Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

We celebrated the new year a little early...with a Noon Countdown at the Children's Museum Today. And now...a quiet night at home unpacking from our vacation! We just finished watching Ice Age and now it's time for a family (minus Grant, who is ZONKED after a full day) Wii tournament until midnight! A quick blow of our horns...a couply new year's kisses and we'll all be in bed!
2009 was a blessed year! Grant has blessed us more than we could ever imagine! We are excited for what 2010 will hold!

Mini Trip to Indy

We took a little mini-trip to Indy the past few days. After checking into our hotel...we headed downtown and took a tour of the Colts Stadium. It was pretty cool...getting to see everything and go into different places...but would have been cooler if we could have run down the 50 yard line and seen the home locker room. But instead...we got to walk along the endzone, saw the visitor locker room and went all the way to the top and saw the press boxes. Then...we headed downtown for dinner at Hard Rock Cafe...and a quick cold walk around the circle to look at the lights Then....back to the hotel for a a little swimming and then games and snacks in the hotel lobby with our friends the Siglens. They have a 6 year old girl and a baby boy, Elijah, who is 1 week older than Grant.

After a TERRIBLE night sleep, no thanks to Grant who was fussy ALL NIGHT LONG, we headed to the Children's Museum. Seth had a great time, and as always, Grant was the energizer bunny! He only slept for about 2o minutes during a play with saw. The hits of the day were the giant slide and of course, the trains!

It was a fun little end of Christmas get-away...and as always, great to spend it with our friends!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

26 Weeks

Wednesday, December 30
26 weeks...1/2 year...2 days shy of 6 months!

At 26 weeks Grant:
--celebrated his 1st Christmas

--Santa brought a bucket swing and ball popper
--Mom & Dad got a: cookie jar shape sorter, jammies, outfits, bath toys,
--Nana & Oompa got: name stool, sippy cups, jammies, blanket
--Grandma & Ted got: taggie ball, soft cloth "Peek-a-boo" box, outfits, Colts onesie
--attended his first wedding (Congratulations Grandma & Ted)
--spent the night for the first time a Grandmas
--attended Christmas Eve service
--loved the tissue paper, ribbons and bows on his presents
--talks, jabbers and yells all the time
--continues to get giant open mouth kisses...especially on mommy's chin
--loves playin' with his new toys in the playroom while Seth plays Wii
--ate sweet potatoes for the first LOVIN' food with some taste--will easily eat 1 whole jar

--was a fussy boy for Oompa when Oompa graciously volunteered to watch him for 3 hours while mommy, daddy, Seth and Nana went to the Boars Head Festival! Evidently...he would only stop crying if Oompa walked him around the house!

--went on his 2nd trip to Indy...and toured the Lucas Oil Stadium--LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to jump!

Guess what was for dinner?

Tonight...sweet potatoes were on the menu for the 1st time! He was a little startled with the first bite...but took to them pretty quickly! Hope you like them kiddo...cause it's all you get for the next 3 days!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas to Me...

is all about FAMILY! I love that we can all just be together...and celebrate Christ's birth. We are blessed with a wonderful wonderful family! I couldn't have asked for a better husband, kids, parents, and in-laws! LIFE IS GOOD!

And this year...we were blessed with my mom's good health after battling breast cancer this summer...Grandma's good reports from her brain tumor...and a healthy baby boy! Plus unbelievable success of Kate's Kart...a new healthy little cousin...and Grandma's marriage to Ted. 2009 has been a good year!
But...even amidst all the blessings this year...there is still that void...Oh how we miss Grandpa and Kate this time of year! honor of Pampa...a box of doughnuts will always be on our counter during Christmas. Every single time he would come and visit Seth...Pampa would take him to get doughnuts. I always have that fond memory, whenever we left Grandma & Pampa here with Seth and Kate...we would come home to find a box of doughnuts on the counter! I asked Seth what that box reminded him of...and he right away said: "Pampa"'s to you Pampa~ honor of our sweet Kate...our special Angel Tree will always be lit...and each year, she'll get a new angel ornament in her stocking. We wish more than anything we would have a little 3 year old red-headed little girl to celebrate with...but we are having the best Christmas in heaven. But until we join you...your little angel tree will be lit...and all will know of our special little angel who blessed us for 18 wonderful months!

Over the River...and through the woods...

to Grandma's house we headed next! We cleaned up brunch...packed the bags and were on our way for even more Christmas...and of course...more presents:
All 3 boys got the full Colts attire...sweatshirts, windsuits, hats, onesies, bibs...they are SET!
Grant was having fun with his new "peek-a-boo" box

Grandma goes all out with stockings for all of us! It's such a treat to open and see all the fun stuff we get each year! (We had just had red punch, in case you couldn't tell from Seth's face)
The rest of the evening was spent playing lots of new games (Uno Flash and Sorry), eating lots of more yummy food and treats and just enjoying time together!

We spent the night at Grandmas...and then celebrated her wedding to Ted on Saturday. It was a nice little service with just the kids and grandkids...and then we all ate lunch at the Back 40 in Decatur. We are so happy for Grandma and Ted and wish them lots of blessings as they share their lives together!

