Friday, October 30, 2009

Zoo Halloween

My Nascar driver and little piggy!

My mom won free tickets to the Zoo Halloween on the radio...they were busy this week and couldn't gave them to us! YEAH! It's another crazy week in the Layman house, so even though it was raining on Tuesday night...we loaded up the kids and umbrellas and headed to the zoo...only to find that they closed early! Something about the volunteers leaving early. I know it was raining...but not really THAT hard...just a drizzle. We were VERY disappointed.

Well...we had no other night to go as a daddy so graciously called his mom and she drove up for the day. She was my hero today! I had so much to do w/ Kate's Kart...she came up early and watched the kids while I got some work done! YEAH...for Grandma!
So..we get there to find a HUGE line..everyone else in Ft. Wayne wanted to come out on such a nice evening. We waited in line for over 30 minutes...only to find out that with our free passes, we could go right in! Oops! Oh well, It was a beautiful night to stand in, it's fun to see all the kids in costume, right?
We had a blast...seeing all the decorated pumpkins...getting candy...doing mazes. The only thing missing...daddy! And the poor guy was stuck at school doing parent/teacher conferences! We love you and missed you daddy!
Grandma and Seth w/ Bob & Larry

Grandma and her 2 boys!

Broomhilda, the friendly witch
My two little cutie-patooties!

This trick or treating is HARD work! He was zonked for the last 1/2
Thanks Nana & Oompa for the tickets...thanks Grandma for going with us! We are truly blessed with great parents for us and grandparents for our boys


The Portas said...

Oh my gosh, I TOTALLY love the piggy costume! How great! I'm glad you guys had a good time.

Tina:0) said...

Looks like a great evening! I can't show Vaeh the pictures, though... she'd do nothing but want to see Bob & Larry (we're actually watching "Little Joe" as I type;0) They were adorable in their costumes!

Hope you have a good weekend!