Tuesday, December 8, 2009

blankie love!

Grant loves his new blankie...he figured out how to stick his toes through it within minutes.

These blankies are famous in our house. Seth has 2...in fact he is still pretty attached to one of them....not sure how we're going to break that habit? It's a much needed necessity at night...and when he's not feeling well! I really believe the security of his blue blanket is what got him through 18 months of going here and there when Kate was alive.
Seth sleeping in his tent w/ his blue & purple blankie... Kate snuggled in her pink blankie after a hard days work of physical therapy

They are lovingly made by a wonderful "grandma" from our old church. I was so excited when Grant got his this past weekend....they are so soft...and snuggly...and warm. Thanks Alice!


mina said...

Aww, Grant is such a cutie! Love the blankies, we have two blankie babies at our house, one of them is 11!

Anonymous said...


I feel very honored that the children like the afghans. I remember when I made the one for Seth....it was before he was born for your baby shower....I think I made 2 or 3 for Kate and this is grant's first one..they are great kids.


The Portas said...

Warm snuggly blankies are the BEST! Yet another thing that you can have three similar photos of with all three of your kids. :)