Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just the 3 of us...one more time!

What a beautiful day to be at the zoo! Yes, it was completely bearable today...one day away from giving birth to spend some time with my boys. We hadn't been since the new African Safari Experience opened this year. It was really nice...the animals weren't as active as I thought, considering it was such a cool day...but we still had fun! We also renewed our annual zoo pass so that we can go back and visit often later this summer/fall. Mommy & Seth overlooking the zebras & wildebeests
Seth next to the new giraffe feeding area...it was too busy to feed them...maybe next time!

Daddy & Seth at the zebras

The new lions...lounging in the meadow....not very active today

Driving the landrover through the African safari!

It was a nice day...we delivered my July baskets (just one day early) and then spent a few hours at the zoo. Andy worked on the outside of the porch...while I watched Seth play...feels so good to have my lists done. Now...we're headed to Casa...I'm so lucky that I don't have to cook...what a way to celebrate! I know we went there the night before Seth was born! Then...to drop off Seth at Nana and Oompa's and try to get some sleep before heading out at 5:15 am. . I'm exhausted since Seth was up w/ the trash truck at 6...but I'm sure my nerves will be way too active to get too much sleep. We'll see...
The c section is scheduled for 7:30...we'll try and post pics and updates as soon as possible..prayers for a healthy baby and safe delivery are much appreciated!

Can We Stop Him?

For once...he came around at a decent time! Normally....it's right before dinner. Today...it was right in the middle of the afternoon...the perfect time for a mid-afternoon snack. He has ALWAYS wanted to stop him...and today was the day! He was so cute...waving his arms for him to stop. He even paid....and to my surprise, the prices weren't totally outrageous...just a little pricey...but you add in the novelty of it all...$2 was well worth the smile on his face

Monday, June 29, 2009


One day left? Can it be? My list is quickly getting shorter and shorter! YEAH!

--My house hasn't been cleaner since when Kate was born and the troops came in and cleaned while we were at the hospital.
--The laundry is done
--The groceries have been bought.
--The baby's bags is packed...my pile is accumulating on the dresser.
--Fresh sheets are on the crib.
--One bassinet is downstairs, the other ready to move into our room.
--July bills are paid
--Kate's Kart is relatively caught up...at much as it can be!

I only need to deliver my July baskets tomorrow (just a day early, I think they will understand) and make sure the cameras are charged.

It was bittersweet tonight tucking in Seth. Tomorrow night he is staying with my parents since we have to be at the hospital at some outrageous hour in the morning. It seems like forever that it has just been the 3 of house...but we are all TOTALLY excited to have a new member join the ranks. However...we have been spoiled with some extra sleep this week as we all have been able to sleep in past 9:30 for the past few days! I'll take those extra hours while I can get them.

I got the video done of Kate's birthday ice cream celebration. Thanks to everyone who sent pics and to those who celebrated w/out their camera. It warms our hearts to get the pics and emails letting us know you remembered our little girl. And...if you have pics, send them our way, it's NEVER too late to add them to the slide show.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I hit the JACKPOT this morning at a garage sale! WOO HOO! A lady my mom works with gave my mom the heads up that she was selling a lot of her scrapbooking stuff! Well...I jumped out of bed early this morning (Andy thought I was in labor, cause I normally don't "jump" out of bed"!)

She had her stuff "priced to go." I got a ton of paper, stickers, rub ons, an album, a cutter, protective covers and some storage containers. A ton of the stickers and rub-ons were still in the unopened containers!

And...it just turned out that a friend came over to scrap for the afternoon...but I was so overwhelmed with my new stock of stuff. I got a few more pages done..but spent almost 3 hours this evening getting all of my stuff reorganized! It was so much fun! I am good to go!

