Thursday, April 30, 2009

Really...another week gone by?

Honestly...I really didn't know that it had been yet another's crazy. I guess it is a good thing that times seems to be flying by much as I love pregnancy...LOVE feeling the little guy kick inside me...there are some things I really could do without!

One..being bronchitis. I never remember having it before...ever in my life before I was pregnant with Seth. But during that 1st pregnancy, I got it once! With Kate's pregnancy...I had it took 2 round of antibiotics to knock it out! And yes...I just returned this evening from my 2nd trip to Redimed to get antibiotics to yet battle for the 2nd time this month! (I'm praying the rounds of antibiotics won't match the number of the pregnancy). The doc said it's not uncommon...we preggies produce extra histamines...but still...yuck! I already feel out of breath from this growing I really need to deal with wheezing and coughing as well.

So...prayerfully, this round will knock it out...and soon!

We had a wonderful weekend....last weekend...when it was beautiful and sun-shiney...not like the 4 days of rain we've had this week. The 3 of us went to Portland to celebrate Grandma's b-day. Look at the impressive (?) cake Seth and I made...really, I don't think I have the patience to be a cake decorator. Andy worked in the yard...helping out his mom. Then...we left Seth there on Saturday night and Andy and I had the night home alone. We had dinner out and went baby shopping...buying a few things to turn the nursery back into a boy room. It was fun...we also looked at carseats and strollers as we need to get a new one...I am constantly amazed at the changes in baby gear that have come around in even the past 3 years.
The rest of the week has been busy. Andy is getting ready for the big state academic meet this Saturday. I get to work our church's HUGE children's clothing/supply resale...hoping to find a few bargains. I subbed again at preschool...and of course, trying to keep afloat of all the Kate's Kart activity (yes, yet another hospital emailed this week...that would make 10!)
Blessings to everyone for a wonderful May...full of all those wonderful flowers we've been promised from all these April showers!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hey Batter Batter

Seth started TeeBall tonight! He is really excited. He's been wanting to play in the backyard a bunch...we bought him a glove this past week and he is excited....we did have to go on a little bit of a hunt for a lefty teeball glove!
Tonight was the "Foxes" 1st practice...and he did really really well. The 2 parent coaches did an awesome job and he had a ton of fun. And we realized tonight...he's probably always guaranteed a base hit...since he always hits is right down the 3rd base line. That should help his ego (like he needs that!)
Watching 8 little 4-5 year old little guys was priceless...especially when they ALL go after the ball. I'm sure there will be more pics coming as the season goes on.

The one that got away...

Such determination

It's a hit!! catch!

Go Seth Go!

Another one gone by!

And yet another week has flown by...I actually feel like the "days left" on my baby ticker are going pretty fast right now. It's not that there hasn't been anything going on...just quite the opposite.

Last weekend...I went to New Castle to scrapbook with a friend while her husband and daughter came to the Fort to spend the night with Seth and daddy. It was fun...I got lots done...not as much as I wanted to...or need to...but it was fun to just scrap and catch up with LeeAnne...who just happens to be due within days of me! The guys (& Lynzi) had a great time here...enjoying the beautiful weather outside before the rains came this week.

This week has been packed full of Kate's Kart stuff...we are adding 3 new hospitals within the next month or so. Anyone out there in blogworld want to paint a Kart...we need one painted soon so we can get it to Dupont. Plus, Parkview Huntington & Ball Memorial. Plus...Canterbury is having a huge book fair/book drive this week so I was out there a bunch making wish lists and doing presentations for the students. Plus, Seth's preschool is doing a big bookdrive/fundraiser and I met with a Scholastic Book Rep who is getting us great deals on books now. Who would have ever thought?

I did have an OB appointment on Monday. Not much new...the little guy had the hiccups...that was kinda cute to see on the ultrasound. I did have my glucose test...UGHGHGHGH..then they couldn't find a vein to take my blood...had to call in reinforcements...and almost ran out of time! I am praying since I havent heard anything I passed...or it's a 3 hour test with 4 pokes!

The pool opened (well, not for swimming) this past attempts to get it ready for some Andy has been heading over there every night to check, it's time for his academic competition he's been preparing his team for all year.

We're just busy busy busy! check out the next post to see what is keeping Seth busy these past few days!

My mom is doing well...she went back to work this week a couple hours a day! She meets with the oncologist next week to see what is the next step...although one lymph node did have cancer in was the only one of 13 they tested. Let's hope and pray for the best! She is one strong trooper!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Singing all Day!

Ever have one of those songs you just can't get out of your head? The choir at our church sang this song on Easter Sunday...and I have been singing it all day...and night..and day! I think it has to do with "mmmm" part! It's such a great stoy of our Lord and Savior in 4 minutes.

