Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An early Christmas

It's almost like an early Christmas in our house. Since Grant is able to sit up...we dug out the tubs of "next level" toys. Andy & I both had forgotten how many of the "sit and play" toys we have. Wow...honestly, it was bittersweet...as these were "Kate's toys." She never grew out of this phase and because therapists were always telling us the benefit of this type of toy and that...we accumulated a bunch! In fact...we don't even know where to put them. We are attempting a major cleaning of the playroom...but still.
Probably the hardest part was digging out some toys that looked vaguely familiar...we were soon to remember that those were Kate's Christmas presents...those presents she never really felt well enough to play with...those presents we so optimistically bought for her, hoping that last surgery would do the trick.
Well...now...it does bring me some joy to see Grant playing with them. He's not quite sure what to do with them...but he loves exploring them...a few more weeks and I'm sure his fine motor skills will allow him to really enjoy them. And Seth is enjoying them too...he has had more fun with the peek-a-boo blocks. I can't wait to see the boys continue interacting with each other...Seth teaching Grant all the ins and outs of all those toys!

Ah...playing together...I'll just keeping praying that they continue to be such great playmates!


Kristen said...

cute pictures, I'm sure those were bittersweet memories. My 2 boys (5yrs & 15mos) have always gotten along really well. Lately though they've started fighting over toys! :(

Anonymous said...

Watching Seth and Grant playing together is a treasure unto itself!

Merry Christmas, Linda Creek