Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sneaky and Stubborn Seth

It's so wonder where kids pick up on the things they say:

Seth's newest: "I wish" We think it's his attempt to ask for something that he's not so sure he should/could's so funny....everything is "I wish"
I wish I could have that ice cream
I wish I could watch Wishbone
I wish I could get those fruit snacks

and now...he's added:

" I bet I can't have..."

for instance a conversation might go:

Mom: Seth, if you want a snack before bed, it's time
Seth: What can I have?
Mom: What do you want?
Seth: (coming out of the pantry with pudding) I bet I can't have this

His other common saying...."too bad I can't have..."

He's pretty darn smart...cause the joy I see on his face when I say "okay" seems to win me over and usually I cave. He knows how to work his mommy!

He is so observant...stubborn but observant. A few weekends ago we had our mini VBS and they sang songs at the beginning. Most of the songs I don't think he had heard before as they were more praise type songs (like "Trading My Sorrows", "We Fall Down") instead of kid songs (you know, "Jesus Loves Me" & "Zaccheus") Being the stubborn Layman he is...he just stands there...refuses to sing or do actions and completely embarrasses me. soon as we get home...he's doing all the motions...singing the words! They sang one song once at VBS...that night after VBS it was on his CD player...and he was singing right along, doing all the motions! know Andy and I can NOT have any time of private conversation in front of him...he picks up on everything...even when we think he's not. Seth & I made cookies right before supper. Well...being adults, Andy and I both had (snuck) one. Well, Mr. Observant walks in and sees that 2 are missing off the parchment paper and proceeds to ask where they went! Oops...kinda hard to explain that one!
He brings us so much joy...I just love him to pieces!
Oh yeah...who knew that 5 was old enough to go upstairs and shower all by yourself! It's going way too fast...way too fast!


Kristen said...

oh the "I wish" get soooo very old! My son is 5 1/2 and he's been saying it all summer. It definitely replaces the "Can I have?".... good luck with that!

Gina and the Gang said...

Seriously, I keep thinking I will have something clever to say to this post...but the only thing that comes to my mind is, "HE IS SO DARN CUTE!!!!!"

Melissa said...

I knew my oldest was getting too old when I could no longer spell things to keep him from knowing what we were talking about. They grow up way too fast. Before you know it, Seth will be telling you all about dividing and whales all kinds of useless known facts! :)

Tina:0) said...

That stubbornness with singing/doing the motions must be that 5 year old thing... Gabby does the exact same thing!! Little stinker that she is;0)

Sounds like he's getting too smart for you! That same tide is turnning in our house, too! I wish it would just slow down...

Hope you're all doing well! Happy Labor Day!