Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Food...Glorious (not so much) Food!

This is the response we got yesterday when we tried cereal for the 1st time. Grant had been waking up a bunch through the we figured he was hungry and ready for the some real food. Well...not last night! He pretty much cried through the 6 bites I tried to feed him. Looking back, I think he may have been really tired and really hungry. So...not much luckSo...we tried again tonight....again he wasn't too thrilled with the whole idea at the beginning. Most of it immediately came back out!But...after a while, I think he started to get the hang of it! The whole eating from a spoon started to click...and before we knew it...he had finished the whole bowl I prepared. He especially loved it when Seth fed him (although Seth was grossed out by most of it and kept asking if he could go eat in the other room). It wasn't long either, before Grant discovered the spoon and really enjoyed attempting to feed himself. It was messy...but I think we're headed in the right direction! Yeah for Grant...even though it makes mommy really sad that he is such a BIG BOY!

Seth was so excited once Grant actually started eating and spitting it all back he is so excited that Grant wanted the spoon!