Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And the holiday season begins...

Seth, Andy & I went downtown for our annual lighting of the Santa display. We debated about taking Grant....but when Nana, Oompa, Art & Maureen volunteered to keep him...we chose to leave him at home. Grant wouldn't know what was going it gave us a lot more freedom to see everything...and not have to stop to feed him. We missed him...but look forward to taking him next year...when he's a little bigger!

(the nice man who offered to take our pic cut off the top of the wreath...oh well)

waiting for the big countdown

It was a decent night....not too cold. It did spit rain for a little bit...but overall, we had a fun night.
--ate yummy fish & chips at Red Robin
--watched several displays get lit for the first time
--enjoyed some hot cider & popcorn
--listened to the Youth Symphony play a holiday concert
--had a visit with Santa
It's hard to believe it's the holiday season already...and I'm sure the next month will just fly by.
I'd go to bed to get ready for a fun day of parade watching, card playing and turkey eating...but the little guy is WIDE awake....Art & Reen....what did you feed's all your fault!


Reen said...

Back in Florida and miss Seth and Grant. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. Seth sure impressed me with his knowledge of football and we had a great time with the Wii at Nana and Oompa's. Grant is such a happy little guy with a great smile. Felt so good to love and hold him. Thrilled to do something for Kate's Kart with Nana and you. What a wonderful way to remember her and help others.
Love and hugs to a very special family - Art & Reen