Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mini Trip to Indy

We took a little mini-trip to Indy the past few days. After checking into our hotel...we headed downtown and took a tour of the Colts Stadium. It was pretty cool...getting to see everything and go into different places...but would have been cooler if we could have run down the 50 yard line and seen the home locker room. But instead...we got to walk along the endzone, saw the visitor locker room and went all the way to the top and saw the press boxes. Then...we headed downtown for dinner at Hard Rock Cafe...and a quick cold walk around the circle to look at the lights Then....back to the hotel for a a little swimming and then games and snacks in the hotel lobby with our friends the Siglens. They have a 6 year old girl and a baby boy, Elijah, who is 1 week older than Grant.

After a TERRIBLE night sleep, no thanks to Grant who was fussy ALL NIGHT LONG, we headed to the Children's Museum. Seth had a great time, and as always, Grant was the energizer bunny! He only slept for about 2o minutes during a play with saw. The hits of the day were the giant slide and of course, the trains!

It was a fun little end of Christmas get-away...and as always, great to spend it with our friends!