Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lots of Stuff!

Anyone notice lots of birds around...cause I feel like I have some major nesting to do!

Of course, I haven't been sleeping...which has led to some pretty productive 2 am nesting frenzies...mostly on the computer catching up with Kate's Kart...but before long, I'm hitting the kitchen cabinets..who cares if I wake the boys!

Saw the doc today for my 34 week visit...the little guy has been doing somersaults and right now is breech. The doc isn't worried (yet) at least for 2 more weeks. He said at my 36 visit he'll try and flip him if he's still heads up! Otherwise...he's just hanging out and growing some hair. He estimated him at about 35 weeks (5 lbs) But in case you don't know, his big brother came out at 10lb 5 oz...I like my boys big!! We jump right into size 1 diapers and 3 month clothing in these areas!

As mentioned, Kate's Kart is in full swing right now. We're having some growing pains...and moving into a larger storage unit this weekend! Anyone want to help us move books on Sat. morning or even set up some shelves on Friday? CALL ME!

We have lots of training going new volunteers for hospital #8 and getting hospitals #9 & 10 ready to go..hopefully within the next couple weeks. It great great stuff...but still..a lot of work.

And...our band for our ice cream social on June 20th just cancelled on us...anyone out there in blogworld have a band or know of a band or a DJ? There is a beautiful new amphitheatre at the park....we just need someone to play! Let me know!

That's it for time for pics...have a GREAT Friday

And more day for Andy and then he's home for the summer! YEAH!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Tradition

We headed down to Grandma's last night after Andy got home for our annual traditions. After a quick supper, Andy went to several cemeteries & placed flags on the tombstones of veterans...this is a tradition he has carried on from when he and his grandpa used to do it.

This morning...we visited the gravesites of Andy's grandparent's, great grandparents and of course of his father, Larry and our precious Kate. We placed flowers on their graves and just spent the morning in remembrance...golly, we miss that little girl.
Seth stayed with Grandma tonight...and Andy and I got another date night! Woo Hoo! We came home, took naps and then went out for dinner and to see Night at the Museum. We just kept telling ourselves, these days of date nights are coming to a close very soon!

Bye Bye Monkeys

Another year of and gone already. was a great year for Seth...even being in a class of 11 boys! He has matured a lot...his interest in writing has grown immensely...and he has made some really good friends.

Look how's he's grown...according to his preschool report: he's grown 2 inches & gained 2 pounds...all I know...he just keep growing more leg!

I love it when you can see all areas. His teacher sent home all his papers...from the year...showing how he has improved in his writing, cutting, shapes, etc. I was particularly impressed with his progress in coloring... it's so neat to see them all together. I know he's gotten better...but seeing it in front of you...brings a lot of comfort to forking out those tuition checks each month!

September, January & May
I love how it went from random scribbles to organized thought as to color choice.
He even told me, "Mommy, the monkey is the right color now!"

He'll continue on next year at his current preschool..attending the Kindergarten Prep class..again with 12 boys! He won't know what to do with a girl come Kindergarten. I'm really at peace with our decision to keep him out one more him the extra confidence he'll need to make it in the public school, momma ain't ready yet either!
We stopped on the way for a special breakfast treat...found a new doughnut place that puts M&M's on their there is a pure nutritious breakfast for ya!

Bye Bye Marvelous Monkeys...see ya next fall, Frog Class!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Preschool Program

I got it on tonight...isn't he just the cutest thing...even when he doesn't sing!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's a beautiful day

to spend at the park!

We had already made arrangements for one of Seth's preschool buddies to spend the afternoon with us...then an early morning phone call from another buddies' moms who got a call to it was me and the 3 boys today! They were super...played monster trucks and then we all headed to the new park down the road! It was absolutely gorgeous outside...the boys had such a great time...until they started getting chased by a group of girls! Is it happening already?

