Saturday, December 26, 2009

Over the River...and through the woods...

to Grandma's house we headed next! We cleaned up brunch...packed the bags and were on our way for even more Christmas...and of course...more presents:
All 3 boys got the full Colts attire...sweatshirts, windsuits, hats, onesies, bibs...they are SET!
Grant was having fun with his new "peek-a-boo" box

Grandma goes all out with stockings for all of us! It's such a treat to open and see all the fun stuff we get each year! (We had just had red punch, in case you couldn't tell from Seth's face)
The rest of the evening was spent playing lots of new games (Uno Flash and Sorry), eating lots of more yummy food and treats and just enjoying time together!

We spent the night at Grandmas...and then celebrated her wedding to Ted on Saturday. It was a nice little service with just the kids and grandkids...and then we all ate lunch at the Back 40 in Decatur. We are so happy for Grandma and Ted and wish them lots of blessings as they share their lives together!