Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day Skating

We had a surprise snow day yesterday....we got like 6 inches so both Andy and Seth got days off of school. It was a pretty lazy day at home...except for the fact that we walked down to the local pond and took Seth skating.

He'd been wanting to go again ever since our trip to thanks to some skates from Uncle Doug and Aunt Amy...we were able to make his day.

Andy shoveled and shoveled (those 6 inches we got) and got the ice clear enough for Seth to try out his skates. He did so well...NEVER giving up and getting up over and over again. He would just giggle every time he fell. I really think the hardest part was getting up once he was dressed in all those winter clothes.

It was a fun afternoon...a great way to spend time as a family!

Monday, January 26, 2009

He just makes us laugh

So...3 quick stories about Seth that just make our day!

1. We're at the dinner table...talking about birthdays and when the baby will be born...stuff like that...and Seth says:

"I think I know why they don't have birthday cakes when you turn 0...There just isn't enough time for them (the baby) to pick out what kind of cake they want"

Andy and I just cracked up!

2. Seth's new obsession....scotch tape! The boy loves it...he can go through a whole roll in no time flat. In fact...we've been without it for a while...just because he would use decorate the house! Martha Stewart...move over...there's a new style of decoration in town! It's crazy now that Seth is completely able to get anything...out of any cabinet in the house.
Yep...Seth will hang "anything" and I mean anything from the walls if given a chance...and a roll of tape. Here is his prize decor that he did in the playroom. As you can see there are toys, kleenix, wrapping paper, ribbon, letters, etc. And he is so proud of his work and throws a fit if we take it down before someone sees it...Crazy kid!

3. And this last story...not so funny to Seth...but to me and Andy...hilarious.

So Friday at the school...they decorated the boxes of books with balloons...and Seth brought them home (3 regular mouth-blown up balloons) They are his prize possession...he's been so careful with them...playing with them...shooting baskets...etc. (Let me add...these are not the 1st balloons the kid has had...he gets them all the time) Last night...he and daddy are playing and Andy hits it up in the air...and it randomly pops! Seth goes CRAZY...he immediately runs out of the room crying hysterically. He cries for a few minutes...runs back into the room...only to see daddy and the popped balloon and runs away again...crying hysterically. This crying goes on for 10 minutes while Andy and I are laughing....cause it's a balloon!'s bedtime so we go upstairs, brush teeth and I lay down with him! Daddy is the "bad guy" at this point and Seth doesn't even want to be near him. Now...Seth has genuine tears and I can tell is genuinely sad about this. I talk to him and he tells me that it is his most favorite balloon ever. He asks where the popped parts are...cause he wants them to be saved in his "treasure box" (an old cigar box a neighbor guy gave him to save his treasures in). Luckily we could salvage them out of the trash and keep them!

Now...Seth has gone through some loss in his life...his Pampa, sister and even his 1st fish...but never have we seen the sadness he felt over this balloon. I know, in his 4 year old world, this was traumatic...but to us...just hilarious.

We love you little guy...thanks for making us laugh. And next for your from the days when Seth dresses himself! Besides home decor...the kid is setting fashion statements too!

Can't get enough sleep!

Yes, my blogworld friends...exhaustion has totally set in! I never remember being so tired with either of my other 2 pregnancies. Now...yesterday, when I had a killer headache...I remembered I had those with Kate....but the extreme exhaustion...I know it wasn't there before. Could 3 more years really add that much difference...I don't know..but whew! wonderful husband who normally gets up earlier than me every day of the week and could have slept in on the weekend...let me sleep a little extra both Saturday and Sunday mornings. It's crazy...I just feel so unproductive and lazy. I don't think I have even left a comment on anyone's blog in weeks. But...I keep reminding myself that I am growing a human being...but still I hope it breaks soon! I thought the 2nd trimester was to be full of energy. I even asked my OB about my bloodwork...and he said it was all perfect...oh well...I'm chalking this one up to old age!

We had a decent week...Andy worked late most nights at school...but overall it was good. We didn't do much this weekend...went to see Hotel for Dogs w/ Seth...just got caught up around the house...AND organized, labeled and counted over 600 books that came in. Yep...Huntertown Elementary had a huge book drive and Seth and I went to the school and picked up like 550 books on Friday. They had an all school assembly and I spoke for about 15 minutes. The kids were enthralled with Kate's story...they were wonderful listeners. So...we are very fortunate. Plus...a bunch of other books came in from various's just amazing.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

And the winner is...

