Wednesday, September 16, 2009

11 weeks

Wednesday, September 16
11 weeks

At 11 weeks, Grant...

--is kicking like crazy in the bathtub
--is beginning to pull his head/body into a sitting position while in the carseat or on the couch

--is falling more in love w/ his paci--it is now a permanent attachment
--took his 2nd trip to the zoo
--will put weight on his legs when you stand him up
--enjoys tummy time...but not interested in lifting his head
--laughs when you pull his feet up to his face
--is a very gassy baby
--spent 6 hours at Nana & Oompa's while mommy & daddy had date night
--consistently sleeping 10 hours a night! WOO HOO...but
--won't nap during the day...unless in his carseat or on in your arms...maybe if we're lucky, he'll catch a quick snooze in the swing--loves chewing on anything...his fist, his paci, your arm
--laughs at himself in the mirror in his carseat
--plays with the hanging toys on his bouncie seat
--went swimming for an hour (bounced around in water)--ended up sleeping from 4 pm-7am with only 2 feedings in between that he "slept" through
--is TOO big for his bassinet downstairs (mommy is very sad to put this back in the attic)--not that he naps in it anyway
--is quite the hotshot at church...ladies are lining up just to watch him on Wednesday nights
--has the most incredible, heart-warming smile that makes him (one of) the joys of our lives


The Portas said...

That last photo of him is totally adorable. Look at that face!!

I remember when Elijah went through a stage of not napping. It was HEAVENLY when he discovered The Nap. Ahhhh. At least you guys are getting a huge stretch at night, though. That's great!

What a blessing! I just love your weekly updates. Have a great rest of your week! xo

Jennifer said...

Grants is so adorable! He is growing so much!