I would love to post our church choir singing it...but since I dont' have that...I found it on Youtube! Never heard of this group before...but the song is just so catchy! It won't let me embed you'll have to go the link!

Yahweh by The Hoppers

A few more Nia pics

I have just a few more cute pics from our 2nd trip to see baby Nia last Wednesday. Seth all of a sudden got really nervous and was scared to hold baby Nia...I'm sure that will end once it's his own for now...sitting next to Lucas is all I could get!

Nia was born at one of the hospitals in which Kate's Kart delivers books. Even though we don't usually deliver books to the healthly newborns...Nia got special privileges being that she is Kate's cousin. Elijah and Seth picked out a couple books for was so cute...Elijah wanted a Dr. Suess book he could read to her. How sweet is that.

It wasn't too long before Nia was old news and the TV became much more interesting.

How about those eggs?

Found some cute pics of Seth decorating eggs...just had to share. I'm serious...this kid could decorate 50 dozen eggs if I let him. And the cutest part...each one is SO exciting when he would pull it out of the dye. Oh how I treasure these special memories.

I also have to share that he is convinced that there is no Easter Bunny..."bunnies can't do's a man in a costume" However...the "man in costume" is the one who comes and hides eggs and brings baskets. At first I was really bummed...he is much to young...till I realized...he's still young enough to believe in a "man in costume" hopping around from house to house hiding eggs...but he did ask..."How does the bunny ( in costume) get in the house...we all know Santa uses the chimney" I had NO idea what to tell him...any advice?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

The Easter festivities are over...and all are exhausted. It was a wonderful day...full of many blessings...the most!

We woke up this morning...and Seth did a quick Easter Egg Hunt in the house and found his Easter basket. He was pretty excited to get a new Monster Truck and a "real" football. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and went to church.

Church was amazing...the music department added about 10 Philharmonic players to their orchestra and the music was beautiful...very very uplifting. It was a wonderful celebration of our Risen Savior.

Back home to get ready for's been our annual tradition to have the whole family to our house...and this year...we were blessed to add baby Nia to the celebration!
So...with all of Doug's family, plus Nana and Oompa and Grandma and her friend, us 3...we had a very full dining room! Since both babies will be out of car seats...I think next year we'll be eating in the garage! can never have too much family.
We ate a wonderful lunch...hunted Easter Eggs...played football and baseball the backyard (well, the guys and kids did...the pregnant ladies and post-surgery ladies stayed inside and talked). Then...we gorged ourselves even more with Grandma's pies and famous bunny cake. It was great to have everyone here.

Tonight..tucking Seth in bed...he had nothing but wonderful things to say about the whole day! It was....a very blessed day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


6lbs 12 oz 18.5 inches
Yep...just in case there wasn't enough activity...Nia decided that she was ready to enter the world last night. I have a new neice! Yesterday, my sister-in-law, Amy went to the doctor to find out she was progressing and the baby was breech! So...they dropped off the older two boys and headed back to the hospital last night to attempt to flip the baby and/or take her by C-Section. Nia wasn't in the mood to do this morning at 12:47 she entered the world through a C-Section. We took the big brothers to meet her his morning after we dropped off Seth at preschool. She is pretty darn cute and the brother's couldn't be more excited.

All are doing well...except for the two grandma's who are either stuck in a neighboring hospital or on the road home from South Carolina. We're heading back this afternoon for Seth to meet his new cousin....he's pretty excited not to be the little one anymore! I'll be sure to post pics of the cousins!
Mom is doing as well as can be expected....we're still waiting to hear if she will be coming home today or not. She really just wants to sleep...who would blame her!'s been exciting family dynamics in these it was Seth's special star day at school...but what better than having his 2 cousins come as special guests!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Out of Surgery

My mom is out of surgery...overall things went well. They did find a spot of cancer in the 1st lymph node and so then took out a group of about 13. They will need to further test those nodes to determine how far into the system any cancer has progressed. We're praying that it is only in that 1st one. We won't know about the long term treatment plan (chemo) until probably early next week.

We just got the call that we can go see her in about 20 minutes. Will update later...thanks for your prayers and thoughts.

Dad and I just ate a TERRIBLE lunch at the cafeteria...UGHGHGH! So glad I don't have to eat that food everyday!

At the hospital

I'm at the hospital right went back for her surgery at 10...we expect a couple hour wait before we hear from the doctor. Everything went fine this morning with the pre-surgery stuff...and we are very hopeful for a very good outcome today.

