Wednesday, September 30, 2009

13 Weeks

Wednesday, September 30
13 weeks--1 day shy of 3 months old

At 13 weeks, Grant...

--is starting to giggle...especially when you get him in his tickle spot (the crease of the leg/hip--same as Seth)
--has his mouth open ALL THE TIME
--now wears a bib to keep his clothes from being soaked
--needs his carseat straps readjusted (gotta do that tomorrow)
--watched his daddy & brother go for the "last outdoor swim of the summer" (Too cold for babies & mommies)
--got his first sunburn
--is grabbing at and holding onto rattles, toy keys, etc...and puts them to his mouth

--attended his first Demolition Derby
--went to his brother's Star Day at school
--is constantly moving (his arms & legs) when awake
--is showing signs of beginning to bring his legs up to his mouth on his own
--got in the jumper...locked his legs..and smiled --continues to bring tons of joy to ladies at church who jump at the chance to hold/cuddle him on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings
--loves being talked to...and has quite the vocabulary. He has new sounds everyday
--looks so cute in his little coat...buckled in with his blankie & paci (yeah that's Indiana weather...we go from shorts to winter coats within a week)
--continues to be our pride and joy...along with big brother Seth! Grant

Grant's Chewbacca Imitation....
HOpe you enjoy...I've been trying for 2 whole days to get this loaded

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My 3 cutie-patooties

Grant--13 weeks Seth 11 weeks
So, what do you think...besides the sleeper and the you see as many similarities as I do! I'd love to hear what you think? I am so anxious to see how these brothers will grow up to be the same...and how they will differ....but don't get me wrong...I'm in NO Hurry for them to grow up! I'm already weepy about Grant growing too fast!
...and for some added sweetness!

Kate...9 months

did you notice...all 3 have their left hand on their lap and their right on the couch! How cute is that?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bad Mommy

So...this morning at Seth's soccer game we were FREEZING! I forget a hat for Grant, and spend the hour attempting to keep his head covered with a blanket.

So...while packing after the game for the derby...I dress Grant for a "winter" day and grab his warm knitted hat! Wouldn't you know...out comes the SUN and it's a beautiful (almost hot) day.
And...bad mommy doesn't have a sun hat...oops!

In fact...Seth has matching cheeks! Crazy Indiana NEVER know what to expect. But now...warm knitted hat AND sun hat STAY in the diaper bag! You'd think by baby #3 I would have learned.

Bless his doesn't seem to bother the little guy...he's been smiling and cooing all night...and FINALLY conked out on daddy's lap around 9:30.

Derby Days

Today was the big day...the Charity Demolition Derby. We arrived in time for the parade and got to see all 50 some cars. We quickly looked for the McMahon Tire Car...the one that had chosen Kate's Kart as it's charity of choice.
We stayed all afternoon...watching 5 heats of cars battling it out! #9 didn't make it past the first heat! I guess he gave it a valiant effort...and unfortunately, I was in the van feeding Grant during that round (of course). Oh well...our shot at $25,000 donation got "stalled" out...but still we had fun and were honored to be chosen...and got a little publicity over the loud speaker
We left after the first 5 heats...before the final heat and party. Yeah...3000 construction workers + free beer does not equal family friendly place for the little ones. We had fun though...Seth LOVED it...and of course, Grant was AWESOME. He was so good...just kicking and playing...He loves watching people.
Brooks Construction threw quite the 100th birthday celebration!

Star Day

Seth's Star Day was on Thursday. It was a fun morning. Andy took the morning off work and the whole family went to celebrate Seth's special day at school. He was the 1st one to have his special day...which made it even more special.

First...he read a picture book he made about himself...12 pages of pics all about him.
Then...he got to bring in a tub of his favorite toys. Of course...he brought in all 23 monster trucks. He was so excited to line them all up.
Next...the class colored him a book. Each kid drew a picture of something they like doing with Seth. How cute is that.
Then...I read one of his favorite stories...King Bidgood's in the Bathtub! It was a great hit!
Finally...we had snack. I found this idea on the Internet and we had a ton of fun with it! We built campfires and even added a lesson by talking about fire safety!
tortillas--open ground
yogurt raisins--rock safety circle
peanut butter--sand
potatoe sticks--kindling
pretzel sticks--sticks
tootsie rolls--logs
candy corn--flames
The kids had a blast building it...and even more fun eating it! What a fun day to celebrate Seth!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