Last night...Seth had another T-ball game! It is so cute to watch them. This time he got to play pitcher (only exciting because generally, they get the most action from the hits) and he also played catcher...which mainly entails messing with the giant helmet! After the game, Seth asked me: "When I'm bigger, will they keep score?" He is so competitive...not quite sure if that's a good or bad thing, as of yet. Here he is stylin' in his new (well, $1 garage sale) official baseball pants...don't you love how he hikes them up...and one of him playing catcher!

And then on Monday...we had an exciting day as we officially added hospital #7 to our Kate's Kart team...The 3 of us went to Huntington to give them their Kart! It's just amazing. We were joined by a class of 2nd graders who have been collecting books as their social awareness project for the year! The whole class helped to sticker the books.

And Monday night, Seth had his closing program for Preschool. He still isn't the most active, loud singer...but at least he smiles his way through it now! Maybe since we have 1 more year of Kindergarten Prep at the Preschool...just maybe next year he'll sing for us. I'd show you a quick glimpse of one of their songs and his official awarding of his diploma...if Blogger and One True Media were cooperating...I guess I'll try again tomorrow!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fishing Fun

Sunday night we ate a yummy supper over at Nana & Oompa's...gotta love it when you invite yourself over for dinner and the parents grill a yummy dinner! Afterward, Andy took Seth to their community pond to catch a few fish! In about 6 minutes they had caught 4 fish...3 of which they placed in Oompa's personal pond! Talk about satisfaction...Seth thought it was so fun...catching fish so easily!
Speaking of Nana...please continue to keep my mom in your prayers! She has decided to go ahead and have chemotherapy. She is having a port placed on Wednesday...and then will undergo 4 doses IV chemo (once every 3 weeks)...starting on Friday! She's a super strong woman...but still...chemo knocks it out of you! Your prayers for peace, comfort and a FAST upcoming 12 weeks are greatly appreciated!


Well...that is what Seth calls them! We had our 1st real treat going to the new Tincaps Baseball game...and in STYLE too!

Saturday we had a real treat when one of Seth's preschool buddies' parents invited us to a baseball game...and gave us free tickets for a SUITE! It was our 1st time at the new downtown stadium...and we were really impressed!

Well, of course, we had top notch seating and accomodations...but still, even when we buy our own tickets in the future...the stadium was really nice! Seth enjoyed most of the was nice that their was an attached private room to our balcony seats so that the kids could mess/run around when they got tired...3 hours is a loooooooooooong game!

Being in the suite...we got a private visit from Johnny...the mascot! What a treat for the kids!
It was a lot of fun...a great way to spend a wonderful Saturday afternoon/evening!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monster Truck Madness

As you know...our son tends to get obsessions. Currently we are into Monster Trucks. He has started his collection and now has I think 8. He trades them often with his cousins...plays with them each and every day and loves it when we show him YouTube clips on the computer.

Well...the other day he decided to put on a monster truck show. Being only 4...he had his bike and some empty boxes at his disposal. Here is the result!

It's pretty darn cute...he did this for hours a couple days ago and again tonight. He sets up the boxes each a very specific manor...and then each time he rides past them...yells out the name of a new monster truck! Oh the imagination...I love it!

Ain't no doubt about it now!

Yeap...she pregnant! 32 weeks!
Really...does my nose have to grow with my tummy?

We had our check-up on Monday...more confirmation that all is well! We got to see a glimpse of his hair...little spikes on the top of his head! Plus...he was practicing breathing! The doc said you don't see sick babies doing that! It was a quick appointment...but great to just get that confirmation that all is well. He was laying breach...sideways in my tummy actually...but I really think the little one is going to be an acrobat. I just hope as he runs out of room...he settles in the "correct form!" He was right on target...weighing about 4 lbs!
You know we must be getting closer...we switched to the 2 week appointments! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Seth took my picture today...I told him to make sure and get my tummy...and this is what I got the 1st shot! Gotta love him! So...all of you who wanted a belly ya go!

