Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8 weeks

Wednesday, August 26

8 weeks

At 8 weeks Grant
is now officially out of size 1 diapers
smiles in response to people (but not the camera)
is falling more and more in love with his paci
loves sucking on his hand (I think he is searching for his thumb)
took his first trip to the zoo (was actually awake for most of it)
is starting to drool (couldn't be teeth already?)
is sleeping 5-7 hours once during the night
slept through his brother's first soccer game
is going to keep his blue eyes, I hope!
is our pride and joy!


Deanna said...

What a precious picture!!! He is SO sweet.... I can't wait to meet him in person SOMEDAY! :)

It was AWESOME to chat with you yesterday!!! Sorry about my little interruptions, but hey, we mommas are used to that, right?!!! :) Love ya!

Kristen said...

what an adorable picture! My baby just turned 11 months old yesterday and he STILL doesn't sleep that well at night! :(

The Portas said...

I cannot believe how quickly the weeks tick by! Eight weeks already? Wow.

Well, he certainly is a little cutie pie. I'm so glad he is sleeping such a nice stretch now, yay!

Anonymous said...

What a cute kid!
Daddy (andy)

Melissa said...

He's getting so big!! I'm glad you still like him. ;o)

LeeAnne said...

Great picture! He looks so big! I can relate to all you have said! It is fun comparing. :)