Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8 weeks

Wednesday, August 26

8 weeks

At 8 weeks Grant
is now officially out of size 1 diapers
smiles in response to people (but not the camera)
is falling more and more in love with his paci
loves sucking on his hand (I think he is searching for his thumb)
took his first trip to the zoo (was actually awake for most of it)
is starting to drool (couldn't be teeth already?)
is sleeping 5-7 hours once during the night
slept through his brother's first soccer game
is going to keep his blue eyes, I hope!
is our pride and joy!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I miss her

I miss her...everyday, but sometimes...some seasons of my life, I feel it more. This past week has been one of those weeks.
I just happened to go back on the blog, thinking about what we were doing with Kate 2 years ago, and it happened to be "this" day! That was a pretty bad day...pretty scary...pretty awful. I can't believe it's been 2 years...reading back I still can vividly remember almost every detail of that day, but at times, it seems forever ago. We realized that day that our journey with Kate was not going to be as easy as we had thought and hoped...but we also got 5 more precious months (and the chance to say "goodbye") with her because of the awesome medical staff that saved her life.

And then...we went to "this" park last weekend. As soon as we got there, I remembered this photo...this night at that same was the last night we all took Kate to a park and she got to play. We hadn't been back to that park since. It was a good night...oh I wish there would have been more with her.
And a baby girl was dedicated at church today...that always brings back memories. Our pastor was on his way to Michigan to dedicate her...but she beat him to he did a little ceremony in our living room later that day.

And Grant...of course having a new baby ignites some feelings...bittersweet feelings. When he is screaming his lungs out in the first thought is to immediately pull over and calm him to protect his heart...and then I realize his heart is strong and can handle it! When he hasn't eaten and it's been more than 3 first thought is that he has to be fed NOW to get him to gain weight...but his appetite is strong and he is gaining. When others want to hold and touch first thought is to protect him from the germs...but his immune system can fight those everyday germs and not threaten is health. I'd do it all again to have her here...but Praise God for a healthy little boy.

It has now been longer that we have been without her than we had her. Andy and I wonder often how time will affect our memories...emotions...feelings. I guess that's why I needed to write about her's good for me to keep these feelings (good and bad) alive. Looking back, some pictures make me really sad...but a lot of them...really make me smile...she was a sweet little girl. I miss you...I always will until we meet again...and today, we are one day closer.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

And the season begins!

Seth the soccer star! (Doesn't he look SO grown up!)

Another season of Upward Soccer games started early this cold cold morning! Seth was ON FIRE! Evidently, a year behind him has really paid off, cause he really looked like he knew what he was doing! What a relief to actually have the kid who was paying attention...running to the field and staying totally focused in the game!

He did real well...I think all the backyard playing with daddy has paid off...he scored the only 2 goals of the game! Way to go Seth! He is so excited and can't wait until next week!

Here he is..right in the middle of the "MOB"
On his way to a goal...GO SETH GO!

Zoo Fun

It was a beautiful day on Friday...finally amidst a week full of rain! So...we jumped on the opportunity to spend an afternoon at the zoo! We picked up Seth's buddy, Daniel and had a wonderful afternoon! Grant is such the traveler...I tell you...he has much better days when we are on the "go!"
Grant's inaugural trip to the zoo...during the 2 hours there...he only slept about 25 minutes..he just sat up in his stroller...looked around and got a ton of oohs and aahs from passersby! He even took the train ride!

The boys were fascinated with their maps...always wanting to see where we were! it when a fun day turns into something educational!I just love a zoo pass!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

7 weeks

Wednesday, August 19
7 weeks

At 7 weeks Grant...
--went swimming 2 times...loved being in the water once he got used to it being cooler than bath water
--has had a couple rough nights of 6 hour pattern yet!
--is beginning to put his hand in his mouth
--talks more and more
--smiles more and more
--continues to outgrow his clothes
--played with his cousin, Nia ---well, she played with him!
--is getting loved on by his brother more and more
--loves looking around outside
--slept right through a couple major thunderstorms
--went to Grandma's house in Portland for the 1st time
--went to his 2nd movie...G-Force and slept all the way through it (so should I)
--had lots of bonding time with daddy while mommy & Seth were at VBS
--is beginning to bat at hanging toys
--is told by others that he is HUGE and in no way looks like a 7 week old
--is still our pride and joy (one of them!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The fun and not so fun!

