Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

What a wonderful day we had on Christmas Eve...the magic of Christmas with little ones is awesome! I hope you follow this story...Andy and I have been laughing for days.

Set-up: We put Seth down for the normal talk about Christmas morning and that Santa won't come until he's asleep. I stay with Seth for a few minutes and then tell them I have to go feed Grant, cause Santa won't come until Grant's in bed too! We leave the radio on in his room and he falls asleep listening to Christmas music. So...I take Grant downstairs and Andy takes a shower.

A few minutes later: Seth busts into the bathroom and very excitingly asks Andy:
Seth: "Their tracking Santa on the radio...he's coming to Indiana....where's Allen County?"
Andy: "We live in Allen County"
Seth: (very excited with HUGE eyes) "We live in Allen county!!!!" and with that takes off!
I then...sitting downstairs, not knowing that this conversation has taken place... hears Seth yell at the top of his voice from the top of the stairs:
Seth: "Mommy...Get Grant in bed NOW! Santa is on his way...get him in bed NOW!"

So...both cute on their own...but when Andy and I tell each other the other 1/2 we just crack up! Ah...the magic of Christmas!
Christmas Eve...through a few pics:
After a lazy morning, a big breakfast and Andy running Kate's Kart...we were off to my parents for our annual spare rib Christmas Eve dinner with my family. The cousins of course had a wonderful time exchanging gifts...and we all feasted on some yummy food.

Nana & Oompa and their 5 grandkids

Grant...of course much more interested in the tissue paper

All 5...opening gifts!

After dinner...we went to church and then came home to finish decorating our gingerbread house

Grant wanted to help too!What a perfect Christmas present this year!

Then it was time for some more Christmas Eve traditions:
Reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
Cookies for Santa
Reading of Luke...the REAL reason for Christmas

Andy and I then got to "play Santa" and we watched a little of the musical Scrooge on YouTube before hitting the sack...counting the many many blessings in our life!