I apologize for my tardiness in posting...we had to go and pick up Seth after he spent the night with Grandma.

So....Deanna, Kathy, Melanee, Melissa...what's it like?
What's it like being outnumbered in your own house by boys?

Yep...we're adding a little boy to our family and we are very excited about it. Seth is excited to share all his old clothes. His toys...not so much! Most importantly, we are just thrilled that all is healthy so far and the doc sees no reason for suspicions. We have our major ultrasound on the "big" machine on Feb. prayers are appreciated until then when the doc will be able to sign off on everything...including the heart.

So the final vote was: 23 girl votes to 18 boy votes...even after Kathy's ever-so-clever comment about it being early and them seeing "something." Who knows if we'd would have known the other way...the doc does have all the latest equipment and knows what he's doing.

And the winner...of our ever so scientific contest!
I wrote down everybody's name on a piece of paper and put them all in a basket...mixed them up and had Seth draw out a slip of paper! was all fair and on the up and up!

And the winner is.....Mina, commenter #1, even though she guessed a girl, she is still the winner of a Valentine Basket I will put in the mail soon. Mina is another heart it'll be a special Valentine Heart Basket! Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who played along...left a comment and most praying for this little one! Who knows...maybe we'll have another contest later on. We have all sorts of things to guess: weight, date, name??

More about our weekend later...I'm off to iron...iron...iron!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's A.....

So...time for a contest! We just got back from the doctor...and we were able to get the news about our newest little peanut! Post your guess...whether it's a boy or girl and then we will randomly select a winner! Good don't even have to guess right...just post your guess and you could be the winner of a Valentine's Day Basket...I"ll even ship it if you're out of town! Grandparent's are exempt...and no telling anyone either! Contest ends Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m.

Oh yeah...AND everything looks GREAT so far...he saw the 4 chamber heart...the outflow valve (which Kate didn't have)...perfect brain and perfect lips...he said everything was beautiful! What a blessing!

So post your guess...only one guess per person...married couples and families can post a guess on separate postings (that way, you each have a chance of winning).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thank You!

Thank you...for the kind comments...the phone calls...the cards...the prayers...the thoughts...the friendships. We have felt them all day. Just like when we were in the hospital...I came to the computer today just to read the comments...just for a little inspiration. Thank you to all of you who have so graciously carried us this past year. Seriously...the friends and family are what have helped us in so many ways.

It was a day...not great...not terrible. Andy did get the day off school. This morning we were pretty lazy...I think the only think I got accomplished was changing the sheets on the bed. This afternoon...we ran a few errands and then some neighbor kids came over to play a bit. We did enjoy a wonderful dinner at Casa w/ my parents and Andy and I just watched our Thursday night TV shows.

We did send a balloon to Kate. Seth thought this was really cool. We each wrote a note and let the balloon go. It is absurdly cold out it was a quick release. I found it interesting...the balloon headed straight for a star...could it have been her star?

Thank you again...for sharing in our journey! We love you all!

Racing Minds's body is physically exhausted...but yet my mind is racing. Why is it that things are so much "harder" on those anniversary dates. It's not like I miss her more today than I did 5 weeks ago...but yet...I find myself struggling...almost every thought goes to Kate. Some good...some hard...mostly those reliving those last few days...can it really be a year? Is this the last "hard" milestone...does it get easier...who knows?

Andy and I have been discussing what we should do tomorrow (Thursday). It's not really a time to celebrate...and yet, I don't want to sit at home and mope and feel sorry for myself. What do you do? We're in limbo.... Andy already has a 2 hour delay...if school gets cancelled maybe the 3 of us will do something "special" If not...maybe we'll just go out for dinner...not as a celebration...just because I don't feel like cooking...and I don't have to!