So...now, I'm hot to trot to scrap again...not sure where all that time is coming from...maybe later this summer when Seth is at kiddie camp, camping with Nana & Oompa and VBS w/ Grandma! I think it would be the perfect project for me and the new baby...just scrapping and taking it easy after the c-section...

which is QUICKLY approaching. I have my list made out for the next 3 days of everything that needs to be done/packed. I actually got every room in the house (minus the kitchen) totally cleaned (including wiping down all wordwork and moving furniture) Monday...I tackle the kitchen cabinets...YUCK!

If I can get everything done on my lists..I'll feel really good about being ready...I'm still not feeling any contractions, so I think we'll make it to Wednesday.

I'm working on the slide show from "Go Eat Ice Cream Day"...it's not too late to send me your pics! It was a good day...as good as it could be! Andy and Seth went to Portland, spent some time w/ Grandma and put balloons on Kate's grave! Me...I stayed home, not wanting to give birth in Jay County! My mom and I did Kate's Kart at Lutheran, ate out lunch and then I restocked the Karts at 2 other hospitals. I guess me doing Kate's Kart stuff is my own little way of taking care of her.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2nd Annual Ice Cream Day Declaration

Friday will be Kate's 3rd birthday! And...if you remember, Kate LOVED ice cream. Remember this priceless video of her enjoying some of her favorite treat.

(September 2007)

Well...we had a wonderful celebration at the Kate's Kart Ice Cream Social last weekend...but it just wouldn't be the same if we didn't officially declare June 26, this Friday, as the 2nd annual "GO EAT ICE CREAM DAY" Plus... we want to give all you wonderful blog readers a chance to celebrate Kate.

We did it last year on Kate's birthday, and I can honestly say, getting the pictures from all of you, all over the country, eating ice cream, celebrating Kate's birthday with us, TOTALLY warmed my heart and helped us get through the day!

So...let's do it AGAIN! If you can...go out for ice cream...what a fun treat to get ice cream during the summer! If you can't...scoop some up at home! Or...you could even grab a popsicle since Kate loved those too!

But..most importantly, take a quick picture and send it via email to us (aklayman4@verizon.net) and I will put together another totally cool slide show like this awesome one from last year. I watch it often...just smiling...thinking of so many wonderful friends celebrating Kate's birthday with us.

And...if you are local...join us at "THE SCOOP" on Dupont Road on Friday night at 7:30 p.m.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Date is Set

So...back to the baby doc today...and the little guy is still breech...so...we scheduled a c-section for Wednesday, July 1 at 7:30! I'm hoping the little guy cooperates and behaves himself in the next 9 days. I'm not quite sure what will happen if he ends up flipping this week...if he'll induce or what...amidst all my questions, I forgot to ask that. However...I'm not thinking that will happen.

So...it's set and now we wait, I guess! That'll be right at 39 weeks, so it's still early for me. The doc estimates the little guy weighs in around 7lbs now...so could be an 8lb baby....only God knows.

Now...I have lists....lists EVERYWHERE of what needs to be done. I got a lot done today...and am checking them off as fast as I can.

And, Andy...well he passed his little friend on Saturday afternoon after the Ice Cream Social. He is feeling SO much better and is ready to get back up on that ladder and tackle the rest of the house...he's on a deadline now too!

Yesterday was crazy busy...and I was exhausted so didn't' get pics from Father's Day posted. We had a very nice day...Andy wanted a McDonald's ice coffee, so Seth and I went and brought him back breakfast in bed..then church..then Seth and I ran errands...then some family time and then my parent's came over for dinner!

Happy Belated Father's Day to two wonderful men!

Andy...you are a wonderful father to Seth and I am so anxious to see you again with a newborn! Ah..the days of wrestling with daddy will take on a whole new meaning with both of your sons now! Thanks for being so great with our kids and putting your family first! You always sacrifice your wants for our needs (and wants too!) Love you!

Dad...you have and continue to be a great father...even when I'm all grown up...I know I can always count on you when needed! Thanks for raising me, providing for me and just loving me!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


The whole day was quite the success...why?