Had to share this pic...even though he is screaming his head off because he was starving...but doesn't he look SO handsome in his little golfing outfit! This was one of Seth's...and I couldn't wait for Grant to fit into it! It was his church-going outfit! He looks like such a little old man!

Sunday night, we went to a local park. Seth enjoyed the slide
and the new splash pad they just put in!
and having been recently fed...was enjoying the sights and sounds of being outside!

He is showing us smiles every so often...I was so excited to catch this little glimpse on film.
The past two days have been filled with home maintenance...uck! Monday we had our air ducts cleaned...and boy did they need it! I hate forking out money for something you can't see...but hopefully we'll feel it allergy wise and $$ wise due to increased efficiency. Today...the dryer vent and the chimney! According to the chimney guy...our chimney is totally unsafe due to creosote and needs some major $$ repair and cleaning. So...does anyone out there in blogworld have or know anything about inserting a wood burner into your fire place? I guess it would really increase the heat output and allow us to skip cleaning the fireplace....we have some research to do if it's a wise investment. Ah..the joys of home ownership!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


My mom and dad were watching the cousins we stopped by for some play time and swimming! It's obvious from these pics, Grant wanted not much to do with his cousin, Nia. She is a little under 3 months older than Grant and she was quite fascinated...Grant...not so much. It was so cute...she kept rolling to touch him...grabbing him and just kept looking at him. I"m sure in a few months they will be great play pals!

3 months difference and they are nearly the same size

We took the 2 little ones and the 3 big boys to my mom's neighborhood pool. Grant went "swimming" for the 2nd time this week. (He also stuck his feet in at Bearcreek Farms with Grandma on Thursday) It was pretty hot..and once he got used to the water, he was pretty content...although, our swimming session didn't last too long since it was so hot! I didn't even think of getting a swim suit this summer for the little guy.

The rest of the weekend has been crazy busy. Our church had a little mini-VBS on Friday night and Saturday morning, so Seth and I went there while daddy and Grant hung out at home watching the Colts. We have been spoiled this summer with the cooler temps...4 hours in the 90 degree sun, in an open field, almost did me in today. Then...swimming and playing with the cousins and then to the Cinema Grill for dinner and a movie! We saw G-force...kinda glad I had dinner to distract me! Grant of course...slept right through the whole thing.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

6 weeks

Wednesday, August 12 6 weeks

Wow! 6 weeks and Grant...
--is on the verge of smiling on cue...he's trying really hard, I know it won't be long
--still loves to eat...hence the "THUNDER THIGHS"
--Is becoming a real fan of his paci
--Has his own savings account
--Spent a whole day (7-5) away from mommy and did great! (mommy worked her church's children's clothing resale) Daddy did an awesome job...and Grandma was a great help!
--Had his first projectile vomit (in the car, while daddy was flying solo with both boys, since mommy was working the resale)
--Had his first little mini-cold, stuffy nose (would never know...his temperament was the same)
--Is SUPER close to having complete control of his head
--Is sleeping in his own room, in his own big crib (he looks so little) No more bassinet in Mom & Dad's room!
--Is sleeping 4-6 hours at night (for one shift)
--Loves being in the MobyWrap...making things a whole lot easier for mommy! I even took both boys and loaded books at 2 hospitals today!
--Is missing daddy now that he is back at work...oh where did the summer go?
--Is making more and more cooing sounds...SO CUTE!
--LOVES bathtime
--Took his first wagon ride from big brother
--Is our pride and joy...well one of them anyway!

And as far as Seth...he's doing better with His behavior and with wanting to do stuff with Seth!

And me...I had my 6 week check-up and am cleared..YEAH! Seth and I even went swimming together! Bring on the bike rides....the swimming! But of course, the NP said NO VACUUMING for at least a year!! Good thing my husband is an avid vacummer!


After almost 6 weeks...FINALLY...last night Seth wanted to "do something" with Grant. Seth asked if he could take him for a walk in the wagon! We quickly obliged, since Seth really doesn't pay any attention to Grant (unless you count plugging his ears when Grant cries) It was so cute...and he pulled him quite a while! We're on the road to being best buds...I hope!

