Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Camping

It was Andy's fall break the past few we took advantage of an extra long weekend and some extra generous parents and took my parent's RV and headed to Potato Creek State Park. We left Saturday morning, after Seth went to his evaluation for Upward Basketball.

We got there by lunchtime, set-up and spent the afternoon in the RV since it was pouring down rain. It didn't bother Seth one bit...he brought along his craft supplies and we all colored.
It cleared up later that day and we bundled up and took a walk around the campground. Several campsites were totally decked out for Halloween.

After playing on the playground...taking some bike rides...dinner in the RV.... and another walk to see the campground lit up...we called it a night.
Sunday morning we woke up to a beautiful fall day. We took a long hike...played football...cooked hotdogs over the fire for lunch...more bike rides...more playground...watched a little Colts football (we were "roughing" it w/ our flat screen television)...played a little football...and then cooked Hobo dinners on the fire and of course...roasted marshmallows.

We awoke Monday to another glorious fall day...and the campground almost completely deserted. We enjoyed some time by the fire......loaded up the camper...drove to the Nature Center...took another hike...collected some leaves
...took a nap (at least 1 of us did)
...and found the most perfect spot for a outdoor picnic. Seriously, you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.

A quick stop for ice cream on the way home...and then proof...that it was a superb, tiring, weekend.

Grant was an excellent camper...he loved his stroller rides, Moby hikes and playing on the bed. Seth, of course loved every aspect of it...and Andy and I just enjoyed our boys and some time away! No computer...just a few quick phone calls to Nana & Oompa about the camper...and nothing that HAD to be was great! Even better....going to bed w/ the kids at 9:30! WOO HOO!
Thanks Nana & Oompa for trusting us w/ your brand new RV! We built some great family memories!


Jennifer Johnson said...

Looks like everyone had fun! My favorite two pics are of Andy and Seth walking....great pic! And of course of your little guy sleeping! :) Have a blessed day! Jennifer Johnson (Fowler, IN)

p.s. do you know how DeAnna's baby is doing? I am not on FB any longer and was just thinking about them.

The Saunders Family said...

hmmm...was it the yum yum shoppe in North Liberty? We had ice cream there when we apent a day at Potato Crekk...we are only about 30 minutes from there.
Yes, Sunday was a lovely day, we had Anna dedicated and all the family was here.
Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

Vanessa said...

Now THAT is how I want to go camping. I'm not big on the whole...sleeping outside thing.

Looks like you guys had a blast!