Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On The Mend

It's been a LONG week here in the Layman house...we've all been hit with something...

Andy...he got hit the worst. We're thinking it was that H1N1 thing as he had all the symptoms...which meant he was home all week. Today, almost 10 days later, he said he is finally feeling pretty good!

Seth...he was next in line. Not quite sure, he had a long-grade fever off and on Friday & Saturday and just felt "yucky". He didn't eat much...but is back to normal now, except for a lingering cough.
He was super tired on Friday...this is how I found him...sound asleep...in the middle of the afternoon!

Me...I too had a low-grade fever on Friday morning...but it soon went away and left me with a pretty bad head cold & cough, which appears to be lingering...and lingering...and lingering.

(Seth and I did get our H1N1 shots on Thursday, so I am thinking we both just had a reaction to the shot...I hope!)

And as far as Mr. Grant....I was thinking he was going to sail through all of this healthy as a horse. Sunday night...he too got a lowgrade fever (no other symptoms)..it lasted all of a couple hours and was gone...and he was GOOD TO GO! Way to go Mr. Grant!

Knock on wood that it is all over and we will all be healthy for the weekend.
We did all muster up all of our strength to head down to Grandma's on Saturday for our annual Thanksgiving celebration with her. She cooked ALL the yummy fixins and we enjoyed a super lunch before heading out downtown for carriage rides. Back to the house for some rest before going to the annual Parade Of Lights Parade. It was a fun day...although it wore Andy & Seth completely out!

Seth with Grandma & Ted


The Portas said...

As far as I understand, it's not really possible to get a "reaction" from the h1n1 vaccination, so you guys just probably caught an untimely bug. I hope you are all feeling better now! What a bummer to all get hit at the same time. Sending you many healthy prayers! xo

Kristen said...

love the picture of the kiddo & the cat! Too cute!