Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Wow...can it be over already? What a great weekend...I still can't believe Thanksgiving is over and we're on the way to Christmas.
We had a wonderful day on Thanksgiving. We celebrated at my parent's house with the Vollmers...friends with whom we have been celebrating Thanksgiving with for 30 years now. It truly is like family. My brother's family was brother's wife's Art & 'Reen and their daughter Laura and her husband Scott (plus their 1/2 cooked little peanut who will arrive in April). It was a full the kids got to eat at the first official kid table. And believe it or not...Seth ate and behaved better than he ever has at Thanksgiving....go figure!
We feasted on awesome turkeys....yep 2!

Art is carving the oven roasted and my dad is carving the deep fried one in front! YUM YUM!

Grant: "if they won't feed me any of that turkey they keep talking about...I guess I'll just eat the highchair!" Next year can feast and feast and feast!

The rest of the day was filled with parade watching, game playing, baby spoiling and even 2 runnings of Kate's Kart (We remember those long lonely holidays spent in the hospital, so we make an effort to go even on holidays).

Friday the whole family slept till 10! How awesome is that with a baby and a preschooler! Just heavenly! Then...more running of Kate's Kart...leftovers at Nana & Oompas....playing Wii...a few odd jobs around the house and top it off with a movie and fire.

Saturday....mission: decorate! You always forget how long it takes...but it's done (minus the trees)

Sunday....a very special morning at church (see next post), plus the Colts game and Andy & I even got in some shopping while Grandma & Ted stayed with the boys! Throw in another running of Kate's Kart at yet another hospital and the Hallmark movie...and it's one full but relaxing weekend.

We truly are blessed and have much to be thankful for!