Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9 weeks

Wednesday, September 2
9 weeks

At nine weeks Grant:
--is grinning and smiling many times everyday
--is consistently sleeping from 10:30 pm -6:00 am
--pretty much has full head control
--spent his first whole day at Grandma's
--went to the Portland Antique Engine and Tractor Show!
--is a little drool monster
--has mommy all to himself every morning while Seth is at school
--goes tomorrow for 2 month check-up at the doctor's office
--is a little cuddle monkey...LOVES being held
--got babysat by the neighbor, Bonnie, while mommy did Kate's Kart
--loves being talked to...and coos and ahhs right back
--is NOT satisfied with a 5 oz bottle...WANTS more when with Nana & Oompa
--has had some really fussy late afternoon/evenings
--is driving mommy crazy while she tries to figure out if it's HER diet that his making HIM gassy--giving up pop, Chai Tea, cucumbers, spicy food
--is well worth it....and our pride and joy, as always!


Tina:0) said...

OMGoodness!! He is getting soooo big! They do that too fast, huh?!

I just love that adorable little face! (both of them;0) I can't wait until next week... Gabby starts kindergarten. (The schools have had a delayed start because of construction!)

Hope you have a great weekend!