It's been a long day. Yesterday I found out that one of our Kate's Kart volunteers had passed away. He was an older gentleman who had a heartattack on Sunday afternoon. He LOVED Kate's Kart. In fact, after talking with his family today...I guess he talked about it all the time...often emailing his son in Tennessee about it. I guess he was even a devoted follower of our blog during Kate's last few months. I knew of Dick from our prior church...but stood humbled today after finding out what Kate and the Kart meant to him. Andy and I went to the funeral home today...the same one...the same room as we were in almost a year ago.

We visited with his 2 children...and again...just stood amazed at Dick's love for Kate. In fact...they even named Kate's Kart at his memorial gift. I have "happy" thoughts...of somehow in the magical world of heaven...of this 78 year old man who never met Kate...telling her wonderful stories of the books he passed out in honor of her. That thought just warms my's thoughts like those that will get me through tomorrow...and the next...and the next.

So...for now, I am just so grateful that we have Kate's amazing legacy of our little girl. I am grateful for innocent little boy that just makes you smile..ALL THE TIME. I am grateful for new life...growing inside of me...and I am SO grateful...for those amazing 568 days we had with Kate. We miss you bunches sweet girl...we always will! And I guess it is with those thoughts...that yet again, I will try to fall asleep.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter is here!

It's been a pretty wild week...I feel like this baby is literally sucking the life out of me. I have been SO tired. Andy has been amazing this week...and has let me go to bed at 6:30...or back to bed at 10:00 am. He and Seth do their little projects around the house while I rest! It's been so nice of him...what a sweetie. But of's all HIS fault, right! I don't remember being so tired with Seth or's amazing how you forget how hard the beginning is....that's a good thing I think!

The boys were back at school this week...but Seth even missed a day on Wednesday due to snow. The snow has been falling all weekend...and it sounds like we're in for another winter storm and freezing temps the next few days. Welcome to Indiana winters.

We did re-do the bathroom this week. We papered the bathroom when we moved in 4 years ago...but it never went together well at the seams...and a little one in the house has been picking at it and romoving strips of paper around the sink. It took Seth and I 3 days to strip it...and Andy painted it one day after school. It is much lighter and the paint has brightened it up a bit.

Seth helping to strip the paper!

What could be more fun...painting on the walls! Seth and daddy did a great job!

We did go to a hockey game on Friday night. Seth loved it! He is so excited about ice skating right now (after our Chicago trip) that he was really excited to see the guys skate. Luckily, the players were well behaved and didn't fight too much! We went with some friends, the Schuh's and had a great night eating pizza and watching the game.

The boys played outside a bit today...while I was napping! They were rigging up all kinds of hills and bumps from the swingset...Seth just loves it outside...doesn't matter how cold it is.

I did get some work done...Seth's closet was literally jammed full of tubs of his old could barely close the door. Well, for Christmas, Cathy got me some of the vacuum seal storage bags and today I put his 4 years worth of outgrown clothes into them. It did drastically reduce the space used and opened up the closet a little...but still...that's a lot of clothes. I guess we'll just wait and see what this newest little one will be and then decide what to do with them...I'm thinking a MAJOR garage sale is in the works pretty soon.
I know it still looks packed...but it is tons better...I wish I took a picture before!

We're staying busy...staying healthy (I don't even think Seth has had the sniffles this winter...knock on wood)...and staying warm, thanks to lots of fires in the fireplace. Seth got UNO for Christmas and we've been playing that as a family most's so fun to be playing "real" games w/ Seth now!

Well...I'm off to my one little indulgence...Desperate Housewives...I know...I know...and a little menu planning and grocery list making before the next winter storm hits! Blessings to all!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meet the newest members...

One of the gifts we got Seth was a fishtank for his room. He was pretty excited about it...and it was hard for him to wait until after Chicago to actually go to the store and pick out his fish. He had so much fun putting all the rocks in the bottom.

We got the tank set up and he got his new fish last Wednesday. He was quick to name them:
3, Tree, Coke and Scott!
I'm not sure where the 3, Tree and Coke came from...maybe he just happened to see those things when we were driving home. As far as Scott...he was named after our Michigan buddy who took Seth to the recycling center. Aren't you honored, Scott?

Well...he soon decided those weren't good enough names and they changed to: Stripey, Blackey, Goldey and Scott! I thought it was pretty good...cause now we could actually determine which fish was which based on their names.

