Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 4

Wow...has it really been a week since my last post! I'm slacking big time! The truth is...I'm still trying to figure out our new life...adjust and get on a schedule! Most of the time, I choose sleep or something more important than blogging when I catch a few free minutes. It's been a good week overall...a fast one that's for sure.

We all went to the county fair last weekend. We gorged ourselves on some fair food and then Seth and daddy went to the Demolition Derby while Grant and I (along w/ Nana & Oompa) listened to my brother's band. And...on Sunday, Seth and Andy went to the History Fest in Auburn and looked at some WWII reenacters

Seth headed back to Portland from Monday thru Wednesday to attend their county fair and spend some time with Grandma. I (and Grant) temporarily moved into my parent's house for a while to dogsit while they went on vacation (by the finished her last chemo on Thursday...yeah for her)
Wednesday, July 28 4 weeks old!

At four weeks Grant

STILL loves to eat
got started on some gas medicine to hopefully help w/ some of his fussiness
attended his first concert...his Uncle Doug's band at the county fair (Yep, slept right through it)
is getting a funky hairline as he loses his hair...starting in the front and going backward
packing on the pounds....look at those rolls developing

had a couple rough days where he wouldn't sleep for more than an hour at a time and seemed to be in a lot of discomfort...poor guy He's doing much better now!
is beginning to really work on holding up his head
doesn't mind tummy time, when he's in a good mood (meaning, recently fed)
makes some cooing sounds
has the funniest facial expressions
took is first and so for only bottle of formula from daddy (mommy didn't plan the trip to the grocery taking so long...and he was HUNGRY right during the middle of dinner prep)

At 4 weeks Seth still HATES to hear him cry and is quite annoyed at the fact that "the baby" doesn't do anything. However...he is quite lovey with mommy and daddy...and jumps on our laps a lot more often than before...AND seems to start crying for attention! Hmmm...I wonder if he sees us jumping to get Grant when he cries...guess the big brother isn't so blind to it all!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Wednesday, July 22 3 weeks
weighed in at 9lbs 1 oz at 2 weeks & 1 day old checkup
STILL loves to be held
STILL burps like an old man and lets us know when he needs help getting one out!
has fully outgrown newborn diapers and clothing
still sleeps through all outings...including dinners out for mommy's birthday
went to church for the first time...and slept through it
is going through a GROWTH spurt
likes laying outside under the tree
is sleeping 2-3 increments throughout the night
loves his baths
hates to have his diaper changed
is getting better at holding up his head..still pretty wobbly
loves to be talked to
loves his big brother Seth

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The shirt says it all!

Yeah...they say they go through a growth spurt around 3 weeks...I think we've hit it around here. He loves to eat already...add in a growth spurt...lets just say Grant and I have been spending a lot of time together! I love it...really I do...but I would like to get something else done around the house. This picture more accurately shows his attitude when he isn't getting his way...which was everytime I put him down today.
Grant continues to be super cute and overall a great baby! We can't complain one bit. He loved his 2nd bath, went to church this week and loves watching his brother outside. What a joy he is!
Seth is spending his week at kiddie kamp at his preschool. He seems to be enjoying it. He's been a little "demanding" this week...I think maybe the jealousy monster is rearing it's ugly head.
Andy finished painting the house today! YEAH! It's been almost a 8 week he has fit it in between rain storms and having a baby! I'm sure it's a HUGE relief for him to get it done. I'm so proud of him...he saved us so much money by doing it himself!
As far as me...I'm adjusting to my 2 hour sleep increments and doing okay throughout the day. I'm feeling better everyday. I had a great birthday...thanks to everyone who sent cards and good wishes. Now...just to find the time to use my new scrapbook tool and go shopping with the money I got.
Most of all...I have been thoroughly enjoying the onslaught of cooked meals that have been coming our way the past 3 weeks...we have been blessed WAY beyond anything I could imagine. But...I'm telling you, not having to worry about cooking dinner has been the best present after the birth of Grant...thanks to our neighbors, Sunday School class, friends and MOPS group! THANK YOU!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time Well Spent

Remember how I said that Grant LOVES to eat...well, our hard work and late night hours totally paid off today! We took Grant to our beloved Dr. Jim for his 2 week check-up and he weighed in at 9lbs 1 oz! That's way above the 7lbs 6 oz he was when we left the hospital on the 4th...and way surpassed the doctor's goal of him back at this birthweight of 8lbs 2 oz!

The rest of the check-up went great...we have one healthy little guy! Praise God!

While we were there, we took a bookshelf for Kate's Kart. We are utilizing some of our very gently used books and putting them in doctor's offices...our pediatrician's office is the first to receive a bookshelf! They have no books in the general waiting hopefully these books will help pass the time as the kids wait!