Meanwhile...I'll leave you with some pictures of our spring break one night getaway! We had originally thought of maybe going camping...but when we heard 30's and chance of snow...we changed our plans. We spent just one night at a state park about an hour away. It was really nice...we actually lucked out between the rainstorms and took a 2 hour hike through the woods. Seth did great. It soon started to rain...and we enjoyed the amenities of the Inn...pool, game room, fireplace and restaurant. It was nice relaxing evening away.
MOnday morning...we awoke to this....Welcome to spring in Indiana. They actually got lots more snow the hour north that we were...compared to home...and by the time we got home at 2...there was no snow left on the ground. We did stop at an outlet mall...and I bought some totally cute little boy clothes...and an Easter outfit for Seth.
Last night I went over and played cards with mom for a couple was nice just talking about "other stuff" and getting my butt kicked in Triple Play. Andy is on spring break still...the boys are home having a guy day...I'll report back once we hear from the doctor. As always...prayers are always appreciated.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rearing it's ugly head...AGAIN

I am sad to post tonight the latest news we have mother has been once again diagnosed with breast cancer. Yes...she battled, fought hard and won her battle 14 years ago...but now has to fight the fight again.

She will be having surgery next Tuesday...and at this point, we don't know about chemo or radiation therapy yet. She has been super good about getting we know it's less than 6 months old...and all tests show no signs of it being in thy lymph nodes. These are all great signs. ...but, still...UGHHGH

But...please...keep her (Judy/Nana) in your prayers through the weekend and into next week. It's a nasty thing...and she doesn't deserve this...she has 2 little grandbabies on the way...and I need her WAY TOO MUCH! But...I don't know many women as strong as my mom...who has such a great fighting spirit. 2009 will still be our year...just with a little roadblock!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mulch Madness!

We layed mulch last weekend. It seems a little early...but it was SO beautiful out and we need to start chipping away at our to do projects around the house. As you probably guessed...Seth LOVED it...he is such a hard worker. I took him on Thursday to the site where the loader dumped 2 loads into Oompa's trunk...that was awesome in itself. Daddy worked extra hard that night while I took Seth to swim lessons...but the boys finished a truckload that night while I did a Kate's Kart running. We went back on Friday for another load of mulch and the boys did it all while I went to my monthly scrapbook night! How awesome is that?

It looks so nice...I just love the look of freshly layed mulch. And....the flowers are beginning to pop up...yes, Spring is on it's way!

Seth is on spring break this we spent the day with the cousins. They came over to play while Aunt Amy went to the doctor...we should be having a new niece pretty soon! Then we all went to McDonald's and to see Monsters and Aliens. Seth and I had to leave about 10 minutes early due to dentist appointments (wasn't planning on like 25 minutes of previews). We both got great reports...NO CAVITIES!
We had a lazy day at home on Sunday...Seth had some sort of 24 hour bug...he was really gaggy...threw up and pretty much wanted to lay on the couch. Grandma came up for a few hours and they did a lot of snuggling on the couch. He was totally back to himself by Monday.
Seth had HUGE plans again with the cousins tomorrow...can't wait to give you those details.
Me...I've got to do a running of Kate's put away 700 some books on the shelves in our storage unit! As far as daddy...just 2 more days until his spring break....he is READY!
April...can it really be?

Kate's Kart News

So...there has been so much going on...I'd thought I'd fill you all in!

I chose a book...thanks so much to all of your wonderful ideas. I ended up plopping myself down in the picture book section of Border's and just browsed. I was really looking for something I didn't think anyone had heard of. Well...I totally lucked out. I settled on a book called Pete and Pickles and it was a huge success. None of the kids had heard it before...and they loved's a great story about an unlikely friendship between a pig and an elephant.

I read to the winning grade level...4th grade. In all that school donated $1500 plus 627 some books...AMAZING! Here I am with the student council...yeah I'm the HUGE one on the right!

We've ordered 3 more karts...and are in the works to add 3 more hospitals...hopefully by July...let me change that...definitely by July!

I've been on a little speaking frenzy and spoke almost every week last month. From brownie troops to Kiwanis clubs...The neat thing about the Kiwanis was that I made a contact with someone who can help us service the Burmese population in town! YEAH!

I got a call from a new book store in town that wants to donate a bunch of books to us!

We finally got our official non-profit status from the IRS which means we can really pursue corporate sponsorship and not pay sales tax....YEAH!!!

I had the most encouraging conversation with a NICU mommy who has been there for 15 weeks...has received almost 30 books and is TOTALLY grateful for each and every one of them. She reads them constantly to her daughter (who was born at 26 weeks...where I am right now) It totally made my night and confirmed to me that we are ministering and making a difference.

So...amazing stuff is continuing to we approach the 1 year anniversary of when it all started to kick-off. It's good stuff.