Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 5

So, you may know that I get a little kick out of taking similar pictures of my proven by this post and this one. wasn't something I planned on just happened that all my kids loved sleeping in touchdown pose and looked so cute in a yellow sleeper. Well...I knew I had another opportunity yesterday. It was pure coincidence that I discovered a few years ago I had taken a picture of Seth and Kate...wrapped in the same green towel...on December 5 of 04 & 06! I know...a little freaky. But...that date was saved in the back of my little brain and last night, after bath I took a picture of Grant in that same green towel. Well...Grant was much more interested in his toes than looking at me and the camera. But...I got it and more super cute page to scrapbook!
Grant--December 5, 2009

Kate--December 5, 2006

Seth--December 5, 2004


Kristen said...

great pictures! How crazy that you got them taken on the same date!