12 Weeks

Wednesday, September 23
12 Weeks

At 12 weeks Grant...
--is completely out of control with his drooling--he can completely soak your shoulder or his clothes within seconds. Guess it's time for a bib
--is getting quite efficient with his eating...can be done in less than 30 minutes
--loves having his feet brought up to his mouth--he doesn't do it yet...but loves it when you do it for him
--is starting to giggle...especially with the feet
--loves being talked to...and coos and talks right back
--is beginning to really grab onto blankets, shirts...not real interested in toys yet
--loves standing...he's SO strong. He will stand for minutes (notice the drool soaked shirt)
--went to his first MOPS meeting
--went to Nana & Oompa's work...and got shown around
--continues to bat at hanging toys
--at times, prefers his fist to the paci
--watched his first football game with daddy

--is becoming really alert of other kids
--have I mentioned the gassy part??
--seems to nap the best in afternoon in his swing
--is a total cuddle monkey and just cuddles up with your shoulder
--is so consistent with his bedtime routine...nurse at 9 after Seth is in for 30 minutes...nurse a little more...fall completely asleep by 10:30---and sleep till 7:30
--has complete head control...unless he falls asleep in the swing or carseat

--brings us so much joy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bye Bye Summer

It's been a blessed summer!
And just for a treat and to remember our Kate...tonight we all enjoyed a popsickle to celebrate a great summer
Well...maybe not all of us...Grant had his fist!
Next summer, little summer... you'll get one too!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Kate's Kart is Blessed

It's been quite the exciting few days for Kate's Kart

I don't know if I told you all...but for the past 6 weeks, Borders Book Store has been doing a Book Drive for Kate's Kart. They asked all of the shoppers if they were interested in purchasing a book for Kate's Kart...well, we went to pick them up tonight!

I couldn't believe it...over 24 BOXES of books packed full...and from what I saw...GREAT BOOKS. I can't wait to unpack them and see what books and how many we received from complete strangers (and some friends who shopped too). Plus...they had a TON of their bargain board we ended up buying 12 more boxes of board books. It is so many books...Andy had to leave and take a load to the storage unit and come back and get us and the rest of the books! major sorting, labeling and counting party is on the horizon.!

THEN...we just got notification yesterday that Brooks Construction Company in Ft. Wayne is hosting a charity demolition derby in honor of their 100th anniversary. They invited their suppliers, vendors, etc to enter for $1,000 entry fee. The winning cars in the derby and best decorated will all receive a portion of the proceeds which they estimate to be over $50,000 to give to their charity of choice.

And you guessed it...McMahon Tire chose Kate's Kart...we didn't even know! I've got a message into them to get more details...but isn't that exciting. I will be sure and post pics from the event next Saturday...Seth is SO excited.

I am completely in awe...awe of what Kate's Kart has become in the last year. Humbled by the number of books (some $8-$9) purchased for us through the book drive. Humbled that a company is decorating a car in honor of our little girl and her legacy. At times I'm overwhelmed at the number of books we are receiving and purchasing....but when you consider we are passing out around 900 books a month now at the 10 hospitals...they end up going really really FAST. We are on track to pass out our 10,000th book within the next month. It's INSANE! It's HUGE! And it could get so much could. It's totally a God thing...and daily I have to put it all in HIS hands...or I would lose it! There are probably over 100 volunteers working with Kate's Kart in some fashion or another...Kate, you are one amazing little girl! Wow, what you have done with your short 18 months...the joy you have spread! Wow!

Look for lots of pictures coming soon...books and demolition cars! Wow!