It was a busy day...two presentations for Kate's Kart. First one this morning was a sweet group of older women in a church bible study! Then...a luncheon at the ritzy restaurant on top of our tallest building with a Medical Alliance (group of Doctor's Wives) They too were very receptive...and very generous! Plus, I got a free lunch and got to watch a fashion show...complete w/ $500 purses, $300 bracelets and $800 cotton sundresses! I was pretty proud of my clearance shirt I found at Motherhood Maternity for $2.50!

Then...gotta love when the hubby comes home from work and says: "let's go out tonight"...and even suggests Mexican (my fav)! Would have been a almost perfect day...had Danny not gone home! What's up with that? I never vote...but still! I was bummed!

I headed to bed right after AI was over...almost nauseous from being so tired. An hour later...I'm still laying there...mind racing...not comfortable! So here I am...returning emails and blogging! Oh...I wish I could sleep...just one night...8 hours straight..that my friends is my dream.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marvelous Mother's Day

What a wonderful weekend...filled with family and good times!

Saturday we spent most of the day in Portland with Andy's mom....pretty much a lazy afternoon just chatting and playing (no yard work this time). Cathy and I went to her church's Ladies Banquet. It was nice and we enjoyed watching the latest Anita Renfrow video...she is hilarious!
You probably remember her...she is famous for her "momsense" video (click here to see)

Andy and Seth stayed back and found the Monster Truck championships on TV...any guesses to what we talked about all the way home...from 9-10:30 at night? child has obsessions!'

This morning...I awoke to a nice hot breakfast (in bed) cooked by Andy and sweet is that! Then I opened my gifts...there is just something really special when your child can write his own name and "I love you" on the card...I love it!

After church...we picked up my parent's and went to my brother's wife's parent's (got that) house on the lake. We had a wonderful steak dinner...took a quick pontoon ride...went ga ga over baby Nia and just enjoyed the time together.

It was a great weekend spent with our wonderful moms. Both my mom and Andy's mom are such strong women. They have both fought more medical battles then most or anyone should have to...but continue to drive on and make such a positive impact in this world. Both of them helped us through those 18 months with Kate...dropping their plans in a heartbeat to come to our aid...whether we needed somewhere for Seth ...or someone to stay with Kate. I can't even imagine getting through it all without them. Andy and I are truly blessed...with incredible incredible mothers.Andy & His Mom My brother and my mom and I

and of course...there is this little guy who has truly made me the luckiest mom in the world...He is such a joy and teaches me so much everyday. Being a mother is truly an honor...even though my Mother's Day ended with Seth screaming in his bed because I accidentally knocked down his block tower! But the best part...tomorrow morning, he wont' remember it at all and we'll just have a blast rebuilding it!
Nana and her prized 4! Wake up Nia...there's another boy coming soon!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Congrats to Mr. Layman

My husband has been working really hard since January...preparing his academic team for their competition. This year the topic was the Vikings, so there was a lot of research that had to be done! This past weekend was his state competition! His team did really well...they placed 1st in the district level...and 7th in the State! I think that is just awesome! He worked hard preparing and encouraging his little team of study-holics! YEAH for them! Now...I get my hubby home at normal time, instead of those late late after school practices!

This weekend, I worked our church's mega children's clothing resale! I have never seen anything like it. It was actually my 1st year...and I lucked into getting on a committee, being able to work and shop early. It was crazy insane...people running through the doors, getting there 4 hours early to wait in line...driving from Michigan. is a great sale...with lots of great bargains. It's an incredible ministry the church does to serve the community. They estimate almost 2000 shoppers this year. I am excited to be a part of it!

I was able to get a swing that was in great shape (since we had to give the one we borrowed for Seth and Kate back to my brother and his wife). Also...found some clothes I couldn't pass up...and a high chair for Nana since she will need 2 for family gatherings!

Then tonight...we went and got the carseat/stroller. So...I think we are set on the necessities for baby now, except for diapers! Guess I'll have to start stocking up on those...feels so weird to be going back to that seems so foreign for me to be in the baby aisles/stores. I'm sure we'll be back into the swing of baby life real quick!

I'll have Andy take a picture's been a while since I've posted a belly shot. Wish I could post a video of my belly dancing...isn't that the coolest thing ever?