Saturday, September 26, 2009

Derby Days

Today was the big day...the Charity Demolition Derby. We arrived in time for the parade and got to see all 50 some cars. We quickly looked for the McMahon Tire Car...the one that had chosen Kate's Kart as it's charity of choice.
We stayed all afternoon...watching 5 heats of cars battling it out! #9 didn't make it past the first heat! I guess he gave it a valiant effort...and unfortunately, I was in the van feeding Grant during that round (of course). Oh well...our shot at $25,000 donation got "stalled" out...but still we had fun and were honored to be chosen...and got a little publicity over the loud speaker
We left after the first 5 heats...before the final heat and party. Yeah...3000 construction workers + free beer does not equal family friendly place for the little ones. We had fun though...Seth LOVED it...and of course, Grant was AWESOME. He was so good...just kicking and playing...He loves watching people.
Brooks Construction threw quite the 100th birthday celebration!