Monday, February 23, 2009

Some things never change

October 2005

February 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Since you all have been so smart...and so creative coming up with a cool name for different things (Kate's Kart and the baskets)...we're putting you to the test again. And depending on where you live and what your interests are...I promise a prize worth playing for.

So...we're planning our 1st annual EVENT for June 27. It's going to be a city-wide, hopefully corporately sponsored fundraiser. We don't know much so far...but we are planning an ice cream social (free ice cream) in a local outdoor park (Parkview North) with hopefully a carnival type, balloons, clowns, face painting, inflatables, book characters. We're hoping to either get a band or radio station...and hopefully raise some $$ for books...awareness for Kate's Kart and just have a great time.

So...what shall we "NAME" this event. We want something catchy...but yet that will briefly and easily describe our mission. Submit your ideas...contest ends on Wednesday, Feb. 25!

And...if you've got any connections to any possible corporate sponsors or know of anyone who many want to make balloons, be a clown...etc...Pass it along! The committee is going big, for even the 1st year...with the way Kate's Kart is going so far...I'm not putting any limits on anything!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Half Way There!

So, I guess according to my little timer...I'm officially 1/2 way today!
But...according to my history with Seth and Kate (both who were induced late...14 days for Seth and 3 days for Kate...I haven't made that mark yet.)

But...according to my new doctor...he'll take any opportunity to get this "fish out of the water and in the boat" ...which I guess means, I could be more than 1/2 way.'s been a long 1st half. I guess with all the nausea and worry it's made the time drag. But...I'm hoping that with the good news of the ultrasounds, the little bit of regained energy and the hope that spring is around the corner...the next 1/2 will fly by....that's my prayer anyway! I am just so excited to meet this little one.

Had to tell you all...I made a trip to Meijer today (yeah, I'm avoiding Kroger) and all went well. I kept my keys and didn't drop anything...and I only forgot 1 thing I wanted to get....not bad...not bad!


And...I have to give props to America for picking the right 1st 3 contestants on American Idol...I am so for Danny (if you didn't know his wife died of a heart defect a few months ago). He's a great guy...from what they've shown and I think he's got a Christian background. Seriously, if Tatiana would have won...I was done for the year!!

Check back's time for another contest!! Get your thinking caps ready!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Banned from Kroger

So...some my call it Pregnancy Brain...some (Andy) may just call it sure stupidity...I don't know what it is for sure...but before long I think I will be banned from Kroger and the general parking lot surrounding it!

#1 I stop in to buy a few things, use my Kroger card (on my keys) and then proceed to the parking lot. NO KEYS! Go back in to look for them at checkout counter...they aren't there! Stand them dumbfounded...I had JUST used them and proceed to empty the entire contents of my purse into my shopping cart. I am seconds away from calling Andy to come rescue me when a man walks up to the service counter...carrying a set of keys! I yell at him..."are those keys"? He hands them to me and tells me he found them laying right in the middle of the parking lot!

#2 I'm next to Kroger...running into Pakmail to mail a package...grabbing all sorts of things out of my car (baskets, address, phone, purse...everything...but the keys!) Since my hands are full and I can't feel my keys in my hands...I lock the door manually. As soon as I shut the minds cliques keys better not still be in the car. Yep...hanging right there in the ignition.
Fortunately I have my phone...can call Seth's preschool to let them know I will be all sorts of locksmiths to find the quickest one...only to hand over $50 30 minutes later to some shady guy in the parking lot who was able to unlock my door in seconds!

#3 I'm unloading my groceries from one of those huge racecar carts (Seth loves them) and into a smaller cart to take to the parking lot...I drop a 1/2 gallon of goes EVERYWHERE...and I stand there helpless looking for an employee to mop of my mess.

#4 I'm back at Kroger (I haven't planned my menus well lately) and drop a 12 pack of have them all go rolling around the store. I try my best to pick them up and put them in a bag...lose one to bowels of Kroger and come home with an 11 pack.