90 degree day

So....the other day was like the 2nd 90 degree day we've had this summer...and this is what my son is wearing around the house!

But really...praise God for our church's children's clothing resale where I came home with a huge laundry basket full of a fall wardrobe for both of my over 50 items for just a little over $100...including new snow pants and coat! Now if it would just get cold so my boys could be stylin'.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 weeks

Wednesday, Aug. 5 5 weeks
At 5 weeks, Grant
--Still loves to eat
--Still loves to be held (regretting the day I can't keep this one)
--Took his first overnight trip and stayed in a hotel (best night of sleep to date)
--Saw his first movie...even an IMAX to boot
--Gets really fussy when fed formula (only 2 x so far, not worth it)
--Is within days of being able to hold up his head--he's so strong
--Attended church for the 2nd time...started crying right at prayer time (go figure) and had to be taken out
--Is outgrowing his 0-3 month clothesI know these were long and fit last week...the little guy is growing too fast!
--Grabs at his pacifier and my necklace...I know not on purpose..but is beginning to grab at stuff
--Helped get 2 Kate's Karts started at 2 new hospitals
--Gets doted on everywhere he goes
--Spent 4 hours away from mommy (and daddy) on their anniversary (Thanks Grandma)
--Went to his cousins house
--Brings us complete joy

As far as Seth...yeah, still jealous and still doesn't have much to do with him....YET!

Baby Wearing

So I took some of the money I got from the consignment shop from my maternity clothes and got this! If I can't wear the clothes...I might as wear Grant!

I saw several mom's wearing these at the Children's Museum. I was quite intrigued and went and talked to one about it! It's called a MobyWrap...and it is very cool. There are like 8 different ways you can "wear" your baby..all the way up to 35 pounds. This mom I talked to said she "wears" her 2 year old on her hip with it!

It arrived today and Grant and I tried it out! It was very comfortable...and Grant loved it! He was super fussy tonight and wanted to be held (guess that's okay since he was in his carseat a bunch today). I put him in...and he was super content. I was able to finish the dishes, put Seth to bed, give him a complete hug and type my last post with 2 hands! I guess once you get super comfortable with it...some moms nurse and walk with it the same time!
I know I've only had it a few hours...but I am a huge fan! Any pregnant readers...I definitely recommend checking it's WAY more flexible than just the slings. I got mine at!


Another great day...adding Kart #10 at Parkview Lagrange. Can you believe it? I can't!

After getting the wrong directions from Mapquest...we finally arrived in Lagrange and were greeted by a whole slew of super friendly staff from the hospital. We shared a little of our story and explained the Kart. They all had nothing but wonderful things to say about the whole program. They treated us to a surprisingly good hospital cafeteria lunch and then we loaded the kart.
The contact person (Hi Kay) then took us out to meet a super nice Amish family. They had lost their 18 month old daughter in the fall of 07 in a buggy accident. Now...they have 5 month old twins. It was neat to meet them...share a little of our stories and healing processes...and get a glimpse of what a 5 month old will be like! Christmas should be so fun!
It was of their twins had to spend a week in the NICU at Parkview North and they had received a book from Kate's's a small world!
It was a good day...but glad we left Seth with Aunt Amy and the cousins...would have been a long day for a 5 year old! Grant...of course was SUPER TROOPER and never fussed once!
We arrived home to find this on our front door stop...yeah that's over 700 board books. Guess that's what happens when you are in 10 hospitals! Anyone up for a labeling & sorting party @ the storage unit?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We loaded up the kids and took a little drive to Muncie to take Kart #9 to Ball Memorial Hospital. Totally amazing! I never imagined we would be this far away from Ft. Wayne. We got the Kart stocked...talked with the staff and I even got to pass out the 1st book to a very sweet 10 year old girl. It was a lot of driving for a quick trip...but well worth it! And guess who was super traveler again...Grant is the MAN!'s official...the orange Kart...#9....painted by Grandma is at Ball Memorial bringing smiles to more hurting kids!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy 7th Anniversary

Happy 7th Anniversary to my sweetie! It's been a good year full of many blessings. He continues to provide for our family...working many jobs! He takes great care of our house. He gives me nights/days out to scrapbook. He continues to be an amazing, caring, loving father to our 2 sons. And he loves and cherishes me...and makes me feel pretty special.

