Wednesday, December 23, 2009

25 Weeks

25 Weeks
Wednesday, December 23
At 25 weeks, Grant...
--played in the snow for the first time (okay, sat it the snow) --is in 12 month sleepers....just dug out all of Seth's 12 month clothing! Really, kid...stop growing (not really, but you know what I mean)
--sat up in the bathtub for the first time...wasn't too sure about it the first time, but really started splashing the 2nd time
--attended a Middle School assembly and listened to choirs, bands and even help accept a very large ($5,000) donation to Kate's Kart
--can stand up in in exersaucer...loves making it bounce
--kicks with delight when I come in the room (makes mommies heart flutter) but usually it's feeding time
--can roll over both ways...easily from back to tummy...but will go tummy to back if his arm isn't in the way
--got an early Christmas with the unpacking of a whole bunch of next level toys
--went on a walk to look at Christmas lights
--stayed with friends and Nana & Oompa so that mommy & daddy could have 2 date nights! Wow--didn't eat real well either time
--ate cereal for the 1st time...not a fan at first...but it's growing on him
--continues to be a VERY well behaved little boy
--saw his brother's Christmas play...and the Children's one at church (we looked behind us and the nursery attendant had brought him into the service...he only made it 1/2 way through!)
--is starting to really interact with his brother
--has already shown signs of only loving the paper and not so much the present based on his reaction to the gift he got from the neighbor
--has had a very busy and productive week!
--is a wonderful Christmas miracle...can't wait to celebrate with the little guy!