Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Recap

Chalk up another great weekend....the highlights include:
Friday Night:

Seth and Andy went out for dinner and a movie...while mommy, 2 girlfriends and Grant scrapbooked. I'm really hoping to get back into the once-a-month scrapbooking schedule. Grant was not the most cooperative it really wasn't until he went down for the night at 10:00 that I really got in a groove. My friends left around 11:30...but I stayed up till 3! Yikes...yeah I paid for that one on Saturday! We had a lot of fun...and even had a new friend join us this time...she is actually a "pro" and works for a scrapbook company doing design work for them!
Saturday morning was the season end game for Upward Soccer. I just have to say...Seth was "ON FIRE!" I'm not bragging (okay, maybe I am) but he seriously had at least 8 goals! He would just keep taking the ball and shooting. He even passed many times to the other kids. I have seen so much improvement with him this year. He really enjoyed the year and is going to miss playing...but he wants to sign up for basketball which begins in December.

Grandma came up for the game...and we all went for breakfast after the game. Then...just some relaxing, playing and a little yardwork before heading back for the Season End Celebration. The Upward Crew did a great job organizing a night of fun for the kids...they ended it all with a really good firework display. I was impressed. It was a little (okay, a lot) on the freezing side...but we made it...and were glad to have left Grant w/ Nana & Oompa.

Sunday morning we visited my brother's church to watch him and his 2 sons, Elijah and Lucas play. Elijah played the drums, Doug sang and played mandolin and 6 year old Lucas stood on chair and played upright bass. They did great...maybe I can get a video. Then...lunch and playtime at their house before coming home and watching a lot of football.

Grant and Nia played too...but as you can see...Grant STILL isn't sure about Nia. Remember THIS traumatic experience 6 weeks ago? I love the look on his face..."why does she keep touching me?"

And before you know it...the weekends comes another week!


The Portas said...

His expression in that photo is priceless! :)

How exciting that Seth is such a soccer star. Way to go, Seth!