This is after I nearly burn down the house! I was cooking baked had been in the oven for an hour. I crank up the heat to 450 to cook some garlic bread. The oven really starts smoking...I think..."Oh something must have spilled" I ignore it. It continues to get REALLY smokey...both Seth and Andy are making comments. After a few more minutes, I pull out the baking stone to find a hot pad seconds away from combustion stuck to the bottom!

Oh yeah..should I add that the movie box at Kroger also gave me the wrong movie on Valentines Day...nothing like "Max Payne" for a romantic night at home...and then when I went to Blockbuster to pick out a decent movie...the one I pick skips and periodically stops the entire way through....the 90 minute movie turned into a 2 1/2 hour EVENT! My luck....oh where have you gone?

It's crazy...I'm seriously not going back to Kroger...or anywhere else for that matter...cause all this stuff has happened in like a week! Do I really have like 5 more months of this? If out world...and who is willing to follow me around with a set of keys, mop and fire extinguisher!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Andy

Happy Birthday Andy!

40 reasons for 40 years

Why I love and adore my husband!

1. Tall
2. Dark
3. Handsome
4. Gave me flowers on the 1st date (that had me hooked right away)
5. Amazing father
6. Plays football, store, trains...whatever Seth wants to play...Andy plays it with him
7. Loves my cooking
8. Vacuums the carpet every night
9. Takes great care of the yard
10. Works extra hours to provide for our family
11. Works extra hours w/ bratty kids so that I can stay home
12. Is a Manly Man
13. Lets me sleep in on the weekends
14. Makes beautiful babies
15. Makes me laugh
16. Knows when to say: "Let's eat out tonight"
17. Is amazinly smart (he's gonna win us $$ on a game show someday)
18. Encourages me to be a clean(er) housekeeper
19. Loves me uncondintionally
20. Prays daily for our family
21. Encourages me to have my time and go scrapbooking
22. Is financially responsible...and smart
23. Encourages me to be my best
24. Is a great support system
25. Always let me hold Kate 1st after waiting after surgery
26. Wants the best for me and our family
27. Well-respected teacher
28. Puts others first
29. Teaches me about world issues
30. Seth adores him
31. Lets me be me
32. Is a spiritual leader
33. Helps around the house whenever I need it
34. Knows how to clean a toilet
35. Always wants to help others
36. Builds fires to keep us warm on cold chilly nights
37. Has a good heart
38. Has a generous spirit
39. Works his bum off
40. I just do!!
Keeping in the theme of 40...let's shoot for 40 comments wishing him a very Happy Birthday!

Monday, February 9, 2009

He's Perfect

So...those are the words used by both the doctor and ultrasound tech today at our appointment! We had the full ultrasound today...she measured everything. He was a wriggly little guy...but she got all she needed. The doc came in and looked at the heart....and according the mishmash of black/gray/white...everything is there! It was a big get past today.

Honestly I was a little nervous. I haven't really felt the little guy just seeing the heartbeat...and his ten little fingers and toes move around was very comforting. Plus...the tech said my placenta is in front...acting as a cushion when he kicks....Plus...he's only 8oz big.

But...we're relieved today...and now it's smooth sailing for the next few months I hope. I feel like the "tiredness" is getting better...slowly.

I have some cute pics of his toes and face...I will try and post those tomorrow. And the cutest thing...we even saw the little guy yawn! Amazing....he's 6 inches and 8oz and yawns. It's just amazing. Who could ever say there wasn't a God!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It Worked

At least last night it did...I woke up only once to blow my nose...ONCE...and then went right back to sleep! YEAH! Who would would have thought. Thanks Jenny (Gramma J) for the some good advice.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hopefully....a remedy!

