Friday, September 18, 2009

Campin' Out

The big boys are camping out in the backyard tonight! We recently bought a new tent (it was on a super sale) with the plans of doing some camping this fall. This one can hold all of fact it's called a "Vacation Home"
We set it up on Monday night...and Seth has been chomping at the bit to spend a night in it! Super Daddy promised him Friday they are out there...complete with electricity, 2 air mattresses and a movie player! Seth is so excited...he told us: "This is the BEST day ever!"
As for me and Grant...yeah, we're staying inside tonight...and he better sleep all night long!
This morning I had my first MOPS meeting of the year. In case you don't stands for Mothers Of Pre Schoolers. There are about 50 moms who meet for breakfast, speakers, prayer, crafts, games, and just some time to chat. I am looking forward to my new group of moms in my discussion group. I also took the position of Service Team I play a role in the Steering Team. I will be responsible for organizing several service projects throughout the year. This includes organizing Scholastic Book Orders...all extra points from the books that the moms order will go toward Kate's Kart. If anyone out there would like an order form...just let me know...great kids books for great prices.


Anonymous said...

What fun! Nana