Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby News

Did you notice my little calendar ticker...I'm down to 99 days...double digits! YEAH! In fact, tomorrow, I guess I will enter my 3rd trimester and be well on my way to meeting this little one.
He is super active right now...kicking all the time! We just went to the doctor yesterday...and all is well! We even got to see a little yawn on the ultrasound...he should be tired after the aerobics he's been doing. Here's our latest glimpse...I think the bigger he gets...the more weird looking the ultrasounds get...since it's so hard to get his whole body. I asked this time...and still can barely see him. The large black mass on the left is his brain...and he is looking right at us...if you look closely, you can see his eyes and nose...but it's kinda creepy, honestly, if you ask me! Oh, how I can't wait to see his beautiful little face in person. (And...I don't think the doc tries real hard to get us cute pictures...doesn't he know I'm a scrapbooker?)

I'm feeling good...getting more and more tired. It feels so great to get my feet up at the end of the day...but I'm looking forward to a smooth sailing spring.

I have been working in the baby room. After Kate passed...I basically stuck everything in tubs and shoved it in the closet. So...it looked like this...
After taking everything out...and sorting and storing and giving away...now we have a closet that is half way ready for a little guy to move in to. It was a little bittersweet sorting through everything again...I still have a lot of her stuff I'm holding onto...the clear tub on the top shelf...plus some clothes I packed in vacuum bags. I'm looking into getting a nice wooden treasure box handmade for her precious stuff I just don't want to get rid of. I even got all the 0-12 month boy clothes washed and put away... The best part of the whole thing...realizing that we don't have that many newborn boy clothes left...oh well, guess I'll have to go shopping....but as evidenced by all the tubs on the floor...I think we're set with toys!
Baby is a coming...and it's time to get ready!

Skating Party

Last weekend, Seth was invited to one of his classmate's birthday parties. I think it was his first big party that wasn't for one of his cousins. He was so excited, especially once he learned it was at the roller skating rink. It was one of the boys from his preschool class...so it was even better when other classmates started showing up.

For obvious reasons, I didn't strap on skates...but Seth was such a go-getter. The entire 3 hours he just kept trying....he fall and get up...fall and get up! I felt bad that I couldn't help him...but it didn't take long before he was out in the middle of the rink...doing his little thing. I was so proud of him....he never gave up. And of course...he wants to go again...and soon! I love skating, so once this baby is born...maybe Seth and I will have a place for our own date nights!

Hope you enjoy this little clip...it has taken me all day to get it loaded. I love his tiny little steps he takes!

Monday, March 30, 2009

So Cute!

Again...me slacking on the bloggin...even when there has been a ton of stuff going on. But...it's late and I'm exhausted so I promise pics and lots of fun stuff tomorrow. Until then, I leave you with this little bit of cuteness, thanks to my brother, Doug and his 8 year old, Elijah on drums and 6 year old Lucas on the keys. Presenting the King Family Debut at their church yesterday!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hey Book Lovers...need help!

One of the local elementary schools did a fundraiser for Kate's Kart and they are having me come in to read to the winning grade level. (Nothing like a middle-age pregnant lady as a prize) The winners were the 4th grade...they want me to read a 5-10 minute story to them.

Any of you out there in blogworld...with older children (4th gradish) know of a super cute, fun read-aloud picture book? I would love some advice.


What little boys LOVE

BEAR FOOT ...the crowd favorite

The General




What a treat...for the boys at least!

Last night we took Seth and his cousins to the coliseum for the Monster Truck Jam. We went early and walked around and got pictures with all the trucks. We were in line to take a ride in a truck...until we found out it cost $10 a PERSON for a 2 lap circle (with the lap being no bigger than a football field) Wow...do folks fork out the money!

We saw trucks jumping cars, 4 wheelers racing, motorbikes racing and 2 motorcycle stunt guys...the boys were enthralled with it all. Seth was a little nervous at first when the Monster Truck did the vertical wheelies...but soon was loving it all.

