Wednesday, December 16, 2009

24 Weeks

Wednesday, December 16
24 Weeks

At 24 weeks Grant...

--can sit! Wow...mommy and daddy are amazed!
--continues to drool like a mad man, but no sign of more teeth
--has not been sleeping well at night...wakes up crying and wants his paci
--gives kisses --it's the cutest thing....he'll totally open his mouth and slobber all over your cheek
--wants to be so close to you...whenever I pick him up, he puts his cheek right up against mine and holds it there. It is so sweet...I have to have Andy get a picture.
--is a total love bug
--sat on Santa's lap
--LOVES his jumper...he will bounce and talk in that for a good hour during dinner
--still can't roll from tummy to back and has no desire to...and hates his tummy after about 2 minutes
--is fascinated by toys that play music (better invest in some batteries)
--slept through the getting of the Christmas well as the hanging of the ornaments
--is a super errand runner--he loves to be on the go and hardly ever fusses when we are out and about
--loves watching kids
--grabs at Seth all the time
--loves hanging out under the Christmas tree and looking at the lights
--makes tons of noises and sounds...talks all the time
--has the most gorgeous blue eyes...everyone comments on them...they better stay that way
--makes being the parents of an infant incredibly easy and enjoyable