Campin' Out

The big boys are camping out in the backyard tonight! We recently bought a new tent (it was on a super sale) with the plans of doing some camping this fall. This one can hold all of fact it's called a "Vacation Home"
We set it up on Monday night...and Seth has been chomping at the bit to spend a night in it! Super Daddy promised him Friday they are out there...complete with electricity, 2 air mattresses and a movie player! Seth is so excited...he told us: "This is the BEST day ever!"
As for me and Grant...yeah, we're staying inside tonight...and he better sleep all night long!
This morning I had my first MOPS meeting of the year. In case you don't stands for Mothers Of Pre Schoolers. There are about 50 moms who meet for breakfast, speakers, prayer, crafts, games, and just some time to chat. I am looking forward to my new group of moms in my discussion group. I also took the position of Service Team I play a role in the Steering Team. I will be responsible for organizing several service projects throughout the year. This includes organizing Scholastic Book Orders...all extra points from the books that the moms order will go toward Kate's Kart. If anyone out there would like an order form...just let me know...great kids books for great prices.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

11 weeks

Wednesday, September 16
11 weeks

At 11 weeks, Grant...

--is kicking like crazy in the bathtub
--is beginning to pull his head/body into a sitting position while in the carseat or on the couch

--is falling more in love w/ his paci--it is now a permanent attachment
--took his 2nd trip to the zoo
--will put weight on his legs when you stand him up
--enjoys tummy time...but not interested in lifting his head
--laughs when you pull his feet up to his face
--is a very gassy baby
--spent 6 hours at Nana & Oompa's while mommy & daddy had date night
--consistently sleeping 10 hours a night! WOO HOO...but
--won't nap during the day...unless in his carseat or on in your arms...maybe if we're lucky, he'll catch a quick snooze in the swing--loves chewing on anything...his fist, his paci, your arm
--laughs at himself in the mirror in his carseat
--plays with the hanging toys on his bouncie seat
--went swimming for an hour (bounced around in water)--ended up sleeping from 4 pm-7am with only 2 feedings in between that he "slept" through
--is TOO big for his bassinet downstairs (mommy is very sad to put this back in the attic)--not that he naps in it anyway
--is quite the hotshot at church...ladies are lining up just to watch him on Wednesday nights
--has the most incredible, heart-warming smile that makes him (one of) the joys of our lives

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Any Ideas?

It's Seth's special Star Day coming up at school next week....we are encouraged to do some sort of special snack with the class that day...anyone have any cool ideas of a fun, somewhat healthy snack that you could make/cook/build WITH 11 5 year olds?

I know my awesome blog readers won't disaspoint!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


We had our 4th game today...we are now 1/2 way through the season. Seth has shown so much improvement...really learning how to control the ball! He is enjoying the season. He has made several goals...and does real well at taking the ball down the field and passing it, But still...being the "assist" person doesn't mean a lot to a 5 year old.
Today...Seth and I went back to work the concession stand. He LOVED it! He was so excited to take the money and get their drinks from the coolers! He was quite the little helper.

Fun in the Pool

Last night we all headed over to the pool for a little before bed swim! I found some 6-9 month swim trunks and an old swim even Grant was ready to have some fun!

Grant was loving the pool...even with the heated water, it was a little on the chilly side...his little lips were shivering, so we didn't keep him in too long! But...the 5 minutes he was in...zooming around the pool...up to his chest...he was quite content! Now, I'm real anxious to get him in during a warm fall day.

Seth, of course, is our little fish...he will jump at any opportunity to go swimming.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

10 weeks

Wednesday, September 9 (09-09-09)
10 weeks
At 10 weeks Grant:
--is so stinkin' long--he is completely filling out 3-6 month clothing

--stayed in the church nursery for the first time on Sunday morning
--loves looking at himself in mirrors
--stayed awake for 1/2 of Seth's soccer game
--is sleeping great at night, like 8-10 hours! I'm so lucky!
--is batting at hanging toys
--can do some amazing yoga type moves

--plays with his kicking gym at Nana & Oompa's
--has discovered the TV and finds it more fascinating than mommy w/ a camera
--giggles at the ceiling fan on the porch during dinner
--turns himself around in the crib at night
--does not have any type of napping schedule
--loves attention
--spent an hour at the beauty salon (with mommy)
--is told he is "VERY" alert for his age
--is SO STINKIN' cute!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm telling doesn't get much cuter than this!

