Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mulch Madness!

We layed mulch last weekend. It seems a little early...but it was SO beautiful out and we need to start chipping away at our to do projects around the house. As you probably guessed...Seth LOVED it...he is such a hard worker. I took him on Thursday to the site where the loader dumped 2 loads into Oompa's trunk...that was awesome in itself. Daddy worked extra hard that night while I took Seth to swim lessons...but the boys finished a truckload that night while I did a Kate's Kart running. We went back on Friday for another load of mulch and the boys did it all while I went to my monthly scrapbook night! How awesome is that?

It looks so nice...I just love the look of freshly layed mulch. And....the flowers are beginning to pop up...yes, Spring is on it's way!

Seth is on spring break this we spent the day with the cousins. They came over to play while Aunt Amy went to the doctor...we should be having a new niece pretty soon! Then we all went to McDonald's and to see Monsters and Aliens. Seth and I had to leave about 10 minutes early due to dentist appointments (wasn't planning on like 25 minutes of previews). We both got great reports...NO CAVITIES!
We had a lazy day at home on Sunday...Seth had some sort of 24 hour bug...he was really gaggy...threw up and pretty much wanted to lay on the couch. Grandma came up for a few hours and they did a lot of snuggling on the couch. He was totally back to himself by Monday.
Seth had HUGE plans again with the cousins tomorrow...can't wait to give you those details.
Me...I've got to do a running of Kate's put away 700 some books on the shelves in our storage unit! As far as daddy...just 2 more days until his spring break....he is READY!
April...can it really be?


mina said...

The yard looks great!

And congrats on the ongoing success of Kate's Kart. What a legacy!

The Portas said...

The mulch looks great! You guys are on the ball. I think it's so cute how hard of a worker Seth is. That's good!

Sounds like you all are staying busy, even with spring breaks! I hope Andy has a nice week off next week. Take care, you guys..xo

Tina:0) said...

So, y'all wanna come over to Ohio & help a girl (or girls:0) out?! Just kidding, but you're welcome any time! I need to follow your example & get started on stuff... the bug is really starting to hit me!

Hope you all enjoy spring break!

Nikki said...

I am glad Kate's Kart is going so well...

and I am jealous of your weather- it looks so nice out!