The boys spent the night and then this morning we went to Meijer to buy Monster Trucks...Seth had worked in Oompa's yard yesterday and earned money for all the boys to buy souvenirs...We were able to get 9 monster trucks for the price of 1 cheap one at the show...I'm just so glad the boys understood the economics of it all.

So...now, it's monster truck mania around these parts...

We're off to a birthday party...roller skating for the first time. Any guesses what Seth picked out for his buddies present this morning?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a Surprising Email

Months ago, I signed Kate up to have a quilt square made in her honor for the CHD Quilt Awareness Project. I basically emailed them her name and some of the things she enjoyed. Honestly, I had forgotten all about it until an email came today. Her square has been made and is now awaiting to be joined together with 41 other children with a congenital heart defect to make a queen size quilt that is displayed throughout the country.

I am happy with the way it turned out...and am now anxious to see where her square ends up. You can check out their website here...plus see some examples of the other quilts they have made. Just another way Kate is leaving her mark in the world.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ups and Downs of the Week

Where oh where did the week go? I can't believe it's gone again...already. Can we really be 1/2 way through March. As usual, it's been a crazy week...here's a few details.

Thursday I got bit HARD by a nasty flu bug. Wow...did it knock me out for the day. Fortunately, Seth's friend's mom came to pick him up and took him to their house...and I was in bed ALL day. It was a rough rough day...but fortunately...by Friday I was feeling better...just very weak!

We got a new computer....Andy and I are both totally amazed at how fast it is...and realized how much we were barely getting by with our old computers. Our old desktop wouldn't even assess the internet and our laptop would just spontaneously shut down on us. So...while Seth was at a musical w/ Nana and Oompa...we went to Best Buy. Now....the arduous feat of transferring everything, learning VISTA and getting software. I just sat down to do some work...only to realize...oops...no word processor. I'll have to get on that one tomorrow.

We did go to an elementary school carnival which chose Kate's Kart as their fundraiser. Wow...did they knock it out of the park...with books and $$ donations. I will get you the totals as soon as I know them ...but wow...are HUGE things still happening with this whole thing...AMAZING!

This week will be nothing less...as it's crazy insane this week with babysitting, baskets, Kate's Kart presentations and Kart runnings for me...academic practice, parent/teacher conference and tutoring for Andy and school, swimming and PLAYTIME for the little one. (who's got the better deal?) But...we'll dredge on...make it through and celebrate SPRING next weekend. YEAH!

We did get a perfect teaser today and took a great family walk and played outside....Andy is itching to plant the garden, lay the mulch and paint the house. You know...living in Indiana...we'll end up with a snowstorm next week.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Perfection

What a great weekend...

Friday...the 3 of us went to see Disney on Ice. We bought the cheap tickets...but our seats turned out really good...and we could see everything perfectly. We all enjoyed it...especially Seth since he is still fresh from Disney and has gotten into ice skating. We amazingly avoided the trap of $10 snowcones and cotton candy by telling Seth we would stop for ice cream on the way home. It was a gorgeous night...we ate our dipped cones from Dairy Queen...outside on their patio...in March...boy are we getting a little tease of Spring.

Earlier that day, Seth and I went swimming with one of his buddies from school. His family knows the owner of a hotel who lets them use the pool for free. The boys had a blast...and after school, swimming and the show...Seth was one puckered lout ittle guy.

Saturday...Seth and Andy went to Portland to visit Grandma and do some work...which turned out to be avoiding bats in grandma's attic....EWWWW! They worked in the yard a little and then Seth stayed overnight. Andy came home...the two of us went to Mexican and then rented a movie.

What did I do while the boys were gone all day? A WHOLE BUNCH OF NOTHING! I pretty much wasted the entire day...I just couldn't find my groove. The weather/pressure change was messing with me...so I had a headache. I did manage to get a little bit of scrapbooking done...and a lot of rest.

Today...Andy and I proceeded to enjoy a day of rest. I did work on some more scrapbooks...Andy changed some lightbulbs...and we just relaxed. It was perfect rainy Sunday afternoon for that.

