Monday, December 14, 2009

A busy few days

You's the Christmas season...and of course the Laymans are staying busy...but the good news...we're having a ton of fun too! I'll sum of the past few days through some pictures..

Decorating was reindeer day at school, hence the red nose and antlers!

Getting the "live" Christmas tree. It was SO cold we didn't even really take the time to look at all the trees....we just kinda picked the first one we saw...and we didn't take the time to wake up Grant or even uncover him for his first "picking out the Christmas tree" photo!
Decorating the Christmas tree. What a fun time it was...going through all the ornaments....bringing back memories...good ones (and some sad when we found Kate's) Since we picked out the tree so has a little personality. I like it...but I didn't like decorating it for the 2nd time after it fell down about 1 hour after we finished....that darn cat...I'm blaming her!

Visiting Santa...Saturday night we headed to the fairgrounds for their Country Christmas. Santa was there so we got our annual shot! Of course, Grant was perfect and didn't fuss at all...he didn't really smile...but at least he wasn't screaming.Visiting live animals and nativity. At the fairgrounds, you could also take a wagon ride out to a barn and see live animals. It was really nice...a fun night (and it was free as well...can't beat that!)Hanging out under the Christmas tree...yep, Grant loves to lay under the tree...he just kicks and grabs at all the lights and branches!And...not pictured:

--our church's annual Christmas music program which Grandma, Ted, Nana, Oompa and Gayle all came too...and then I cooked brunch for everyone at our house afterwards

--watching Colts football and playing Santa Claus

--cousin Lucas's 7th birthday party

--counting and organizing 600 new books from the Barnes & Noble Book Drive for Kate's Kart.

--visiting with awesome friend Deanna, who lucky for me moved back to Fort Wayne after being in New York for almost 2 years. She came over along with her 3 month old little sweetie Ellie and 3 year old Isaac.

The best part...spending the holidays with family and friends...we are blessed!


Deanna said...

Loved it, too! Can't wait until we see you again!!! :)