Christmas Morning

Santa came...and what joy were on their faces...

Seth got a new bike...

The family got a Wii

Grant got a ball popper and a bucket swing for the swing set

The ball popper was pretty COOL in the eyes of a almost 6month old (and a 5 year old too)

Seth was loving his new NFL pajamas...every team's helmet! (That was one of those gifts I was so excited to find in the store...I think I squealed when I found them)

Soon...Oompa and Nana came over for more presents and brunch! Oompa came with his silly hat and big bag of presents!

And then...what would Christmas morning be without a quick ride outside on the new bike! He caught on the the hand breaks very quickly...I'm telling ya...we've got a quick learner in our family!

Christmas Eve

What a wonderful day we had on Christmas Eve...the magic of Christmas with little ones is awesome! I hope you follow this story...Andy and I have been laughing for days.

Set-up: We put Seth down for the normal talk about Christmas morning and that Santa won't come until he's asleep. I stay with Seth for a few minutes and then tell them I have to go feed Grant, cause Santa won't come until Grant's in bed too! We leave the radio on in his room and he falls asleep listening to Christmas music. So...I take Grant downstairs and Andy takes a shower.

A few minutes later: Seth busts into the bathroom and very excitingly asks Andy:
Seth: "Their tracking Santa on the radio...he's coming to Indiana....where's Allen County?"
Andy: "We live in Allen County"
Seth: (very excited with HUGE eyes) "We live in Allen county!!!!" and with that takes off!
I then...sitting downstairs, not knowing that this conversation has taken place... hears Seth yell at the top of his voice from the top of the stairs:
Seth: "Mommy...Get Grant in bed NOW! Santa is on his way...get him in bed NOW!"

So...both cute on their own...but when Andy and I tell each other the other 1/2 we just crack up! Ah...the magic of Christmas!
Christmas Eve...through a few pics:
After a lazy morning, a big breakfast and Andy running Kate's Kart...we were off to my parents for our annual spare rib Christmas Eve dinner with my family. The cousins of course had a wonderful time exchanging gifts...and we all feasted on some yummy food.

Nana & Oompa and their 5 grandkids

Grant...of course much more interested in the tissue paper

All 5...opening gifts!

After dinner...we went to church and then came home to finish decorating our gingerbread house

Grant wanted to help too!What a perfect Christmas present this year!

Then it was time for some more Christmas Eve traditions:
Reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
Cookies for Santa
Reading of Luke...the REAL reason for Christmas

Andy and I then got to "play Santa" and we watched a little of the musical Scrooge on YouTube before hitting the sack...counting the many many blessings in our life!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

25 Weeks

25 Weeks
Wednesday, December 23
At 25 weeks, Grant...
--played in the snow for the first time (okay, sat it the snow) --is in 12 month sleepers....just dug out all of Seth's 12 month clothing! Really, kid...stop growing (not really, but you know what I mean)
--sat up in the bathtub for the first time...wasn't too sure about it the first time, but really started splashing the 2nd time
--attended a Middle School assembly and listened to choirs, bands and even help accept a very large ($5,000) donation to Kate's Kart
--can stand up in in exersaucer...loves making it bounce
--kicks with delight when I come in the room (makes mommies heart flutter) but usually it's feeding time
--can roll over both ways...easily from back to tummy...but will go tummy to back if his arm isn't in the way
--got an early Christmas with the unpacking of a whole bunch of next level toys
--went on a walk to look at Christmas lights
--stayed with friends and Nana & Oompa so that mommy & daddy could have 2 date nights! Wow--didn't eat real well either time
--ate cereal for the 1st time...not a fan at first...but it's growing on him
--continues to be a VERY well behaved little boy
--saw his brother's Christmas play...and the Children's one at church (we looked behind us and the nursery attendant had brought him into the service...he only made it 1/2 way through!)
--is starting to really interact with his brother
--has already shown signs of only loving the paper and not so much the present based on his reaction to the gift he got from the neighbor
--has had a very busy and productive week!
--is a wonderful Christmas miracle...can't wait to celebrate with the little guy!

Food...Glorious (not so much) Food!

This is the response we got yesterday when we tried cereal for the 1st time. Grant had been waking up a bunch through the we figured he was hungry and ready for the some real food. Well...not last night! He pretty much cried through the 6 bites I tried to feed him. Looking back, I think he may have been really tired and really hungry. So...not much luckSo...we tried again tonight....again he wasn't too thrilled with the whole idea at the beginning. Most of it immediately came back out!But...after a while, I think he started to get the hang of it! The whole eating from a spoon started to click...and before we knew it...he had finished the whole bowl I prepared. He especially loved it when Seth fed him (although Seth was grossed out by most of it and kept asking if he could go eat in the other room). It wasn't long either, before Grant discovered the spoon and really enjoyed attempting to feed himself. It was messy...but I think we're headed in the right direction! Yeah for Grant...even though it makes mommy really sad that he is such a BIG BOY!

Seth was so excited once Grant actually started eating and spitting it all back he is so excited that Grant wanted the spoon!