Wednesday, November 11, 2009

19 Weeks

Wednesday, November 11
19 Weeks
At 19 weeks Grant...

--HAS A TOOTH! I was totally freaked out yesterday when I found it...I was totally NOT expecting it...he has shown no signs of teething (besides drooling & chewing which he has been doing for months now). We were just at the doc...he said most kids get them at the same age as their siblings...both Seth & Kate were at 6 months. Plus the doc didn't tell me one was on the verge of popping through! Grant certainly hasn't been grumpy. I know my photo skills are rough...but you CAN see it...looking at his mouth, it's the lower can see a tiny white line!

--is busted out of all 3-6 month clothes and 6-9 month onesies are getting tight!
--can roll over...but gets mad once he is over
--still has 0 interest in pushing up while on his tummy
--has this new habit of grabbing onto a ring on his carseat...and won't let go!

--adores his big him like a hawk Grant will instantly stop crying when Seth is around. Plus...during bedtime stories...Grant watches Seth, not the book

--can sit with very minimal won't be long (the top picture...I am just balancing him while holding onto his hand)

--is my little STUD MUFFIN!


LeeAnne said...

OMG TEETH! WOW! I will have to check out Elijah now! LOL He has been drooling and putting things in his mouth to chew. He is not even in 6-9 month clothes! Grant sure is a cutie!!! Is Seth warming up to him more?

Vanessa said...

Look at that tooth! Can you believe Arianna didn't get her first tooth till she was almost 13 months. Guess that is common with 22q kids though.

I'm so happy to hear Grant is hitting so many milestones!