1. The weather was beautiful...maybe a little windy...but sunshine!
2. Dozens of volunteers worked really hard to make it run super smoothly
3. Everyone was happy...no complaints
4. We got over 150 new books for the Karts and received credit with Usborne Books to buy more!
5. We raised well over $1500 to purchase new books
6. Patients who had received books in the hospital (one even just 3 days ago) came and ate ice cream and played games.
7. There were NO hitches...other than the ice cream got a little soupy by the end...but it was close to 90 degrees, what should we expect!
8. Did I mention the incredible volunteers who spent the WHOLE day...many like 9 hours at the park making this happen!
9. People couldn't say enough great things as they left the park
10. The smiles on the faces of those who just came to the park to play...and found out they got FREE ice cream, games and face painting!
11. Friends who drove a couple hours...just to be here today!
12. All the amazing entertainers who donated their time.
13. Kids lined up to get face painting and balloon animals
14. Volunteers and committee members who put in SO much time.
15. Watching kids come with books they had bought and put them on the Kart.
16. Having a Usborne Book Representative drive from Indy to sell books...and give us huge profits from the sale of books.
17. Did I mention...IT DIDN'T RAIN!
18. People coming from all over the city...who had seen flyers, read about it in the newspaper, heard from a friend...KATE'S KART IS SPREADING!
19. Well over 400 people in attendance...and I think that's a LOW estimate/tally count
21. And...one more: I didn't go into labor!
Here are just a few pics of the amazing day...I hope to get more from others who took pictures and put together a slide show...but not tonight...I'm BEAT!

Amazing face painting from SweetCakes Comedy & Entertainment

Karate demonstration and lessons from Hoffman Karate

Peto, the almost Magnificent doing magic shows...with Cat & The Hat too!

Clifford even came!

The Bounce House...definitely a favorite

Games and prizes...gotta love it

More games & prizes

Friday, June 19, 2009

A busy kinda day!

Wow...what a day! It's 12:20 and I'm home! WHEW!

8:00 Day starts with Andy waking up in agonizing pain...he spends 2 hours trying to get comfortable and rest while I try and convince him to go to the Doc and decide if I am going to go be on the news or not.

10:00 Andy decides to go to the ER...I get showered and dressed to go make my tv debut on the news concerning Kate's Kart and the Ice Cream Social.

11:00 Fortunately, my wonderful parents are willing to take Seth at a moment's notice...I drop him off (only after finding my parent's dog wondering along the road...obviously the invisible fence collar wasn't working...she escapes from her collar, so drive to parents to let them hunt for the dog)

11:20 Get a call from Andy...it's Kidney Stones...they are taking him back for x-ray.

11:30 I arrive at the news station...completely nervous...sweating like a pig...to walk into a very cramped news room that is panicking because the video from their lead story keeps freezing...it's complete chaos up until a few minutes prior to broadcast.

12:10 I put on a mic and make my tv interview debut! Luckily it flies by, and it is much easier looking at the newscaster than all the cameras! Once I'm done...realize there were 25 things I should have said...but with only a 2 minutes, time went too fast! (I'm trying to get a copy from the tv station....will post if I can!) I actually saw the clip on a later broadcast...my complaint...the seat was just at the height where I look really fat...NOT 9 months pregnant! OH WELL!

12:40 Pick up one drowsy, nauseous husband from the ER and drive him home.

1:00 Pick up Seth from parents, get Andy some pain meds and spend a couple hours with Seth...writing thank you's and playing monster trucks

3:30 Drop Seth back off with the parents, I LOVE having babysitters, I mean my wonderful parents so close...and so willing to watch Seth.

4:00 See the baby Doc...baby is still breach! We discuss options...we ask to get past this weekend....we just have some plans on Saturday! The plan...go back on Monday, see if he has flipped, if not schedule a C-section for the next week...July 1 at the latest! So...we have some more time...some more waiting!

5:00 Go pick up Seth...eat a quick Subway dinner with the parents

5:45 Come home and pack Seth and drive him 45 minutes away to meet Grandma...drop him off so he can stay a couple nights with her.