It's been a crazy hectic is most of our days right now. But...we were lucky enough for Grandma to come up from Portland and watch the boys. Andy and I went to Red Lobster (our choice restaurant wasn't open for lunch). It was yummy and we just pretended we were on a cruise eating fresh caught seafood. After a few quick errands...we opted to take a nap! We didn't have time for a movie...and so a nap it was.

We had to rush home because after waiting 4 months...we were supposed to finally sign the papers to have our house refinanced. Wouldn't you know that the notary called and said she didn't have the paperwork. So....Andy spends 40 minutes on the phone trying to get a hold of someone (since this is the 2nd time they didn't get the paperwork out...after 4 months!) Well...the notary ends up calling later and she finally got the paperwork...and we signed and signed a ton of papers...but now have lowered our interest rate and saved a ton of money! Yeah for Andy for pursuing this.

Then...a trip to the storage unit to load up a ton of books since we are starting our 9th hospital tomorrow....I'll be sure to post pics about that. Then...a trip to Dairy Queen to celebrate our anniversary. Andy is off to clean public restrooms at the pool and I'm changing diapers.

Overall..not the most romantic of anniversaries...but in all honesty...raising our family, continuing our daughter's legacy...and just spending time together makes it a good day for me! Maybe we'll shoot for the romantic getaway in a few years...when we don't have newborn!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sunday, August 2
Seth -- 5 years old
Grant -- 1 month

With the adorable shirts...the handsome boys and beautiful flowers in my parent's backyard...oh I wish I was a professional. Photographing and positioning a one month old...too hard for me! I think I need some lessons from you pros. No laughing Amy! Oh well....they are cute enough for me!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


We took a mini-vacation the past few days. Thursday morning...we headed to Indianapolis to spend the day at the Children's Museum. If you didn't know...the Indy Children's Museum is ranked the best in the world! We met up with some friends who have a daughter, Lynzi, who is a year old than Seth and Elijah who is 1 week older than Grant. The older kids had a blast...checking everything out. Seth is totally into anything mechanical...maybe we have an engineer on our hands. There was a special exhibit all about Egypt. It was quite impressive...the kids loved it.Here's Seth's attempt to "walk like an Egyptian" Andy and Gene went to the special King Tut exhibit...LeeAnne and I tended to these little cuties...fortunately...this is what they did most the day! Grant did awesome.After the museum, we all went to dinner and then parted ways. The four of us headed back downtown to spend the night. Once checking in, Andy took Seth swimming while I fed Grant. Then, we all went down near the circle for a late night treat. There was a huge ministry convention going on across the street...needless to say, I felt pretty safe having our youngsters out late, considering we were surround by 1000's of pastors!

Friday morning I had breakfast with my college roommate who lives in Indy! Even though I hadn't seen her in almost 2 years...we can chat like it's been 2 days! The best part...feeling rested as Grant actually slept from 12-6! Woo hoo!

After breakfast, we headed to the IMAX and saw a movie all about tropical ocean was in 3D and very impressive...then a walk all along the canal...Seth LOVED being in the big city!

We hit a little of a roadblock when it came to lunch...remember those 1000 pastors...well, they were all eating we headed north before we could find a place to eat.

It was a short little trip...but a lot of fun! Grant was such a great traveler...he made it all the way there and back without crying. Seth, of course, loves traveling and staying in hotels, especially in big cities. It was a great 2 days.

It was bittersweet...being back in Indy. We spent a lot of time there with Kate...took Seth to the museum twice when Kate was hospitalized. Driving the roads...seeing certain sights...brought back lots of memories. We even saw the Hospital Chaplain (who is awesome) on the street (she was attending the conference). It was even weird packing medicine, no high calorie formula, no oxygen tank. Yes, we'd do it all again...I'd pack all that stuff to be able to take her with us again. But...we are blessed with 2 wonderful boys and sweet memories of a little girl.