Tuesday, December 29, 2009

26 Weeks

Wednesday, December 30
26 weeks...1/2 year...2 days shy of 6 months!

At 26 weeks Grant:
--celebrated his 1st Christmas

--Santa brought a bucket swing and ball popper
--Mom & Dad got a: cookie jar shape sorter, jammies, outfits, bath toys,
--Nana & Oompa got: name stool, sippy cups, jammies, blanket
--Grandma & Ted got: taggie ball, soft cloth "Peek-a-boo" box, outfits, Colts onesie
--attended his first wedding (Congratulations Grandma & Ted)
--spent the night for the first time a Grandmas
--attended Christmas Eve service
--loved the tissue paper, ribbons and bows on his presents
--talks, jabbers and yells all the time
--continues to get giant open mouth kisses...especially on mommy's chin
--loves playin' with his new toys in the playroom while Seth plays Wii
--ate sweet potatoes for the first time...is LOVIN' food with some taste--will easily eat 1 whole jar

--was a fussy boy for Oompa when Oompa graciously volunteered to watch him for 3 hours while mommy, daddy, Seth and Nana went to the Boars Head Festival! Evidently...he would only stop crying if Oompa walked him around the house!

--went on his 2nd trip to Indy...and toured the Lucas Oil Stadium--LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to jump!