8:00 Home...Andy is doing okay...is in A LOT of pain...very uncomfortable...feed him popsicles...he just wants this thing to PASS!

8:30 Go to coffee with a friend...haven't chatted one on one w/ her for months. The night flies by and it's midnight before we know it...still wondering where 10-12 went, since that whole time was spent chatting in the car in her dark garage!

So...the day started out kinda crazy...but by the end...had some good quality time with Melanee and a husband who isn't in AGONIZING PAIN. Hoping that the hubby feels better tomorrow so maybe we can get a date night in while Seth is gone. Have a few errands to run for the ice cream social...but otherwise...hopefully a day to rest and enjoy the air conditioning.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yep...that's right...here is a picture of Andy and me with Kart #8 in the Dupont NICU.

Today was the 1st running of our 8th Kart at Dupont. This is actually the hospital where Kate was born...spent about 6 hours in the NICU, before being rushed to Indy. Fortunately, they have completely remodeled and the NICU is no longer there...they have all private rooms now! We enjoyed our morning...passing out books at 2 hospitals!

Plus..today we received quite the surprise when we got a huge donation as a memorial for a little 5 month old who passed away last month. She had received books while in the NICU at Lutheran and spent time in Indy as well. What an honor for her family to pick Kate's Kart as her memorial charity!

The Ice Cream Social is quickly approaching...it's coming together nicely...I think...thanks to a lot of hard workers. Can't wait to see the response from the community. One of the committee members set up a tv interview on Thursday...I'm already freaking out about that...I'm sure to be a sweating pig up there in on those lights! Still could use a few helpers...let me know if you are available to help with some games. Or...if you have a water dispenser chiller we could borrow (we have free donated jugs of water...just need a cooler to dispense it!)

In other news:

This afternoon, Andy went back to painting the house. We got a good start on Saturday...Seth and I tackled the shutters...Andy was on the roof. Andy is on quite the deadline...he is motivated to beat this baby...and the race is on!

(Look at my manly man, up on the ladder, painting away! He is such hard worker!)

As for the baby...not quite sure what is going on....there is a LOT of movement going on in there...but it's really hard for me to bend over or sit up straight...which makes me think there is still a head up top! I am REALLY anxious for Thursday. I'm really beginning to "freak" thinking there is a baby in 1 week, as opposed to 3! I'm pretty sure we're ready...minus some major cleaning I would like done (and the house painted)...it's so exciting!
Seth had t-ball tonight! He played 1st base and got 2 runners out! He was ON FIRE! I'm so proud of him.
My mom just had her 2nd dose of chemo...she is doing extremely well! Fortunately, the chemo is only making her slightly tired with not much nausea...she is such a trooper! She almost appears more active than me. She's 1/2 way done with her treatment...YEAH for mom!
Well...I've done some serious nesting w/ Kate's Kart paperwork and personal bills. Guess I should hit the sack.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Turn, Baby Turn

36 Weeks

So...everyone needs to focus on that belly...and tell that little guy to TURN! Yep...his head is right above my right arm! We went to the doc yesterday and he is giving "HIM" one more week to get serious about doing this whole thing naturally (well, not NATURALLY, I Love my epidurals).
Next Thursday, if he isn't turned...the doc said he tried to turn him (nothing drastic) and if not...then it's time to line up the grandparents to watch Seth... it looks as if we may be having our 3rd June baby...I guess there is no way this guy is staying in there until July...which in many ways is exciting...in many ways...I'm not quite sure I'm ready in a little over a week! YIKES!
So...let's hope for the best...I really don't want a C-section...but I REALLY want to meet this little guy...and if that's the best way to have him enter the world...than so be it.
We just have 2 major hurdles to get through first:
1. The ICE CREAM SOCIAL on the 20th
2. Today, Andy started painting the house...he's going to be one busy busy boy! Seth and I are tackling the shutters tomorrow! We'll see how long his attention span lasts!
But anyway...I'm excited to meet this little guy...can't believe it's here now!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday Memories

We had a great day for Seth's birthday last Monday...rain was threatening all day but it held out and we were able to celebrate just as planned!

