Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How about those eggs?

Found some cute pics of Seth decorating eggs...just had to share. I'm serious...this kid could decorate 50 dozen eggs if I let him. And the cutest part...each one is SO exciting when he would pull it out of the dye. Oh how I treasure these special memories.

I also have to share that he is convinced that there is no Easter Bunny..."bunnies can't do that...it's a man in a costume" However...the "man in costume" is the one who comes and hides eggs and brings baskets. At first I was really bummed...he is much to young...till I realized...he's still young enough to believe in a "man in costume" hopping around from house to house hiding eggs...but he did ask..."How does the bunny (aka...man in costume) get in the house...we all know Santa uses the chimney" I had NO idea what to tell him...any advice?


Andrea said...

Seth is so sweet! My kids love dying eggs too! My friend said she answers all Easter bunny questions with "he's magical" and it seems to do the trick!

Melissa said...

My 9 year old finally admitted to no longer believing in the Easter Bunny this year. It made me sad. This I'm sure stems from all the kids at school telling him it's not "real." But he did thank us for making it special for him all these years! I have a great kid as do you!

The Portas said...

That is super funny. There's no way the Easter bunny could be real, but of course Santa is! :)