Wednesday, October 7, 2009

14 weeks

Wednesday, October 7
14 weeks

At 14 weeks Grant...

--has the cutest giggle ever
--continually gnaws on his fist or his paci
--went apple pickin'
--when he's tired or fussy, and I go to put his paci back...he grabs my hands and holds on (how totally sweet is that!)
--in fact...grabs at a lot of things now...blankets, bibs...he likes to be holding on to something
--is getting read bedtime stories (but doesn't have much interest in them)
--consistently looks for his flying bugs above his changing table
--has had his 2nd bout with the sniffles and plugged up nose
--has the cutest little snore due to his cold
--still loves to take naps in his swing
--spent a lot of time cuddled in the mobywrap--grocery, Fall Fest @ church & apple pickin'--he loves it which makes mommy glad she made the investment
--sat in the exersaucer for the 1st time--still too little to leave by himself...but is great exercise

--brings me nothing complete joy...really, I couldn't have asked for an easier, more pleasant baby