Wednesday, September 30, 2009

13 Weeks

Wednesday, September 30
13 weeks--1 day shy of 3 months old

At 13 weeks, Grant...

--is starting to giggle...especially when you get him in his tickle spot (the crease of the leg/hip--same as Seth)
--has his mouth open ALL THE TIME
--now wears a bib to keep his clothes from being soaked
--needs his carseat straps readjusted (gotta do that tomorrow)
--watched his daddy & brother go for the "last outdoor swim of the summer" (Too cold for babies & mommies)
--got his first sunburn
--is grabbing at and holding onto rattles, toy keys, etc...and puts them to his mouth

--attended his first Demolition Derby
--went to his brother's Star Day at school
--is constantly moving (his arms & legs) when awake
--is showing signs of beginning to bring his legs up to his mouth on his own
--got in the jumper...locked his legs..and smiled --continues to bring tons of joy to ladies at church who jump at the chance to hold/cuddle him on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings
--loves being talked to...and has quite the vocabulary. He has new sounds everyday
--looks so cute in his little coat...buckled in with his blankie & paci (yeah that's Indiana weather...we go from shorts to winter coats within a week)
--continues to be our pride and joy...along with big brother Seth!


The Portas said...

Isn't weather in the midwest just the greatest? :) It's like riding on a crazy rollercoaster.

I love getting your weekly Grant updates!

mina said...

Grant is too stinkin cute!

Kathy said...

Mr. Happy pants. He's growing up too fast..I can't believe it! You this rate...he'll be getting into the Christmas tree decorations...and tell Seth he'll be heading for his toys....oh, I can see his face now!

Have a fun weekend with those handsome boys!

Tina:0) said...

He is just too darn cute! And growing up WAY too fast - tell him to slow down, huh?! (LoL)