The kid party was a huge success...10 little boys having a ton of fun. The 2 hours flew by...but that was better than having 10 bored little boys. Seth had a wonderful time and I'm sure the boys did too. It helped that I knew most of them pretty well from pre-school.

Next...it looked like rain...so I took Seth and his cousins to CrazyPinz to play in the ball tent...2 more hours of running wild.

Home for a quick rest...watching monster trucks of course before the family came over for dinner. KFC...presents and Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake...doesn't get much better than that.

Then...in case that wasn't enough...off to a Tball Game...with all the family in tow. Amazingly he stayed pretty well focused...passed out more treats for the tball team and then home to CRASH!

What a great day for little boys.

If you know anything about our son...he can be obsessive about certain things...the latest has been trash/trash trucks. Well...the new obsession...MONSTER TRUCKS. After the monster truck party....we gathered them all together and he now has over 20...and he says it's not enough! He even got 2 of the same truck...his response: "2 is good!" The one thing I can say...he plays with them...over and over...in the bathtub, on the swingset, in the van, everywhere! And this one...it's been around a few months and I don't see it going anywhere soon!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Too Many Terrible Things Happened Today"

That was an exact quote from Seth today, getting out of the shower at the end of the day.

You see...we had his 5 year well check-up today...and they went ahead and gave him his kindergarten shots. I figured it was better to just get it done with, then to worry about it for a year!

Shot #1 in arm...no tears, no struggle...he even smiles afterward
Shot #2 in arm...a tiny tear, a look of fear...but he's good!
time to get on the table for the leg shots! And the DRAMA begins
I have NEVER in my entire life seen Seth kick, scream, hit like he did today! It took Andy and me to hold his head/arms down...plus the nurse on his legs. It was so sad, but at the same time, I found myself laughing because he has never put on a show like that...ever!

Well, 4 shots and 4 bandaids later..he is good to go...UNTIL...bath time and it's time to take off the bandaids...plus the additional one he got on his knee after falling down on his new birthday roller skates.

And the drama begins again...this kid is screaming and hollering again...and this is even after a shower to loosen the bandaids...I really think it was the anticipation more than anything...but wow!

All I could think of was Kate...the number of shots she had...the number of bandages she had ripped off of her...but yet...such the trooper! Now...Seth...well, he's a little more dramatic.

Otherwise, we had a great report from the doc...a very healthy boy...it was so strange as we had not seen our pediatrician in over a year...when we had previously seen him 1-2 times a week with Kate. He is such a great doc and spends so much time with us. We'll be starting those newborn monthly visits here pretty soon, though!

It was another crazy day...didn't get to the birthday pics...maybe tomorrow! But...just had to document his quote about the day...it just made me smile! (Does that make me a terrible mom?)

Monday, June 8, 2009


Whew...what a day...too exhausted right now to post too many pictures...we made it through the whole day with no rain, and even got the baseball game in! I'll be sure to post lots of fun pics tomorrow...but here's our yearly traditional shot...can't believe how's he's grow
what a wonderful 5 years with our little guy...can't wait for the next 5!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Getting Ready

Well...we've been on the serious countdown since the beginning of June...the countdown until Seth turns 5! He is so excited...every morning he says he wishes it was night time so it would be closer to the big day. We've tried spreading the preparations out over the past week...Wednesday we filled the Pinata and ordered the ice cream cake for the grown-up party. Saturday we went shopping for prizes and cake mix...and last night and today we decorated the kid party cake. Throughout the day, Andy and I were making games/activities for the party...he could hardly contain himself. Now...we just need to pray for NO RAIN!

I'm posting the cake preparations pics tonight...as with a kid lunch party, family dinner party and a T-ball game...I'll have much to post tomorrow.

