Wednesday, November 25, 2009

21 Weeks

Wednesday, November 25
21 Weeks

At 21 weeks, Grant...

--had his first ever fever...about 100 degrees for a couple hours. Fortunately, has had no other symptoms or signs of anything else
--met the ever popular Art & 'Reen for the first time. (Art & Maureen live in NC and are in town for our annual Thanksgiving Celebration. They are an amazing couple who we love and miss! Remember...they are the ones who came and stayed w/ Seth multiple times when Kate was in the hospital)
--is beginning to make consonant sounds....especially "ya"
--continues to find his voice....talks and jabbers all the time
--now loves storytime....he grabs at the pages or hits the pages with his cute little fists
--is back to sleeping through the night...thanks to those 2 teeth being all the way through now
--is totally aware of his environment...grabs at everyone
--went on his first carriage ride and saw his first parade at Grandmas
--consistently finds both feet...especially when getting his diaper changed

--really is a good good baby....we couldn't have asked for a baby sweeter and more content