Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2nd Place

Thanks so much for the kind words on my cake...I did "win" 2nd place (not so sure how many were in the contest, not a lot)...but hey, I got a free Yankee Candle! Yippee!

As far as the recipe...I originally saw the cake here...but read comments and links and put a bunch of ideas together. I just colored the white cake mix with food coloring...but I saw a bunch of sites where you add raspberries to the red, lemon to the yellow, blueberries to the blue, etc That would make a yummy cake...but too much time for me. I am guessing you could also do it with jello.

If you are thinking about making one...it's not as hard as it looks...just search the Internet for rainbow cake...you'll find lots of blogs about it. The best advice I have...chill the cakes before icing...makes it a whole lot easier to frost.