So...I'm going with Gramma J's that I think about whole sinus thing started when our humidifier stopped working. skin is SO guess what we did tonight...Yep...took ourselves to Lowe's and bought us a brand new doozie of a humidifier...I have that thing cranked up and it's gonna be a sauna in this house tonight...Let's hope it works.
My talk at MOPS this morning went really well...a great group of ladies who are going to do a book collection for us. It was the first time I spoke to a room full of moms...I saw lots of was probably one of the hardest talks to get through.
Well...I have always thought about joining a MOPS group...and it was all a God thing today. I was sitting at a table...and that group just had someone drop out...I guess there is a waiting list...if you need child-care...but since it fits perfectly in the time slot that Seth has preschool...I got in...since I don't need childcare. So...I'm excited...excited to meet some nice Christian moms...get out of the house...learn some new ideas and get inspired. I just thought it was cool how it all worked out.
Later today I had Seth's parent-teacher conference at preschool. Overall he's a good kid...he knows his stuff but struggles with his fine motor (he wants to fist his pencil) and needs to learn to sit down...he's a guy constantly on the move. We had decided to put him in a Kindergarten Prep class next year instead of sending him to the Big K...With his summer birthday he just barely makes the cut-off and we think another year of Pre-school will only benefit him. Plus...I really can't even imagine putting that little guy on a school bus in a few months (like I will be able to in a year). So next year he'll have preschool every morning...kinda like a kindergarten schedule, I guess.'s a big weekend for us....someone is celebrating a birthday next week and it's a BIG one (Lordy, Lordy, looks who's ____) Can I really be married to someone that OLD! Since his birthday falls during the week...Grandma is taking Seth for the night and Andy is picking out a date night for us...I'll be sure to fill you in. He gets to pick the movie, dinner, dessert...everything! Then, on Sunday we'll celebrate his birthday with his mom when we pick up Seth.
And...bonus...Nana and Oompa (my parents) just offered to keep Seth and the cousins next weekend on Valentine's Day...EXTRA BONUS. We have the best set of grandparents EVER!
Well...I'll leave you all with my preggy belly picture. It doesn't work well for me to take the month by month...cause ideally you have to start with a flat here's me at 18 weeks (almost 1/2 way) Showing just enough that no one wants to say anything until I say it first!

Hugs to all...

Any doctor's out there?

So it's WAY late and I can't sleep. Can anyone explain this to me....
For the past couple weeks...Every night, I wake up sometime between 1 and 3 am and have a total sinus let-down for about 20-40 minutes. My nose literally runs non-stop and I have that constant need to sneeze. It's miserable...cause obviously I can't sleep through it...either can Andy with me blowing my nose every 20 seconds. If this lasts the rest of the pregnancy....UGUGHGH! It's so bizarre....even with me allergies, I don't have episodes like this during the day.

And...I am totally overwhelmed with Facebook this week. Several months ago, I set up a page...but did nothing with it...well...I added a few friends...and now people are coming out of the woodwork. It's been amazing to see who has found me...and reconnect with some old high school friends...and a bunch of my old youth group kids (who aren't so youthy anymore...married and having kids, Yikes). It's been fun...but I am feeling guilty cause I don't have the time to be significantly corresponding with these people...especially since our computer has now decided to randomly shut down periodically through the day.'s kinda fun.

Well...I think my sinuses have stopped...I'm going to try and hit the sack again. I am speaking at a MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) tomorrow about Kate's's a early morning of get up and go for Seth and me. Can't believe the weekend is here's going to be fun, more details to come.

Monday, February 2, 2009

More Snow Fun

It actually warmed up yesterday...enough to soften the snow a little so we went outside and built ourselves a little snowman family. I thought it turned out pretty cute...especially with the random accessories, such as milk jug caps, rocks, sticks and some spray paint. It was fun...and no comments on the size of my hips...remember, I'm pregnant!

Seth was pretty excited about watching the "Supergame" last night. He watched it through halftime...he's really been into football lately. was a pretty restful weekend. Friday night the 3 of us did go swimming at the Y. On Saturday, Grandma came for a few hours in the afternoon to play with Seth's Christmas toys and then we had a free cooked dinner at Nana and Oompa's. Gotta love that!
Tonight...I"m exhausted...still!!!! I think maybe we're going to try and watch "the office" on the computer and then hit the sack!
Oh yeah...we added another hospital on Friday...that makes 6 for Kate's Kart! wow!