Well..we had our 1st loss (surprise, surprise, they were 12cents from Walmart) We talked a bunch about how fish just don't live as long and sometimes moving them makes them sick. He was on the verge of tears...but held it together as we had our little memorial service next to the toilet. We said goodbye to Stripey and told Seth we'll get a new one...maybe at a pet store this time! But for now..Goldey, Blackey and Scott... swim on!!

It's been fun to see him interact with his new buddies...he looks forward to feeding them each night. Let's see how excited he is when it's time to clean the tank!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

We had a very nice "low key" celebration for the New Year. We had some friends come up from New Castle and spent the night. We ordered in Chinese Takeout and then drove around and looked at all the Christmas displays around town one last time!

Then...back to the house for some games. Seth and Lynzi(6) played upstairs surprisingly well...for never have really played together before. Us adults...tried our knowledge at some 80's trivia. I swear...Andy needs to go on some sort of trivia show and win us a million dollars...he knows everything.

The kids stayed up and we toasted in the New Year with Sparkling Grape Juice...our wish: 2 healthy babies. LeeAnne is pregnant too...and we are due just days apart. So...that was our New Year's Wish.

We ate waffles this morning and then LeeAnne and I headed out to do some maternity shopping...I was able to find a few things...thanks to a gift card from Andy for Christmas. The guys and kids grabbed Burger King while LeeAnne and I had a nice relaxing lunch, with just the 2 of us! How did we get so lucky.

Tonight...the 3 of us just's been a whirlwind of a couple days. Tomorrow...we start taking all the decorations down...I still can't believe it's over. Wow...the month went fast!'s going to be a great year...full of all sorts of wonderful blessings!


The 9 of us had a great time in Chicago...with many thanks to Nana and Oompa for getting the rooms. We stayed right on Michigan Avenue in the was very very nice.

We got there around noon on Sunday. We checked out our rooms and then walked down to the Rainforest Cafe. It's quite the place and the boys sure did enjoy seeing all the animals. Lunch was mighty tasty as well. We then took the trolley to Navy Pier and walked around a bit. We watched a magic show and Oompa was even chosen to be in the show!

We then walked down to check out the Winterfest that we would be going to the next was so crowded...but the boys were very excited about going back. Of course we had to stop for icecream on the way back through Navy Pier.

Back to the hotel to go swimming...the boys were so excited because the pool was on the 9th floor. After a good hour in the pool...we walked to Subway for a bite to eat and then back to the hotel.

Monday morning took us back to Navy Pier for the was a huge room filled with inflatables, rides, games, gorgeous decorations. It wasn't too crowded in the morning and the boys got to go down several slides and ride the train. Then...the boys and Uncle Doug tacked the ice rink. It was SEth's 1st time and I was sure that he would give up....but he kept at it. He was pretty much attached to the wall, unless Uncle Doug was helping. But by the end of the hour he could go w/ holding onto one hand. to fight the crowds for lunch. I guess at lunchtime....EVERYONE in Chicago and the neighboring states goes to Navy Pier. I think I waited in line 30 minutes for Seth's $5 happy meal. It was so packed it wasn't even fun. We went back to Winterfest...but by that time it had gotten too crowded and the lines were too long! We spent a little time there and then back to the hotel for rest time!

Seth, Andy, Nana and I then walked down to see the Windows at Marshal Macys. Seth was really enamored with all the lights and the big city. He LOVED riding the 8 floors of escalators at Macy's and even found his name on Santa's list in one of the windows. to try some real Chicago pizza. The line at Giordano's was an hour long...but we stuck it out...played lots of games with the menu and then did have some pretty good pizza. Back to the hotel for some more swimming and a very late bedtime.

Tuesday morning took us to The Museum of Science and Industry...a long with EVERYONE who was at Navy Pier the day before. I saw no signs of a failing economy...the people were OUT! Seth absolutely loved the museum and was so intrigued by the way everything worked. His favorite by far was the giant model train...he could have watched that for days!

It was 11:00 last night before we got home...and Seth was awake the entire ride home! Amazing. He just kept saying what an awesome trip it was. Thanks Nana and Oompa for building some pretty wonderful memories in one little guy. Even after having to fight lots and lots of was a pretty fun 3 days.