate's Kart presentations and Kart runnings for me...academic practice, parent/teacher conference and tutoring for Andy and school, swimming and PLAYTIME for the little one. (who's got the better deal?) But...we'll dredge on...make it through and celebrate SPRING next weekend. YEAH!

We did get a perfect teaser today and took a great family walk and played outside....Andy is itching to plant the garden, lay the mulch and paint the house. You in Indiana...we'll end up with a snowstorm next week.


Tina:0) said...

That snow storm will likely hit Ohio, too! Although the teaser of spring weather yesterday was very nice!

Glad things are going so well for you. Praying that that nasty flu bug goes & stays away!!

The Portas said...

Busy busy! I'm glad you're feeling better. Bugs like that are so draining. I hope you guys enjoy the warm weather. We are loving it! Have a great week..xoxo