Mixing the cake batter

He couldn't decide on white or chocolate...so we went with a double decker...notice the cake batter on his face...licking the beaters, the best part of making a cake!
Placing the cars on the dirt track

The finished product.

I know I have NO patience to be a professional cake decorator...but Seth was totally ecstatic about our cake...and that he gets to keep the monster truck...and that he got to help...and he doesn't even see the mistakes...which makes it all the worth while! Beats forking out $25 for a professional cake (which we did anyway for a special ice cream cake for the grown-ups!)

Backyard Beauty

Andy wasted no time getting to work on his first day of summer break. He tackled our backporch...it looks so nice. He repainted it all...and even went out and bought these cute lantern lights and got them hung. It's so peaceful out there on a cool summer evening, especially since our backyard neighbors are so quiet...I couldn't get a decent picture in the dark...so you'll just have to imagine....or come on over for a glass of lemonade!
After the big celebration tomorrow...Andy is tackling painting the outside of the house...what a big job! I'm sure it will look just as nice as the porch. I'm so lucky to be married to man who takes such great pride in our home and keeps it looking nice!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So...I hear on Oprah yesterday that a woman's brain can shrink 8% during pregnancy! Would that explain me burning a nice spot in the new carpet w/ an iron...forgetting a whole bag of groceries at Meijer...backing into the garage door before the door was completely open...taking the finish off of Seth's fish tank (I really thought it was glass) and the countless other "stupid" mistakes I make almost everyday. Ah...but what relief to hear it from a doctor's mouth...that this is NORMAL! I am ready for all my brain back though! Good thing with some extra omega fatty acids (whatever they are) I can get it all back after this little guy makes his appearance!

Andy is home now this week...YEAH! It's so nice to have some adult conversation through the day...and not have the constant "WHY's" from a 4 year old.

Of course...we've been busy beavers in these parts

Andy and Seth planted our garden...can't wait for some fresh tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

Andy has been doing lots of painting...he has his little handyman job at the pool...and has been doing some repair work there...plus, tomorrow I will post some pics of his Monday project here at our house...I'm so impressed!

I tackled the attic yesterday...who needs all that junk? With the holiday, basket business, camping, old teaching and baby/toddler stuff...it was packed! I am even too embarrassed to show pics...but it looks A TON better. I cleaned out a lot of paperwork/taxes/bills...from like 1992! Plus we brought down the bassinet and bouncy seat...make room for baby! I even bought diapers today...WE ARE OFFICIALLY READY!!!
It was beautiful the end of last week...even got to take Seth swimming a bit on Friday afternoon...he is such a fish! Me...more like a whale! It did feel good to just "bob" around in the pool though...hopefully I can get lots more swimming in the next few weeks...as I won't be able to after the baby for the hottest part of the summer! BUMMER!
And...another HUGE task behind us. This is what the Kate's Kart storage looked like at 9 am on Saturday morning.
Obviously, you couldn't even move in there...Me and my big belly...completely IMPOSSIBLE!
But..at 1:00...after lots of help from our volunteers....and a move 3 doors down to a larger unit...
AHHHHH...breathing room...stacking room...moving room! We can actually see our inventory...know what type of books are needed and more than 1 person can get in there!
Again..who would have ever thought...and this isn't counting the 1500 books a local school just donated!
We're working away on our Kate's Kart Ice Cream Social on the 20th and some body's birthday is coming up in 5 days and won't let us forget it! Five must be a big one...he is so excited. We are having our 1st kid party...plus a grown up party...plus a TBall game...what a day!! He is so darn cute...gotta love him!
It's a busy end of the week...and even busier next week...you won't even believe everything that is happening with kate's Kart next week! Oh...and just an added bonus...tonight my mom shows me an article in the Kendallville paper about a book drive a church did for the Kate's Kart Parkview Noble hospital...and we knew nothing about it! Kate...you are amazing!