And then...just in case the day wasn't exciting enough...Grant got his first bath today! His cord fell off last weekend...but we really wanted Seth to be a part of his FIRST bath! I was certain that Grant would cry all the way through it...especially since he HATES having his diaper off! Well...he proved us wrong! Grant LOVED every minute of it...even Seth spraying cold water on him. He just laid there...never fussed and came as close to smiling as a 2 week old does. It was a wonderful memory...and now I know if I have a fussy baby, it'll be time to get out the bathtub!I am so's days like these that make parenting the best job in the world! Oh, and did I mention that both boys are actually sleeping in their own beds...hence a few minutes to update the blog!

Jellystone...Year 2

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday...Nana and Oompa took Seth and his 2 cousins camping up at Jellystone Park! It was the 2nd year for the trip...and once again the boys had a wonderful time! The park is filled with all sorts of fun things for 3 little guys to do...and they spent most of the time either swimming or riding bikes. Andy, Grant and I were hoping to get up their for an afternoon/evening but were just too worn out to make the drive...definitely next year!
Seth came home completely exhausted...but having had a wonderful time. We are so lucky to have grandparents who are willing to take our kids and build wonderful memories with them!

Season End

Last night was Seth's last t-ball game. He was pretty excited about getting his trophy. He was wiped out, due to the fact that he had been camping with Nana & Oompa for 3 days...but it went well! Overall it was a great season...Seth learned a lot and we had a lot of fun!

Grant got to go to his first game...sporting his Team Captain outfit! He wasn't much of a captain of course, he slept right through it!

The highlight of the night was getting his trophy! His coaches were awesome...a very Godly couple who really encouraged the kids!and the coolest part...the ball even spins!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Wednesday, July 15 2 weeks
At 2 weeks, Grant:

STILL loves to be held
STILL burps like an old man and lets us know when he needs help getting one out!
is getting better at using a paci
is outgrowing his newborn size diapers
has been out to eat twice...once at Cebollas & once to Jimmy Johns (slept through both)
STILL hates to have his diaper changed and cries all the way through it
went to his brother's last t-ball game (and slept all the way through it)
is having more and more awake (and content) time
has had 1 good night of sleeping...gave mommy 4 hours of sleep ONCE
is starting to make different noises
is starting to like his swing and bouncie seat
is guaranteed to sleep in his car seat
is our pride and joy
really does have more clothes than he knows what to do with...just noticed he is in the same jammies as week 1...Oops!

At 2 weeks, Seth
has been too busy to spend too much time with him
plugs his ears when Grant cries
laughs when Grant plops his head way down while in the car seat
snuggles w/ Grant and mommy on the couch when mommy is nursing

At 2 weeks, mommy can finally drive again! YEAH!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A place of His own

It's official now...his name is on the wall. We all went on a quick errand run last night...and got letters for above the crib. Then...Seth & Andy hung them. The room is all his...even though he doesn't spend much time in there night he is in a bassinet in our room.

Things have been going well the past few days...we don't get much done...and we're not on much of a schedule, but we're adjusting. Grant is doing better at night...he sleeps 2-2 1/2 hour blocks...but fortunately, now goes to sleep after the feedings. He LOVES to be held and is rarely content and awake by himself. He demands our attention...good thing he is so darn cute.
It was a pretty lazy day today...Grandma and her friend Ted came up (Seth was supposed to have his last t-ball game, but it got rained out) and we all went out to lunch. Later, we went over to Nana and Oompa's and saw their new and improved RV! It is really nice...can't wait to take the family camping later this fall. At one point...this was the scene in our didn't last long or I would have been joining in on the festivities!
Speaking of demanding my attention...I'm off to feed again and write thank yous for the yummy yummy food that has been coming our way all week! What a total blessing!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

week 1

Wednesday, June 8 1 week old

At 1 week, Grant:
LOVES to eat
loves to be held
knows his mommy
can burp like an old man
can use a pacifier for a few minutes
wears newborn size diapers
has been to Walmart (slept all the way through it)
hates to have his diaper changed
has taken a stroller ride around the block
has a head full of super soft dark brown hair
is awake only a few times a day
when awake, is very alert
looks like his brother did when he was born
gets tons of compliments on how cute he is
slept through the 4th of July fireworks
calms down to music or being talked to
had his first sponge bath at home
1st stroller ride

1st family bike/stroller ride around the block

1st sponge bath at home

At 1 week, Seth
hates to hear his brother cry
calls him "the baby"

wants to sit next to him at dinner

sleeps through Grant's crying at night
hasn't been home too much to spend a lot of time with him
loves to help mommy do any chores related to Grant (laundry, diapers)
is a great big brother