Tonight...we picked up Seth...had dinner...put labels on books and now he's down. Ahhh...what a great weekend!

Oh yeah...I forgot...I'll announce a winner after we have our next committee meeting for our Kate's Kart event....and the date has been changed...we moved it back a week to June 20 --partly due to my due date...and partly because of some conflicts. Mark your calendar now.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cam & Seth

A couple weeks ago I thought I would try reading a Chapter Book to Seth at bedtime. The book I chose was Cam Jansen...written at about a 2nd grade reading level...about a girl in the 5th grade who solves mysteries
Seth did amazingly well listening..especially since there are only 8-10 black/white pictures in a 50 page book. He would get so excited about the mystery and ask (beg) me to continue reading. I am so surprised at his attention span and how he would listen and get the details. It usually only takes us 2 nights to read an entire book.

Well...we are now on a mission to read all 25 (or more) Cam Jansen books. We scour the library each time we go...plus, he looks for them whenever we get a Kate's Kart load of books. It's so cute...in fact he begged to finish the latest book today, he just couldn't wait until bedtime.
He's starting to figure out the whole mystery thing and is now predicting what he thinks will happen. I'm so proud of my little guy...I'm so glad reading and listening to books has become one of his favorite past times. He loves to go to the library....YEAH!
Speaking of which...we went to the downtown library yesterday...who knew that they had that huge free playroom....I think we'll be frequenting that more often. If you're local...have kids and haven't checked it out...it's WELL worth the drive downtown...or as Seth calls it: "THE BIG CITY"

Monday, March 2, 2009


We just got home from another quick...and good trip to see the baby doc. You never get tired of hearing him say..."beautiful" That was his word of the day: "beautiful brain, beautiful spine, and of course, beautiful heart" Everything looks great...we're on the easy road for the next few weeks. Oh yeah...he has no hair....yet!

Here's the pic the doc handed Andy on our way out. I have NO IDEA what it is of (well, I know it's of some angle of the baby). So...if you're an expert at reading ultrasound pics...I'd love to know what we're looking at.

Here's a cute pic from last visit that I never got posted...this is easy...aren't those the cutest little toes ever!

Today I went upstairs to shower and left Seth downstairs playing cars. Well...I emerge later only to find him busy doing this...

Yes...my 4 year old was folding laundry. He had taken it out of the dryer...reloaded the washer and dryer and was busy folding. Not only does he now sort, load and unload...he is now into folding...and he wants to do it all by himself. I guess I can't complain. He was just too cute...it took him a while...but he would lay each shirt out on the floor and do his little best to keep it folded. What a sweetheart...aren't you jealous.

The only step of laundry he is not capable of doing is turning the knob to the right setting to start the laundry...otherwise...this kid is a pro! Unfortunately...his "laundry spurt" only lasts about 1-2 loads...then he is on to better things...but for now, I'll take the help whenever I can get it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


As obvious from the lack of posts...I really don't have much to say....at least nothing worth blogging about. It's been a pretty normal week.

For me...I did speak at another MOPS group last week. Kate's Kart is doing really really well right now...and I almost have a once a week speaking engagement. I think we are on the brink of adding a few more hospitals within in the next few months...It's just crazy....amazing...but crazy.

I'm feeling better...my energy level seems to be growing...right along with my tummy. We see the doc again tomorrow. I am starting to feel him wiggle around a little...more like pressure than actual kicks. I'm sure those will come all too soon.

Andy is busy at work trying to get ready for ISTEP testing. It's the first year for Social Studies at his grade level...so he is trying to get them prepared.

Seth started swim lessons again this past week. We missed it due to a funeral viewing...but Nana said he did real well. He got to stay all night with the cousins on Friday...which TOTALLY wears him out. (So...Andy and I got a date night on Friday...we went to Chipolte (too spicy for me!) and then the Home and Garden Show...thanks to free tickets from Jenny! It was a nice way to spend the night)

So...just a normal week...without too much excitement. I will try better to take more pictures...I took NONE this week. Can you believe it's March....crazy!