Labor Day Weekend

And the holiday weekend has come and gone...luckily...not much laboring going on for us

Friday: family movie night

Saturday: Seth's soccer game...Grandma and Ted stay for the day...breakfast out after the game...running Kate's Kart at on the porch

Sunday: Church & Sunday School (1st since Grant's birth)...baking cookies...lazy in the backyard

Monday: Planting trees...organizing in the book storage unit...watching the telethon...running the Kart at Dupont...dinner with Nana & on their Wii

Yep...just a relaxing weekend at home with the family...nothing beats that (okay, maybe a Caribbean Cruise). And it's back at it...another week is on it's way!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sneaky and Stubborn Seth

It's so wonder where kids pick up on the things they say:

Seth's newest: "I wish" We think it's his attempt to ask for something that he's not so sure he should/could's so funny....everything is "I wish"
I wish I could have that ice cream
I wish I could watch Wishbone
I wish I could get those fruit snacks

and now...he's added:

" I bet I can't have..."

for instance a conversation might go:

Mom: Seth, if you want a snack before bed, it's time
Seth: What can I have?
Mom: What do you want?
Seth: (coming out of the pantry with pudding) I bet I can't have this

His other common saying...."too bad I can't have..."

He's pretty darn smart...cause the joy I see on his face when I say "okay" seems to win me over and usually I cave. He knows how to work his mommy!

He is so observant...stubborn but observant. A few weekends ago we had our mini VBS and they sang songs at the beginning. Most of the songs I don't think he had heard before as they were more praise type songs (like "Trading My Sorrows", "We Fall Down") instead of kid songs (you know, "Jesus Loves Me" & "Zaccheus") Being the stubborn Layman he is...he just stands there...refuses to sing or do actions and completely embarrasses me. soon as we get home...he's doing all the motions...singing the words! They sang one song once at VBS...that night after VBS it was on his CD player...and he was singing right along, doing all the motions! know Andy and I can NOT have any time of private conversation in front of him...he picks up on everything...even when we think he's not. Seth & I made cookies right before supper. Well...being adults, Andy and I both had (snuck) one. Well, Mr. Observant walks in and sees that 2 are missing off the parchment paper and proceeds to ask where they went! Oops...kinda hard to explain that one!
He brings us so much joy...I just love him to pieces!
Oh yeah...who knew that 5 was old enough to go upstairs and shower all by yourself! It's going way too fast...way too fast!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Off the Charts

Grant had his 2 month WELL-KID check-up yesterday! He weighed in at 13lbs 90z...which is the 90% and 26 1/4 inches which is above the 95%! Our little guy is not so little anymore! It was interesting comparing Seth and Grant's stats...Seth was about 2 lbs heavier...but Grant is longer at this age! It's already going too fast...I can't even imagine packing away his cute little summer rompers...I hope it stays warm through September!

Everything else checked out great...he is doing super! He got 3 shots and an oral vaccination...made him really cuddly last night...but today has been in super spirits! What joy he brings...couldn't you just eat him up!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9 weeks

Wednesday, September 2
9 weeks

At nine weeks Grant:
--is grinning and smiling many times everyday
--is consistently sleeping from 10:30 pm -6:00 am
--pretty much has full head control
--spent his first whole day at Grandma's
--went to the Portland Antique Engine and Tractor Show!
--is a little drool monster
--has mommy all to himself every morning while Seth is at school
--goes tomorrow for 2 month check-up at the doctor's office
--is a little cuddle monkey...LOVES being held
--got babysat by the neighbor, Bonnie, while mommy did Kate's Kart
--loves being talked to...and coos and ahhs right back
--is NOT satisfied with a 5 oz bottle...WANTS more when with Nana & Oompa
--has had some really fussy late afternoon/evenings
--is driving mommy crazy while she tries to figure out if it's HER diet that his making HIM gassy--giving up pop, Chai Tea, cucumbers, spicy food
--is well worth it....and our pride and joy, as always!

Kindergarten Prep

I just dropped him off...his first day of Kindergarten Prep! He was pretty hesitation...just jumped right on out of the van! I guess there is something to say about having him in the same preschool for 3 years. It's pretty cool this the "big" kids...they get to carry a backpack, instead of the canvas schoolbag! He loves his BLUE backpack!

Today was's only the K-prep class for the next 3 days! They get to "rule" the school.
Yesterday, we went to meet the teacher, Mrs. Holly...he's in the frog class this year. 6 of his buddies from his class last year are in the same well as another buddy from 2 years ago! He feels quite at home!
and...last night he even had homework before his first day...we'll see about those smiles in a few years!

And's me and Grant for 2 hours every morning! Oh, the time will fly!