Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To Sum It Up


I finally went shopping this morning while Seth was at school! I had gift certificates from my birthday (in July) and it was time to spend it! Grant was awesome...slept the whole time!
Plus...Seth had an AWESOME day at school (we've been having some issues) and he and his buddy who I babysit afterschool played AWESOME upstairs in the playroom all day!
Which meant I was able to:
1. make a 1/2 bushel of apples into applesauce...for us and for Grant once he starts on food
2. make some apple crisp
3. make homemade meatballs for dinner + enough to freeze for another night
4. make 8 batches of playdough for Andy...he is teaching Eygptian writing and they use it as clay tablets
And...Grant peacefully slept in the swing in the kitchen while got it all done!
Throw in a yummy spaghetti/meatball supper... watching some "tackle" football between Andy & Seth...a warm house on a cold rainy night...and a hour or two to watch some tv with my hubby.
Days like these are a blessing from above!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, and what did I do today? Not that much.
Love Ya

Tina:0) said...

Okay, I need to take lessons off of you on productivity!! Glad you're having a good week so far! The goodies sound yummy!

Kristen said...

sounds like you had a great day! I'm a little envious!

mina said...

Wow, what a productive day. AND with an infant!

Deanna said...

Wow, seriously.... count me in for lessons in productivity!!! Good for you!

Melissa said...

Does sound like a great day!

The Portas said...

I need a productivity lesson from you as well. :) You are one productive mama!

Kelly said...

Wowie! Where do you find all that energy with a newborn? Grant sounds like an incredible baby who really goes with the flow. He's adorable and growing so fast!

And Seth, look at that face! What a cutie!

Okay, I want to try out an apple crisp now.... just the thought of it is making my mouth water.