Monday, July 6, 2009

1st Outing

Grant had his 1st outing the storage shed! WOO HOO! He didn't wake for one bit of our 10 minute escapade to grab a load of books and take the books the nurses donated while we were at Parkview North. My best bud, Sharyn and her kids stopped by today...all the way from was so great to see her...our time together always flies by.

the little guy sure does love eating..we're still working on that schedule thing...we were up from 9pm to 5am again...eating for most of it! It'll'll come...well, he's screaming..time to feed the baby!

touchdown x 3

Here are my 3 sweeties...all within a day or two of coming home...all in the same bassinet...all with the same blankie...all in their touchdown position! Aren't they so cute!
(note...the only thing staged about these pics was that I went and found the same blankie once Grant assumed the position!)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A lesson on life at the Laymans

as told by Seth to new brother Grant!

By the way...Grant couldn't be more content watching his big brother!

4th of July Parade

Our association has an annual 4th of July bike parade...Andy was such a good daddy and helped Seth decorate his bike and took him down on Saturday morning. His bike looked so good...I'm so impressed! They said they had a great time...riding their bikes, jumping in the bounce house and taking rides in the armored hostage rescue vehicle.

Coming Home

We were all pretty excited to bring this absolutely perfect bundle of joy home!

Daddy and Seth came to pick us up around the time we got the paperwork done...and Grant momentarily satisfied with a quick meal and dressed in in special coming home outfit...we were out the doors around 4:00!
Did I tell you how excited Seth was to bring him home?

Daddy and Seth made us a special sign. Welcome home Grant and mommy.Seth gave Grant a tour of the main floor. We layed him in his bassinet...and Grant knew he was in a good place!
Nana and Oompa brought dinner over...grilled hamburgers and made home made ice cream! Seth and daddy set off some sparklers and small fireworks in the backyard. We all read stories together and tucked big brother into bed! What a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th...

Until....the neighbors continue to put on their thousand dollar noisemaking show until midnight...and Grant decides he would like to eat ALL NIGHT long! I'm not kidding you...the kid did not sleep until 5:30 am....he wanted to eat...and eat...and eat! And then...he only slept till 8 when he wanted to eat all morning again! Grandma brought lunch and Grant was totally content...until, the afternoon came when all he wanted to do was EAT again!
Grandma took Seth home with her for 2's a good thing cause we have NO sort of schedule right now...I'm just praying tonight will go smoothly...or at least smoother! It's completely forget all about these 1st few nights w/ a newborn! I guess that's a good thing or all families would only have 1 child!

Saturday, July 4, 2009



Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 3

just a real quick update as I have one fussy little guy who wants to eat ALL THE TIME. It's a good thing I have nothing else to do here in the hospital. He is doing great...and is so darn cute. It looks like we will be heading home tomorrow....sent the camera home with Andy to take pics of Seth's bike parade tomorrow...sorry, no pics posted I'm exhausted...the joys of being a new mommy already!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 2

We're still doing good...except that I think the little guy is sore from his circumcision this morning...all afternoon he just wanted held and nursed. You could just tell he was uncomfortable....and hadn't really slept all afternoon....which meant mommy didn't get much rest either....I'm ready for some sleep!

We had our VIP dinner tonight...and he was fussy, so we sent him to the nursery...the nurse came back and said he was alseep (and you could tell it was a "he's finally asleep" asleep) So...I'm letting him rest before another feeding...then...hopefully the 2 of us will have a smooth night with lots of rest.

Andy is home with Seth tonight...Seth joined us for our VIP dinner...I think he was missing some mommy and daddy time. He had a great time at the zoo today w/ Grandma though. It's a lot of changes for a 5 year old.

Aunt Amy and cousin Nia came for a visit too! Can't believe what a difference 12 weeks can make! Can't wait to see the smiles on our little guys face.

Well...he just came back from the nursery...ready for dinner! Thanks for all the prayers and kinds words....we are blessed!

All is Well

Dressed in real clothes...SO Cute!

All is well...what wonderful night and day we have had so far. Grant is AMAZING...such a great temperament. He is such a great eater...and loves every aspect of eating. He even had his circumcision this morning and is doing great today. What a sweetie!

Me...doing better...last night was pretty rough. But, now that I have my IV out, have had a shower and have eaten some real food (no more chicken broth) I am feeling so much better.

Nana is here now...loving on him right after her 3rd chemo treatment. What a trooper.

Andy ran home to eat some lunch and check the mail before coming back. Tonight we are having our VIP steak dinner

Oompa was here earlier loving on his little guy.

Grandma loved on him too...and is now spoiling the big brother with another trip to the zoo.

Uncle Doug visited last night.

He is a very LOVED little guy.

Oompa with his newest grandson.

Uncle Doug